Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Kiri Liz over at Lianne Taimenlore has awarded me the Kind Blogger Award.  Thank you so much, Kiri!!!!!! 

The award was made by Miss Elizabeth at The Country Handmaiden.

Award description:
This is a simple, yet personal award.  This is not meant to be given out to ten people at a time, but to a select few who have been kind to you.

The award rules:
1.Choose two people you feel have been kind to you in the blogging sphere.
2. List one aspect of each one’s kindness to you.

I choose to award:
My dear mother at Nutty’s News for her invaluable help in walking me through the process of starting my blog, and her continued feedback on my posts.
And, my very good friend Alisa at Simple Observations.  She let me bounce ideas off her and very kindly checked everything out and gave me feedback on how my blog looked.

I forgot to add the HTML for the button!  Oops!  So here it is:
<a href="http://thecountryhandmaiden.blogspot.com/"><img border="0" src=" http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LZxirn9DPg4/T9esMM74MGI/AAAAAAAAApo/EevALPKKmvk/s1600/the+kind+blogger+award+button.jpg"/></a>

Miss Melody Muffin


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