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Actually Finishing Something July: Part One

Linking up with Katie’s Actually Finishing Something July challenge!

The goal is to set a writing goal and pledge to finish it by August 1,2012.  The goal can be any size; a chapter, half a book, a whole novel, etc.

This is the first week’s tag:

What is your writing goal?
To finish naming all my characters, sketch out the plot and write the first chapter of two of my fantasy stories: Quara and The Three Kyngdoms.

Because my goal for this month involves two stories, I’m going to answer these other questions in two posts.  Today I’ll do Quara and tomorrow I’ll answer the questions with The Three Kyngdoms.

Tell us about this project.  Give us a small synopsis.
Quara started out as a bedtime story I was telling my younger siblings.  They all loved it so much they insisted I write it down.  It has grown by leaps and bounds since then, until now it is one of my favorite fantasy worlds.

    Beyond the sunset, in the land of Quara, lies the Kingdom of Esidaraq.  For decades it has been prosperous and at peace.  Until the dreadful day six years ago when the High King and High Queen were killed while on a state visit to the Empire of Droizza.
    Forced to ascend the throne before their time, their teenage children have nonetheless done a brilliant job of administering the kingdom.  They know their parents’ death was no accident, but a planned incident by the Emperor calculated to weaken Esidaraq.  Thanks to their allies rallying around them, it did not succeed....
    The Emperor of Droizza is frustrated by his carefully engineered plans going awry.  He determines there is now only one way to bring all of Quara under his domination - invasion and all out WAR!  Starting with Esidaraq....
    For the young monarchs, this war will be a test beyond any they have ever faced before....

How long have you been working on this project?
About a year, off and on.  It has been laid aside for long periods of time to focus on other projects.

Introduce us to three of your favorite characters in this project.
Oh dear, choices.  I can’t introduce you to only three of the fourteen royals so instead I’ll tell you about three of the secondary characters.
    Kaldar Dein - recently promoted second-in-command of the Royal Eagle Riders.  He is the personal messenger of the High Queen and one of the best riders in the RAR.  But, he would rather be fighting in the army than carrying messages for the palace, despite his mentors trying to tell him being a messenger is more important than fighting.
    Usaya Madkin - Head Housekeeper.  It is her job to be one of the few allowed to scold the Royal Family; it is her privilege to make sure everything runs smoothly around the palace.  Woe betide anyone caught not doing their job correctly!  The wrath of the Head Housekeeper is something to fear!
    Darold Verdyn - Captain of the Palace Guard.  A quiet man but immensely capable.  He is responsible for overseeing all guard duties in and about the palace, assigning the watches, etc.  He must also make sure members of the Royal Family are properly guarded when they leave the castle.  And if you think the last task is an easy one, just ask him about it.  He’ll tell you most of them have no regard for their personal safety, and the High King and Queen are the worst of the lot!

How often do you intend to write in order to reach this goal by August first?
Hopefully every day I’ll do at least one thing on this.

How will you make your characters behave long enough to finish this goal?
I’m not really sure!  Threaten them with destruction?  Tell them I’ll lay them aside for several months?  (Anathema to characters!)  These characters haven’t even thought of misbehaving so far.  (Said in a whisper so I don’t jinx their good behavior!)  :)

Go to page 16 (or 6, 26, or 66!) of your writing project.  Pick your favorite line or snippet on the page.
Page 6:
    Meanwhile Prince Benjamorn, followed closely by Yuhon, went to the shield workroom.  There Mooosu, who was the best shieldmaker in all the length and breadth of Esidaraq, was busy repairing a shield that High King Timotheus had severely dented during a practice session with one of the knights.

Tea or coffee?
Tea, hands down.  And in this hot weather it is a tall frosted glass of iced tea!!

Miss Melody Muffin

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