Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Who invented the dreaded chore of cleaning the house??  I'd like to give them a piece of my mind!  

I am not grumbling, not really!  I'm just hot, tired- no, make that exhausted, and right now would be ecstatic to never see another duster, vacuum, broom or rag!  You'd think after years and years of cleaning house I'd have become reconciled to it, but no!

My family is having a ladies rubber stamping party on Thursday night, so of course, that means a thorough housecleaning!  We went at it quite vigorously this afternoon.  Three sisters and a brother in the living room, two sisters in the halls, and another brother and I in the kitchen.  He removed items from shelves, dusted and vacuumed; I washed and replaced items on shelves.  We did have some fun doing it; he kept teasing me with the vacuum hose and I kept flicking water at him.  Silly, but it broke up the monotony.  We also had the music turned up pretty high while we worked.  I highly recommend listening to Christian Rock while you clean house!!  It works wonders for motivation and moods!  =D

Tomorrow we only have to finish the kitchen and do the dining room.  Then, if there is time, tomorrow night I think I'm going to treat myself to watching something fun and relaxing....  Like The Beverly Hillbillies.  :)  Or something like that.  Something I can just sit back and let entertain me.  Normally I go for movies/TV shows with more involvement/character development/etc. but after a day of cleaning, I'm sure I'll be bone tired again and just want a good laugh.

I'm afraid I've been rambling throughout this post.  Sorry!  That's just what's been going on here today.

I know I have been quite sporadic in my posting on here lately.  Starting tomorrow that should change.  :)  I'll be posting regularly about books, my writing, life and 'all that'.

Looking forward to writing lots of posts!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. I would like to know that myself...maybe someone nosy and Mrs. Lind...or someone who was afraid of what someone like Mrs. Lind would think...house cleaning is a beast.


  2. The ONLY time I've found house cleaning nice is when one has writer's block and one's characters are not speaking to that one. The rest of the time, it is just time consuming, and there is so much else one could be doing that seems so much more important. *Smirk*


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