Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Think I Can Make It, I Think I Can....

Just a quick note to say, thank you all for your encouragement!  I made my Les Mis reading goal today, too!  I read 212 pages.  There wasn't as much description to wade through this time so it didn't feel so much like I was slogging through a heavy downpour.  :)  I 'officially' met the Friends of the ABC, watched Marius fall in love with Cosette, observed with Marius the incident' at the old Gorbeau house with Jondrette/Thenardier, Valjean and Javert, and, thanks to Hugo's detailed explanatory descriptions, learned all about the quietly rising tide of revolution in Paris at the time.

Now if I can only keep it up for the next three days....

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

    Hmmmm ... that reminds me ... I need to get back to my month's reading goals ...

  2. Keep going, Miss Melody!! You can do it! Just so you know, your goal with Les Mis has been inspiring to me and I've been endeavoring to finish the three books I'm currently reading... :)

  3. Thanks, Kendra and Kiri!

    Kiri, I'm thrilled to know I've been an inspiration to you!! You can do it, too! What three books are you currently reading?

  4. I finished one of them yesterday (huzzah!); it was my absolute first Agatha Christie book, Partners In Crime, and other than some language, I really enjoyed it! The second was Sir Rowan and the Camerian Conquest by Chuck Black; very good book! That one wasn't very long, so I also finished that one. And the last and longest in Nicholas Nickleby. It's a good tale, but lengthy, but if you can finish Les Mis, I can finish NN!

    Congrats, by the way, on getting to the end of Les Mis!!!! I'd love to hear your review of the book as well as a concert review!! If you feel like it. ;) You're watching the 10th anniversary concert, right?

    Oh, I read one of your newer posts that ended with "One day more..." LOVE THAT SONG! And now it's stuck in my head... but that's good considering how much I like it. :D

  5. I've been thinking about reading Agatha Christie, but haven't decided for sure if I will yet.

    I just picked up my first chuck Black book a couple weeks ago! Now that I'm done with Les Mis, I'll read it one of these days and post a review.

    Nicholas Nickelby is very good. it is actually the only Dickens book I've read, to date! Dreadful isn't it?

    Thank you! I'm feeling a bit of euphoria right now because, I finished the book, and what a wonderful book!

    I'm planning to post reviews of the book and both concerts (10th and 25th) as well as my own comparisons of the actors in the concerts. The posts should start next week!

    One Day More is one of the absolute BEST songs in the musical! I have a tendency to listen to it right before climbing into bed. :)


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