Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Crusade Tag

What is the name of your novel?
Hyacinths of Change
Are you doing the book in a month challenge?
Not really.  Although I hope 50,000 words will finish the book, I’m not sure it will.
Name your three main characters.
Cordelia West, Penelope West, Lady Roxana West
Give a basic summary of the plot line. Sort of like a back cover blurb.
I did that here.
Which character is your favorite so far?
Definitely Cordelia.
Do you believe in assigned word counts and deadlines, or just writing whenever you feel like it?
Deadlines can be good motivation sometimes but mostly I prefer to write when I feel like it.  Things usually flow better for me that way.
What's your books theme song?
Good question!  I think Vivaldi’s Autumn from his Four Seasons.
What inspired you to write this?
I’ve been interested in the Victorian era for a long time and knew sometime I wanted to write a novel set in this period.  Then this plot idea just kind of 'came' to me one night and I knew this was the book(s) to set in that time period.  It was also inspired by some of the things that had recently happened in my life.
Have ever read or seen Les Mis?
No, not yet.  But, after reading some bloggers' posts about it, and seeing the new trailer yesterday, I have moved it up on my list!
What author has inspired you the most?
Baroness Emmuska Orczy.  And Jane Austen.

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  1. Thank you for doing the tag dear! your book sounds lovely!Whee! Hurrah for the Baroness!


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