Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beautiful People Worldbuilding Edition: Esidaraq

The first workshop for the Writer's Conference!  We are supposed to go through the Beautiful People Archives and choose questions to answer with our fictional land as the character. 

I'm using the country of Esidaraq in the land of Quara.  It is the home of the main characters in the Quara series.

What is their full name?
The Kingdom of Esidaraq.

How old are they?
Well, the story begins in the year 1139.  But that is dating from the year the kingdom itself was formed, not necessarily the year the land was created.

What are their favorite colors?
The royal colors, which are deep rose pink and sky blue.

What is their favorite season?
Summer.  It is the longest season of the year and is the most social season.   And there are the Eight Summer Hunts then too!

What is something they are afraid of?
The Empire of Jibar invading their peaceful land.

What do they do in their free time?
Ride horseback, hunt, have parties and balls, and dance.  And sing.  And dance and sing some more.

What is their favorite animal?
Well, they have more than one favorite animal.  Horses, giant eagles, Castle Cats and ketris.  (Ketris are very similar to squirrels.)

What is their favorite writing utensil?
A quill.  And the best quills come from the Quill Goose.

Who is their best friend?
The kingdom of Kastunar on their eastern border.  The two countries have been allies and friends for generations.

Do they have any enemies?
Unfortunately, yes.  There weren't so many in the years before the young royals were forced to take the throne, but now several kingdoms are eager to add Esidaraq to their domains and think it will be easy to conquer.  Afykor, Thol and Lacus are just some of the enemies of Esidaraq.

What is their favorite kind of music?
Lively dance music.  Lots of drums, horns and guitars.

What languages do they speak?
The native language is Sidar.  The upper and middle classes also speak Komerci, the language of trade.  And along the coast, some of the people can speak Koie, which is basically a dialect of Komerci that sailors speak.  It is a mix of Komerci and words borrowed from other languages.

Do they have a theme song?
A few different songs.  The main theme song is Touch The Sky from Disney/Pixar's movie Brave.

What do others expect of them?
The neighboring countries have always looked up to Esidaraq as a leader.  That hasn't changed in the six years since the young monarchs came to the throne.

What kind of holidays do they celebrate, if any?
Esidaraq has several holidays.  There is their version of Thanksgiving, which is a three day Harvest/fall Festival.  Then there is a Winter Festival, Spring Festival and Summer Festival.  Also in the nature of a holiday are the Eight Summer Hunts.  New Year's Day is one of the biggest holidays and combines our Earth holidays of Christmas and New Year's.

This was such fun I think I'm going to do this with more of my fictional countries!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. It is fun, isn't it?! :D

    I love the Eight Summer Hunts... and the 3-day Harvest Festival! So cool!

    And I like what you've done with languages - I'm always intrigued by that! :D

    Very interesting to see which questions you picked and how you answered them! :)

  2. Sounds like fun! They seem to like music a lot 8-D

    I can't wait to learn more of your book.

    Thank you for your cover input! It helped a lot!

    Speaking of titles, what are your thoughts on the title of my book? (I like The Keyhole Secret title. You should use it 8-D)


  3. Herge was brilliant 8-D I would have loved to meet him.

    Nope, it isn't top secret while I yell Allons-y. I do it, of course, because of Ten, but also because it mean's Let's Go in French and, since my pen name is French and I'm always saying things like "Let's Go!" to people, it seemed fitting. 8-D Except I am constantly annoying people by asking them to do things with me...but, it still fits.

    (Aye, Black Window fancies Banner. I've many Avengers theories 8-D) My sister thinks she likes Hawkeye more too. I thought she liked Rodgers for awhile but decided against that theory. I agree with everyone else, he ends up with that blond waitress girl. "We have wireless." "Oh, thank you, but I don't have a radio." (I think he and Thor become good friends.)

    Oh, if Loki is stealing my pens I don't mind so much.


  4. Katherine Sophia,
    Thank you! I had such fun with those Summer Hunts. They are also a favorite of my brothers. :)

    Thank you, Jack!


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