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Snippets of Story: October

My favorite snippet so far from each of my current works-in-progress.

My three main stories:

My Victorian series.

Lafayette looked at Cordelia, "Is your family still planning to go to England sometime this year?"
You could have heard a pin drop in the silence that fell. 
Cordelia glanced from Penelope to Philippe.  "I believe so," she answered quietly.
Silvia looked stricken, "Oh, Penny!  You really might go?"
Penelope clasped her friend's hand tightly.  "I don't know," she said honestly.
"Soon?" Valaria asked Cordelia.
Cordelia shrugged, "I don't know that either."
Julian had been staring out the window.  Now he turned and looked straight at Penelope.  "For how long?"
Penelope shook her head, signifying she did not know.  She didn't trust her voice.  A great lump rose in her throat every time she thought of leaving Sicily and these people she loved.

The Three Kyngdoms
My Arthurian fantasy.

“What is it you wish to know, young Malagi?”
“My Lord, why can people understand horses?  Is it magic?”
“It is not magic,” Arimathe explained.  “Horses have a language of their own, as do unicorns and alacorns.  Or rather, unicorns and alacorns speak two dialects of the same language. All three are oral languages; they have no written form.  The language of horses, Cibara, is taught to all knights when they are squires.  In the same way, during a Templar’s training, they learn Lida, the unicorns’ dialect of Lidasyqua.  And prospective Valkyrs learn Qua, the alacorn dialect.  Anyone who has not been taught the language finds it difficult, if not impossible, to understand the animals.  When a horse speaks, they simply hear a whinny, while those who know the language, understand the words spoken in that whinny.
“Why, if all knights learn Cibara, can they still not understand every horse?”
“Horses have individual voices, just as you do.  Your voice is different from Emrys’, whose voice is different from Merthyr’s, whose voice is yet different from mine.  All horses speak Cibara, but, some horses are harder to understand because their accent, tone, and manner of speaking all render the words less intelligible.  Yet, each knight can perfectly understand his own horses because he has spent hours with them, learning their unique voices.”
“But, sir, why can a few people understand all horses, unicorns and alacorns?  Like Lady Seren and Sir Philippon?”
“Certain people have a gift or talent for understanding and speaking languages.  They are better at it than the rest of us.  Seren and Philippon have this talent.  They had a little study in the languages at first and then were able to learn the rest quickly and easily and now understand both languages, which is why they understand all equines.”

My still-trying-to-define-what-genre-this-fits-in-because-it-isn't-technically-fantasy story.

Alratar had told Kaldar that morning that 'special' riders would be accompanying both of the RER wings leaving that day.  Now the two young men waited by three great eagles for their turn to leave.
"Our special rider is receiving final instructions from their majesties," Alratar explained.
Kaldar noticed the the third eagle was one who had recently finished training.  So our special escort is a skilled rider.  He glanced back toward the gates as a cloaked person slipped through and approached them.  He was dressed in the traditional riding garb and his face was drawn back into his deep hood, effectively concealing it.  Alratar looked up and smiled when he caught sight of the rider.  Kaldar studied the stranger's gait as he reached them and halted.  Something is familiar about it....
Alratar greeted the newcomer, "We are ready, Ladari."
The rider nodded and slid his hood back.  Kaldar bit back a gasp of astonishment.  'He' was no ordinary rider.  The High Queen stood before him, cool and calm.  Eyes dancing, she smiled at his surprise.
"I promise we will explain everything when we return, Kaldar.  For now, simply know that you are to treat me as any other rider.  And don't address me as 'your majesty'.  Call me Ladari."

And my other two in-progress works, though these are more or less on a side burner.

Southern Sixteen
(Temporary name)
A Civil War story I started with my younger siblings.
The Harrington family is the largest family in Virginia.  They have a huge, beautiful plantation and live the typical life of southern planters.  Then the Civil War starts.  The older boys enlist at once.  The girls hate being left behind.  Is there anything they can do to help?

Theresa is 12 when she begins this diary at her governess' instigation.  It is a few years before the war starts.  In this snippet, Jesse and Percy are the only two who are not her siblings.

I went to a chair in the corner to read the note.  Jo and Percy started talking and Lane and Jesse were joking loudly.  When I finished the note and looked up, Lane and Jesse were laughing hard over something one of them had said.  Joseph and Percy stopped talking and looked over at the other two boys.  Jo whispered something to Percy and suddenly both of them grabbed pillows off one of the sofas and threw them at Lane and Jesse!  The younger boys yelled when the pillows hit them.  Then they rushed for pillows to throw back.  Soon all four were fighting a pillow war.  Joseph looked over his shoulder at me and called, "Come on Tissie!  Come join us!"  I jumped up and ran over to him and Percy.  Lane hollered, "Not fair!  Addie, you come help us!"  Addie ran over to him and very soon everyone was in the war.  Duke, Cora and Henry were on Lane's side.  Amy, Tina and Cap were on our side.  Cap had to sit still because of his ankle, but he could still throw the pillows when Tina handed them to him.  Lou wanted to join the fight, too, so Henry said she could help him.  We threw pillows until Aunt Lilly and Aunt Lydia came to tell us girls it was time to freshen up for supper.  It was so much fun!

I'll Be Home For Christmas
Started last year in response to a writing challenge from one of my sisters.

"We can heat the chili on one of the wood stoves," Josie told her sister.
"I'll start the fire," Juli volunteered.
"Then I'll go gather the others," Josie went over to the intercom built into the wall, "All cousins from James to Jeremiah please gather in the kitchen."
There was a loud pounding and thumping as the cousins dashed in and lined up along the windows on the north side of the kitchen.
"Where is Mom?" Jean asked.
"Our parents went to settle in," Josie leaned against the counter.  "We're going to do up the little bit of work there is to do before we can kick back and just have fun.  Now, we need one group to bring in the rest of the food from the vehicles.  Another group can bring in the rest of the luggage and the presents and put it all away.  Juli and I are going to start heating supper."
"I volunteer to bring in the food!" Jeff's hand shot up.
"Judah and I want to help with the food, too!" Josh exclaimed.
"I'll bring in our boxes of presents," Jessie said.
"And I'll bring in our presents and other stuff.  Since greedy Jeffery jumped for the food," Jean tried to duck as Jeff punched her in the shoulder.
Janie nodded to Josie, "I'll bring in the rest of our luggage."
"That's settled then," Josie turned to her older brother, "James–"
"Yep.  I'll go fire up the furnaces," he cut in, grinning.
"Thanks, bro."  Then as an afterthought she turned back to the other cousins, "Oh, is anyone up for a snack after the unloading is done?"
The response was deafening.
"Then I'll make the snack," Jackie volunteered.  "And Jerusha and Joanna can help me."

Hope you all enjoy these!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. These all were very good! I especially loved the explanation of horse language. Fascinating.

  2. I still like the sound of your Three Kyngdom book best...I've a thing for those kinds of books. (But all your work sounds good!)

    Also, I spelt the Kingdom one wrong, didn't I?


  3. Ooh, I enjoyed them all, but I particularly liked Quara and The Three Kyngdoms. Normally I'm not one for fantasy-type stories, but both of those sound AWESOME! And it sounds like you really know your stuff.

    I would gladly read any of those books. I also love the titles you came up with.

  4. So far I've two readers who will be about for Christmas. I will be about for some of it, though I plan to sleep a lot, and do nothing a lot. And rest a lot. But we should have a party or something. I don't think many will be about, so it would be small. With cookies.

    I changed the entry rules so that more people can enter. So, you plan on Indie publishing at all you can enter now if you like.

    I was worried about my title, but a lot of people say unusual titles grab them, which made me happy.

    Oh, I am glad you have a NaNo idea! (It is strange how, sometimes, all one has to do is think a title and they have a plot)

    Hm, some of my avenger's theories...
    There is the one about Rodger's girl, though I might have mentioned it. I am convinced Howard married her, and now Rodgers is best friends with the son of his best friend and his girl friend.

    I would LOVE to hear yours!!!

    I am glad you liked the cover pictures. I am so happy I've such a talented photographer helping me out. He's great!

    And, I guess that is it for now.


  5. Thank you all! I'm glad you enjoyed these.

    I had such fun writing about the horse languages!!

    I think that book is my favorite right now. :)

    Thank you!

  6. I can't wait to read the WHOLE story so hurry up with it! Love it sister!
    Billy Jo

  7. *headdesk* This is one of those posts I was going to comment on... and then life ate me. :P Is better late than never applicable here?

    Okay, love the bit from 3 Kyngdoms... XD So very cool!

    And I find myself quite intrigued by Ladari as well... XD

    It's just fun to read through them all and see your favorite parts from all of them! I'm glad you ended up doing that! :D Do you have a favorite of your favorites? :)


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