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EDBP stands for Epic Disney Blog Party and Kiri Liz is hosting it over at her blog Lianne Taimenlore.  She made up this fun tag!

Which is your favorite Disney film and why?
The Swiss Family Robinson!!  My entire family LOVES this movie.  Even though the movie differs greatly from the book (which I am a GINORMOUS fan of) it still was so much fun and honestly, the only thing I would change in it is that I would add Jack.  Everything else I would leave as it is.  (Ok, I might change Roberta's name back to Jenny.)  From the opening moments of the crashing storm to the hilarious end with Francis chasing his pets, this movie is just MAGNIFICENT!!  Other favorites inclued A Kid in King Arthur's Court, Old Yeller, Mary Poppins and Aladdin.

Which is the most annoying/worst Disney film and why?
The Princess and the Frog is pretty dorky.

What was the first Disney film you can remember watching?
Either Aladdin or Peter Pan.

What are some of your favorite quotes from Disney films?
"Well, am I Sultan or am I Sultan?"  (Aladdin)
"You know those coconut bombs?  You don't have to worry about them.  They work right well!"  (The Swiss Family Robinson)
"I caught my tiger!  I caught my tiger!"  (The Swiss Family Robinson)
"I didn't want to have to do this but you leave me no choice.  Here comes the smolder."  (Tangled)
"Well, that's the good part I guess.  You get to go find a new dream."  (Tangled)
"I told you she was tricky."  (Mary Poppins)

Which Disney character do you think you are most like?
Probably a cross between Princess Jasmine and Rapunzel.  I definitely share characteristics with both of them.

What is your favorite Disney film song?
A Whole New World  (Aladdin)
I See The Light  (Tangled)
A Spoonful of Sugar  (Mary Poppins)
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Mary Poppins)  (Blogger is telling me this is not a word!  Much they know!)

What is one Disney film you find yourself recommending over and over?
The Swiss Family Robinson!!!

What is one thing from any Disney film or films that really irks you?
Most of the princess films are just so sugary sweet and sappy.  In addition to the 'always-love-at-first-sight' thing.  Oh, and I DETEST how Peter Pevensie's character was changed in Prince Caspian.

Who is your favorite Disney film heroine and why?
It's a tie!  Princess Jasmine because of her independence and I love how she goes out in disguise.  And Rapunzel because she isn't your typical princess and she is smart, and carries two dangerous weapons; her hair and a frying pan.  :)

Who is your favorite Disney hero and why?
Another tie!  Flynn Rider is just way too much fun!!  (I read he was based on the Errol Flynn and I can totally see it!)  And Fritz has always been my favorite of the Robinson boys.  He's funny, a think on your feet type and smart.  And Prince Caspian... right, I'll stop now.  :)

Who is your favorite Disney sidekick and why?
Reepicheep!!  He's brave, hilarious and quotable!  "Choose your last words carefully, Telmarine!"  "You people have no imagination!"  Oh, and I love Rajah from Aladdin.

If you could spend a day in any Disney film, which one would you pick and why?
Oh dear, choices.  I would love to be in Narnia during one of the epic battles- fighting on the side of the Narnians of course!

Choose any one Disney film character and place them in any Disney film (other than his or her own).  How would the story be different?
Let me see... the Swiss Family Robinson is shipwrecked on the beach below Cair Paravel in Narnia and they fight with Prince Caspian and the Pevensies in the Battle of Beruna!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Thanks for participating in the tag, Miss Melody Muffin!!

    Yes! A Kid in King Arthur's Court is good! I can't believe I forgot to include it in the EDBP! Dash it all!

    Haha!! Love the Swiss Family Robinson!! Francis is the best character! :)

  2. I'll go to Narnia with you and fight beside you.

    Reep is soooo cool

  3. Jack,
    Great! You grab your sword while I hunt up a wardrobe.... :)


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