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Actually Finishing Something July Tag Four

My answers to Katie's fourth and final tag for the Actually Finishing Something July Challenge:

Were you able to reach and finish your July writing goal?
Pretty much.  I had just a couple pages to finish writing on Quara.

If you did not fully complete your goal, were you able to make progress in your project?
Lots of progress, mostly in character development.  Although, the more of that I did, the more I realized these characters have SO MUCH to tell me!

What was the most difficult part of finishing something this July?
Losing all my story research web bookmarks when our computer crashed.

Did you maintain a writing schedule?  How often did you write to meet your goal?  Did you write into the wee hours of the morning, or wake up extra early to write?
I did not have a set schedule.  I tried to write every day but sometimes I would have to skip a day or two.  I did stay up until midnight twice writing down scenes that came to me while I was falling asleep.  =)

List the three musical tracks that most inspired your writing this July.  Tell us why they inspired you and how they fit with your story.
Enya- Book of Days - it fits very well with the atmosphere of The Three Kyngdoms and many of the characters in it.
Alfie Boe- Over the Hills and Far Away - this is one of the theme songs for the knights that follow the young royals into battle in both Quara and The Three Kyngdoms.
Carrie Underwood-There's a Place For Us - this is another theme song for both stories.  It epitomizes the belief the royals in Quara are clinging to; and what the heirs to the thrones of The Three Kyngdoms are trying to believe.

As you wrote, did you come across any component of your story that surprised you?  Plot-twists, Grand-New-Ideas!, new characters?
Well, I discovered that Quara is a world CHOCK-FULL of possibilities!!  Besides the main story series, there are so many subplot/short story ideas.  :)

Choose and share your three favorite pieces of descriptive writing you penned for the challenge.
I'm not sure if I can find three!  So much of what I was doing this month was just gathering characters; 'marshalling my forces', so to speak.

Drigel nodded and drew himself up.  Merthyr threw him into the air and he hovered for an instant while Bel and Isha aligned themselves in the proper formation; behind and to the side of their leader, forming a triangle.  All three dipped their left wings to Merthyr in farewell.  Like three arrows they darted away, straight and true on a direct course for Corbenic.
The Three Kyngdoms

The three Castle Cats put on their thinking frowns, wrinkled up their whiskers and laid their ears back.  This always helped them think better.  After a long minute of thinking, Caela sat straight up, her mouth assumed its normal shape and her ears and whiskers straightened out.

A rent appeared in the yellow gray clouds and the bright ruby edge of the setting sun peeked out.  The rest of the sun slowly slid through the tear, a great glowing ball of golden orange masked by thin ruby clouds.
The Three Kyngdoms

Share the meanest, most unfeeling line said by one of your characters from your July writing.
I don't really have one!  What I was writing just didn't have any of these scenes.  (Yet.  It will later on, I just wasn't writing those parts for the challenge.)  The closest I can come is this:

"We really have to do something about that older sister of ours." Sarai huffed in annoyed exasperation.

Pick one of your favorite characters from your July writing.  Describe his/her wardrobe.  Share how this character would dress if he/she were living in the year 2012.
Kaldar Dein-Royal Eagle Rider-Quara
His official uniform is a shirt and close-fitting trousers with a short sleeved tunic over them that ends just below the hips.  Also, knee-high boots of soft, dark brown leather.  Over that they wear a knee-length cloak.  When he isn't riding, he generally wears looser fitting shirts and trousers of firmly woven cotton.

If he were living in 2012, he would wear blue and green Polo shirts, Wrangler jeans and a tan cowboy hat.  With Justin cowboy boots.

Pick your all-time favorite bit of July writing and share it with us.  Tell us why the passage is your favorite.
I love this scene from Quara because it gives a very good idea of what the sibling relationship is between these two queens.

Sarai turned a corner into a different hall and saw Ariana several steps ahead.
"Ari, wait!  I have to talk to you!"
The High Queen slowed her steps to allow her younger sister to catch up to her.  "Yes?"
"What will you be wearing to the ball?"
"I don't know.  I haven't considered it yet."
"Ariana!  The ball is tomorrow night and you don't have a clue what you're wearing?!"  Frustration filled Sarai's voice.
"There's no need to panic, my dear sister.  I am certain there are plenty of suitable gowns in my wardrobe."
Sarai regarded her with a baleful glare.  "And so, as usual, you probably won't choose your outfit until tomorrow afternoon or at the earliest, tomorrow morning when you wake up."
Ariana smiled, cheerfully flippant, "Probably."
Sarai's chin tilted in determination, "While we're on the subject, it is time for your wardrobe to be overhauled."
"Again?" Ariana looked annoyed.
"Again? It has been six month since it was last done!"
Ariana shrugged again, "I am sure it can go for another six months."
Sarai's eyes narrowed.  "No, it can't.  You are the High Queen.  You should be the best dressed of us all, instead of the most simply dressed."
"Why?  You, Abijalla and Hanetta are the fashion leaders, not me.  And I'm perfectly happy with that.  Aren't you?"
"That is not the point.  As High Queen you must be dressed impeccably.  That means your wardrobe should be redone at least three, and even better, four times a year."
"That is entirely too many." Ariana tilted her head to the side.
Sarai saw the look of continued cheerfulness on her face and knew she was getting nowhere.  "Somedays I wonder why in the stars I bother."
Ariana heard the muttered words.  "So do I.  You should just give it up and admit I'm a hopeless case."
The light of battle came into Sarai's eyes.  "Never, ever, my sister."
Ariana glanced sideways with a sly smile, "Well then, you'll have to corner me some other time to finish this lecture.  I must be on my way."
"To do what? Ride with Mindolf?" Sarai's sarcasm held the barest hint of bitterness.
"No," Ariana replied sternly.  "Finish the regulations for the Port of Rhyoldris.  The couriers must set off with them early in the morning."  Her words were accompanied by a glance that said now was not the time for Sarai to push further.
With a toss of her head, Sarai turned down another hallway, huffing as she went to look for Abijalla and Hanetta and unburden herself to them.

Bonus question!  What was your favorite part of the Actually Finishing Something July Challenge?
Re-discovering how much I love the worlds of Quara and The Three Kyngdoms!  There is so much to both of them; I could very happily spend all my days living in them!  Also, reading about everyone else's writing.

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Getting writing done is always such a lovely feeling. I am glad you were able to. And both your books sound very good.


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