Sunday, November 18, 2012

Half NaNo Week Three

So, having finished the third week of Half NaNo yesterday, where do I stand with my word count?

You don't want to know.

You see, the first two weeks were so crazy that I wrote less than 5,000 words all told.  So I have a LOT to catch up on.  I was informed by some of my family, that with everything we have going on right now, 25,000 words was too high of a goal to set.  As much as I don't want to admit it, they are right.  But, I am an extremely stubborn, rebellious person and won't give up yet.  I simply do not accept that fate.  (See this week's quote for my sentiments in a nutshell.)  I'm going to do or die trying.  :)

So my stats are:
Word Count On Oct 31st: 5, 550
Current Word Count: 13, 203
Final Word Count Goal: 30, 550
Former Daily Word Count Goal: 1, 000
New Daily Word Count Goal: 1, 500
Average Daily Word Count: N/A (This varied so widely from 4 to about 1, 500 that there isn't really an 'average'.)
Words remaining: 17, 347

That said, the story is coming along very well.  It is so satisfying to finally put down on paper what has been swimming around in my head for so long!

Favorite snippet written last week:
The two elves grinned.  "Well, we agree," Loreius said.  "But we've promised good behavior so of course, we must perform it."
"You are not off to a good start," a new voice spoke.  They turned to see Maron coming toward them from the armory.  "You should have left by now.  The Quino road lies that way," he pointed to the north.
Philippon made a face at his brother.  "We are simply saying goodbye.  Seren was kind enough to see us off.  It would have been unchivalrous to have rushed off."
Maron fixed him with a stern glare. 
Philippon sighed and muttered something to Loreius too low for Maron to hear.

I'll have more snippets up later this week.  And maybe some Beautiful People or character tags, depending on how much writing I can fit in.

Until next time!
 Miss Melody Muffin

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  1. Life shouldn't be allowed to be insanely busy during Hermits United. It makes heads hurt.

    I believe you can make your count. I shall be cheering you on from the side lines, jumping up and down and waving pom poms and John has a cookie set aside for you.

    I loved your snippet! It made me want to read more.

    Keep up the hard work. And don't forget to sneak in some rest, somewhere in there.


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