Saturday, July 28, 2012

Actually Finishing Something July Week Three

Round Three's questions for Actually Finishing Something July:

You've little less than a week left in the challenge.  Now that the end is in sight, do you think you'll finish your goal?
With Quara, yes.  With the Three Kyngdoms, I'll come close.  I had hoped to finish the first chapter of each story but too many new things are popping up in The Three Kyngdoms and I'm working on sorting them out and writing them all down, so I won't be able to finish the chapter.

For me, the last week and a half has been so chaotic that I've hardly had the time to sit down, let alone write.  How have you balanced life's craziness with your writing goals?  Late night writing?  Scribbling down a few lines while waiting in the grocery check-out line?
For me, this week was less chaotic than last week, so it hasn't been too hard too find the time to write.

Have you written mostly in computer programs such as Word, or do you prefer scribbling in notebooks?
I always do my first draft in my notebooks.  Then I retype it in Word.  My second draft can be done in either, it just depends on the circumstances at the time.
However, on occasion, if I am on a roll typing in Word, I'll go on to write some things that are not in my notebooks.  (Which is how I could have scenes that I lost permanently in the computer crash.)

Have any new characters jumped into your story?  If so, tell us about them!
A whole new family and kingdom, complete with backstory, just plopped into Quara yesterday afternoon!  (Inspiration struck big time for me yesterday!!)  The family is old, old friends of Esidaraq's Royal Family and are monarchs of the kingdom of Kastunar, which borders Esidaraq.

In the Three Kyngdoms, a few new characters have shown up and they are all villains.  An elven brother and sister who join forces with Malduc to try to bring down the heroes.  The sister is strikingly beautiful, almost too beautiful.  The brother is very cold blooded.  :)

Share a snippet of your recent writing!
"Let's spread out" Abijalla suggested, "I'll double check the dungeons.  Sarai, you can search the towers again.  She must be here somewhere!"
"I'll cover the Outer Ward and Garibella can search the Inner Ward," Hanetta was already moving toward the door.
"And we'll scour the Palace Ward," Benjamorn spoke for himself and Davardi.
"I'm just so sorry!" Aiyala burst out, wringing her hands again.

Sometimes the most mundane, simple of things can spark one's creativity.  Have you come across anything, simple yet special, in your daily life, inspiring you to write?
A hawk sitting on top of a telephone pole the last few days when I've taken my morning walk.  And watching my baby brother roll around on the floor.  Random, I know.

Any pictures, images inspiring bits of your story?
A picture a friend drew and sent me years ago in a birthday card.

Introduce us to the antagonist in your story and tell us his favorite dessert.
In Quara the main antagonist is the villain, The Emperor of Droizza.  (So far, he has positively refused to tell me his first name.  If he keeps it up, I'm going to be very annoyed and angry with him!)  His favorite dessert is this extremely rich cherry and orange confection that the people in his country make.  (Doesn't sound very good to me.)

Pick, from all of your July writing, your favorite three lines said by your characters.
"Our High Queen isn't quite what I expected."  Kaldar Dein, Quara
"The tunnels!"  Seren, The Three Kyngdoms
"I've hunted from the topmost turrets to the deepest dungeons and throughout the seventeen towers!" Aiyala, Quara

Any advice for your fellow writers as we reach the final stretch of this challenge?
Always, always, write with the flow of your inspiration, no matter what the inspiration is at the time.  If it is a different project than you were planning to work on, just go with it!  Things go so much better when you're writing with the flow.

Miss Melody Muffin

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