Monday, June 25, 2012

Snippets of Story: June

Every month, Katie over at Whisperings of the Pen hosts a fun linky called Snippets of  Story.  
To participate,  you choose the best bits from your recent writing and post them.  I didn’t do much writing in May but here are my favorite bits from what I did write.

As they finished their simple meal a short while later, Cathbadh sat up straighter and threw a quick glance at Malagi.
            “Master.”  He waited for Merthyr to turn and look at him.  “Why are we off to Elysium so suddenly?”
            Merthyr looked from one young man to the other.  He leaned back and took a long drink from his flask.  His two apprentices waited.
            “The Time has come,” the Master Sage finally said.
Malagi and Cathbadh exchanged puzzled looks.
            “The Time?” Malagi questioned.
                                                                                    The Three Kyngdoms

The door between the sisters’ rooms opened and Cordelia entered, fully ready for breakfast.  Penelope looked up at her.
            “Are you done dressing already, Cora?”
            “Yes.  Are you almost done?  I’m very hungry.”
            “Marta is nearly finished with my hair.  Then I will be ready.”
            Cordelia nodded and walked to the window, where she stood quietly looking out at the garden below.  Something in her eyes and the way she held her head told Penelope that her twin had something troubling on her mind.  She waited a moment and when Cordelia still did not speak, asked softly,
            “What is it, Cora?”
            Cordelia did not turn around.  “They were talking about England again last night.”

Elsheba had not come in by the end of the meal.  Just as everyone rose from their chairs, the door flew open and Aiyala burst in, breathless from running.
            “I beg your pardons, Your Majesties!” she gasped.  “I have been searching for Princess Elsheba for over an hour and cannot find her!  I’ve hunted throughout all the seventeen towers and from the topmost turrets to the deepest dungeons!”
            The queens exchanged bemused looks that held a hint of worry.

Llewllyn leaned against the rail next to Seren.  Seeing her eyes on her brother again, he casually said,
            “Iorwerth isn’t angry.  He’s just….”
            “Worried over the fate of Cambria should something happen to both of us.” Seren’s voice was quiet.  “I know, Llew.”
            They were silent a moment.
            “Of course,” Seren reminded him, “If something were to happen, you would be next in line to the throne.”
            “But for the fact that where Iorwerth goes, I go; and his enemies will never reach him except over my dead body.”  The passion and loyalty in his voice hung in the air.
            Seren’s eyes met his.  “The old bond is stronger than ever between you two.”
            Llewellyn only smiled in acknowledgement.
                                                                                    The Three Kyngdoms

 Head over and check it out!  Several other writers have linked to some great story bits!  Here is the link to the June edition.

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  1. I must say, these snippets from The Three Kyngdoms are intriguing! Which tells you it must be good, if that is coming from me!! =))

  2. THANK YOU! This made my day, Mom!!!! Honestly, it put a smile a mile wide on my face!

    This is high praise, coming from you! Especially since 3K is fantasy (if you couldn't tell)!

  3. Oh! I could tell, alright! =))
    Glad to see that smile didn't prevent you from passing through any of the house doorways! =)


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