Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Favorite Characters Tag: Part Three

A few of my favorite heroes from my own stories:  (Note: obviously none of these have been character cast yet!)

1. Timotheus of the House of Belyia
High King of Esidaraq, head of the Royal Family, and respected throughout Quara.  He is handsome and charming and thus, popular with the ladies, who already swarm around him because of his title.  He likes hunting, singing and dancing, when he can find time away from his kingdom duties to do anything for pleasure.

2.  Ariana of the House of Belyia
High Queen of Esidaraq and female head of the Royal Family because her mother is dead.  Authoritative, multilingual, serious, and according to her brother, 'the epitome of a High Queen'.  She handles foreign relations and has charge of making sure their family is being raised and educated properly.  She enjoys traveling among the kingdoms and having arguments stimulating discussions with family friend King Mindolf.  Her sisters are convinced she doesn't know what it is like to relax or 'have fun'.

3. Quentin Kilmory, Marquess of Falkirk
The darling of London society, the man every eligible girl is on the catch for, handsome, courteous, rich, powerful, he has it all.  But the man behind the mask doesn't want flattery and a brainless society wife.  He wants someone who will love him for himself.  He wants someone interesting, who is intelligent and not afraid to show it.  And preferably someone who shares his passionate love of horses and travel.

4. Lady Cordelia West
A spitfire rebel in a world of proper Victorian women.  She is no-nonsense, reserved, unemotional, and a tower of strength to her sister.  The sister she loves better than life, despite -or because of- the the fact said sister is as different from her as night and day.  A skilled horsewoman, she can outride most of her cousins, and would rather be foxhunting than attending a ball.   She is definitely one of my top favorite heroines.

 (And for those who are wondering, Gemini is NOT going to be one of those feminist, 'proper young woman being independent and wanting a career and a life of her own' kind of story.  Cordelia is headstrong but most definitely NOT feminist.)

Next, my favorite villains from my stories!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Those sound like great characters! Great names, too. (Quentin and all version of Timothy happen to be names on my grab list for random male characters ... I even have a Timothea somewhere ... but she's named after her dad ...)

    And I completely understand a headstrong/not feministic character. I have several. I actually have one that is a feminist, but that's something I work her over in the course of the book.

    Great characters once again, I love hearing about your projects!

  2. Oh your characters seem fascinating to meet I must say I should some day like to make the acquaintance of Lord Quentin Kilmory and Lady Cordelia West very much...

    Ah, yes non-feministic but strong characters can be hard to write but are very rewarding.

    I've been meaning to email you back - life has been a little crazy but hopefully soon! I've missed our correspondence.


  3. By the way, my character Maryanne has decided to tag other people's characters ... and chose Seren from yours ...


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