Friday, September 7, 2012

Poem of the Week: Thoughts

Here I am back again for another Poem of the Week!  I'm sorry I've been rather sporadic in my posting again.  Between crazy days and a couple crazy nights, finding time to write hasn't been easy, and then my stories flow better than a blog post.  I do believe things are looking up though, and I should be back to posting at least every other day soon!

Elisabeth Rose has a weekly link-up if anyone else wishes to do so with their poems!

I love this poem!  It so perfectly describes my thoughts.  (Well, except for the burning rose one!)  :)  And as much as I love my thoughts, I love my real friends better.

Sara Teasdale

When I am all alone
Envy me most,
Then my thoughts flutter round me
In a glimmering host;

Some dressed in silver,
Some dressed in white,
Each like a taper
Blossoming light;

Most of them merry,
Some of them grave,
Each of them lithe
As willows that wave;

Some bearing violets,
Some bearing bay,
One with a burning rose
Hidden away-

When I am all alone
Envy me then,
For I have better friends
Than women and men.

Miss Melody Muffin

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  1. That's a pretty neat poem! It's fun to say aloud. I have to agree, though ... I like my real friends! :)


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