Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Character Encounter: Klingsor

Kenrda over at Knitted By God's Plan has started a new monthly character link-up called Character Encounters.  (Click on the link to find out more about it and join in the fun!)

My entry is VERY late!  I scribbled this in a few moments last week but didn't get around to editing and posting it until now.

It was nearly the end of the day and I was glad.  Because it was Medieval Day at the local library where I worked, I had dressed up in a long, flowing, blue medieval dress I had sewn myself for a costume party a few months ago.  After an entire day of helping children, college students and adults, I was tired.  It seemed like all the students from the local college had been in at some point today and I lost count of how many children's questions I had answered about my dress, how medieval people lived and dressed and was I a princess.

I picked up a large stack of books the last two students had left and went to file them away.  I had only one book left and went to put it in the cookbook section.  I was hunting for its place when I heard a strange noise behind me and turned quickly.  Coming into the aisle was a young man with blond hair that hung almost to his shoulder and piercing blue eyes.  He was tall and skinny but what made me take a second look was his medieval garb.  He wore tight-fitting gray leather pants, a green long-sleeved shirt and black hip-length vest.  A black and green striped cloak hung easily on his shoulders. 
At first glance I thought he was simply another college student who had dressed up in honor of the day.  Then I saw something that made me bite back a gasp of astonishment.  On his right shoulder he wore the symbol of Malduc and Mordrech. 
It can't be, I think frantically. 
As I have been looking him over he is doing the same to me.  He smiles charmingly and reaches up to brush a lock of hair out of his face and tuck it behind his pointed ear. 
Pointed ears?  He must be an elf!  But no!  How could he be?  How did he get here?  And far more important, why was he here?
"I don't think I've met you," he says, with that charming smile.
"I'm Melody," I execute the proper elven bow.
He returns it and says something.  I recognize it as the proper greeting in the dialect the dark elves of the Three Kingdoms use.  "And where do you hail from?" he asks me.
"From here, this town."
He raises his eyebrows, "You live here," he gestures around at the library.
"No, no.  I work here."
"How can you work here?" 
"Well, I help people find books."
"Oh," his eyes sweep me again and I repress a tiny shudder.  "Then perhaps you can help me find what I'm looking for."
"And what would that be, sir?"
He looks around swiftly and lowers his voice, "A book on poisons."
Poisons?  I glance frantically around.  I think I've figured out who he is, and he is the last person I want to have a book on poisons.  Then an idea comes to me.  I turn to the shelf and pull down a book with brown swirls on it's cover.  "Here sir.  This book is full of poison recipes, especially effective on women."
He frowns at the strange language on the book.  I forestall what he is about to say, "If you cannot read the words, I am certain your sister will be able to."
He quickly locks eyes with me, his eyes narrowing, "How do you know who I am?  Or that I have a sister?  I didn't tell you."
"No sir, but who does not know of the learned warrior lord Klingsor and his lovely sister Kundry?" Fortunately for me he misses the sarcasm in my voice. 
"Thank you for your help."  He smiles his charming smile again and bows.  "I hope to meet you again, Melody."
"Perhaps my lord, one never knows what turns our lives will take."
He tilted his head, smiled again and left, his cloak swishing against my legs.

I breathe a sigh of relief.  That was a close one.  How in heaven's name did he manage to fall into our world.  Was there a crack in time?  I hurry to leave for home.  I don't want to be around when he discovers that book is full of recipes for chocolate.

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. I'm so glad you survived that encounter!!!! And chocolate!!! Oh ... I died laughing at that.

    Thanks for participating!!!

  2. Love this, Miss Melody!!! Haha! Chocolate!!

  3. Thank you, girls!! I cracked up while I wrote it! It came to me in the shower and I hurried to write it all down the instant I was done.

  4. That is the best yet!!!! Looking forward to reading more of those.



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