Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm Back!!!!

Well, THE WEDDING is over.  What wedding you ask?  The Wedding that my mother spent the last few months sewing bridesmaids dresses for; and did a terrific job I might add!!  The Wedding that took more of my time this month than I thought it would.  In short, The Wedding that has, to all practical intents and purposes, engrossed my time and life for the last 3 weeks!  But, it is now over and my friend is happily married.  Many warm congratulations to her and her new husband!!!

So, now I may plunge into all the things I've been planning to do this month and just couldn't.  Here's a little of what is on my to-do list for the next two weeks:

Finally write more than a few words at a time on my June Crusade novel.  Hurrah!

Write a few dozen of the scores of blog posts I have ideas for.

Catch up on the writing tags for the June Crusade .

Start reading Les Miserables.  I can hardly wait!!!!!!

Watch Sense and Sensibility 1995.

Start watching Little Women 1978.

Ride my beautiful mare who I have hardly been on this year.

Watch more extras on the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring dvd.

And, join my family in housecleaning!  (Sometimes I do wish housecleaning had never been invented!!  I know, dreadful of me.)  Alas, what must be done, must be done.  And my mom was wonderful to give us a day off after all the wedding hustle and bustle.

Anyway, you should see quite a bit more of me now!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. I love watching all the extras on the LOTR DVDs! It's so neat to find out how they did all the things they did!
    And ah! Sense and Sensibility 1995! My family hasn't seen that in a while. We've been in an Emma mood all week and have been watching both the Paltrow and Garai adaptions! :)

  2. Behind the scenes extras are almost as much fun for me to watch as the real movie! Can you imagine how cool it must have been to film amidst all the gorgeous scenery that is New Zealand?!!

    And I love your new avatar!

  3. Thank you! Eowyn has always been one of my favorite characters!
    Yes, I think New Zealand is absolutely beautiful! I'd love to see it one day, if only to view the locations at which LOTR was filmed! ;)
    And I've awarded you over at my blog! :)

  4. :) Oh, Arielle! Your list of things to do! :)


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