Monday, June 25, 2012

Interview Tag!

Anne-girl’s tag for week four of the June Crusade.  I’m answering it with my three main characters: twins Cordelia and Penelope and their mother Lady Roxana. 

This tag is so much fun!!!!

Do you want a hug?
Cordelia: That depends….  I take hugs from my parents, sister, and Philippe.  And Valaria.  I’d rather not be hugged by anyone else, although I tolerate hugs from my extended family.
Penelope: Cora!  You really shouldn’t talk like that.  It is disrespectful.  I love hugs!
Lady Roxana: I enjoy hugs from my family and friends.

Do you have any kids?
Cordelia: I’m not old enough to have kids.
Penelope: No.
Lady Roxana: Twin daughters that I adore.  (Although Cordelia can be hard for me to understand at times.  My husband was better at understanding her.)  And my husband’s ward Philippe Huntington who is like a son to me.

Have you killed anyone?
Cordelia: No.  Not yet, anyway.  (Smiles speculatively.)
Penelope: Gracious, no!!
Lady Roxana: Never!

Love anyone?
Cordelia: My family.  Especially my late father.  (Impassive mask slides over her face to keep her emotions in check.)
Penelope: My dear family and friends.
Lady Roxana: My family and friends.

What is your job?
Cordelia: Do lessons, help oversee the stables and be strong for my mother and sister.  And, do my best to liven life up around here.
Penelope: Be a good daughter to my mother.
Lady Roxana: Raise my girls properly.

What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Cordelia: Find some way to sneak off from lessons and out to the stables.
Penelope: Cora!  Again!  That will be the third time this week already and it is only Tuesday!
Cordelia: Only the third time?  I must be slacking!
Penelope: You’re hopeless!
Cordelia: Afraid so!
Me: Penelope, you haven’t answered the question.
Penelope: Oh, right!  Um, go to my lessons with my governess Mademoiselle Silette.

What is your greatest fear?
Cordelia: That I’ll lose even more of my family.
Penelope: That Cordelia will get into trouble again today!  Actually, losing my mother or sister.
Lady Roxana: That Cordelia will never fully open up to me again.
Cordelia: People worry to much about me!

What do you think of your parents?
Cordelia: My father was everything to me.  I’m not sure how I’ll go on without him.  Mother is very nice and I love her but I don’t understand (or agree with) the way she thinks sometimes.
Penelope: Cordelia!!!  What a shocking thing to say!
Cordelia: It’s true, nonetheless.
Penelope: I love both of my parents, but I’m closer to my mother.  We understand each other very well.
Lady Roxana:  I have wonderful parents.

Any siblings?
Cordelia: Two – my twin sister Penelope and my adopted brother Philippe.
Penelope: Cordelia and Philippe.
Lady Roxana: Four brothers and one sister, plus five siblings-in-law.  And, two soon-to-be siblings-in-law.

Eye color?
Cordelia: Green.
Lady Roxana: She has the most brilliant and beautiful emerald eyes.
Cordelia: I said green, didn’t I?
Penelope: But, you didn’t correctly describe them.  They are so bright!
Cordelia: Whatever!
Penelope: My eyes are turquoise blue.
Lady Roxana: Sky blue.

Are you good or bad?
Cordelia: Bad.  I’m very stubborn and don’t like to follow rules.
Lady Roxana: Cordelia, she meant, are you a bad character or a good one.
Cordelia: Oh, well, I think bad, but the way my mother and sister are glaring at me, I think the correct answer is good.
Penelope: Honestly, Cordelia, what is wrong with you today?  You’re going to make everyone think badly of you.
Cordelia: I won’t deign to answer that.
Penelope: I’m good.  At least, I always try to be.
Lady Roxana: Good, thank goodness.  I’ve never wanted to be bad.

Favorite season?
Cordelia: Sicilian Spring.
Lady Roxana: That is not a proper season!
Cordelia: Isn’t it?  What a pity!  Well, spring.
Penelope: Summer.
Lady Roxana: The London Social Season.  But, since that isn’t a proper season either, I’ll say spring because that is when the London Season takes place.
Cordelia: (muttering) How unutterably dull!!

Who's your best friend?
Cordelia: Valaria
Penelope: Silvia and Julian
Lady Roxana: Here in Sicily: Beatrice Howard

Cordelia: Training and riding horses.  Playing the pianoforte.
Penelope: Drawing, painting, playing the harp.
Lady Roxana: I enjoy drawing, playing the pianoforte and doing fancy work.

Do you care what others think of you?
Cordelia: My parents, Penny and Philippe, yes; everyone else, no.  They can think what they want to.  Should I care?
Penelope: Yes, sister, I think you should care.
Cordelia: Oh well.
Penelope: Public opinion is very important to me.
Lady Roxana: Yes, I do care, very much. 

Was this interview fun?
Cordelia: Yes, especially shocking Penelope.  Mother ignored the worst of what I said, in case you couldn’t tell.
Penelope: I liked it very much, except for the dreadful things Cora said.  Allow me to apologize for her.  She has been under a lot of stress and strain lately and isn’t quite herself.
Cordelia: (Sneaks quietly out of the room.)
Lady Roxana: Quite true, Penelope.
Me: Very true, indeed.  Poor girl.
Penelope: Thank you very much for interviewing me!
Lady Roxana: I had a delightful time!

Miss Melody Muffin

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  1. This does look like it was a lot of fun to write! :) I can tell that, although you aren't meeting the 50,000 word goal, you really had fun with the June Crusade. That's great!


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