Friday, November 2, 2012

Poem of the Week: Invocation to Sleep

Invocation To Sleep
Thomas Gent

Come, gentle sleep! thou soft restorer, come,
And close these wearied eyes, by grief opress'd;
For one short hour, be this thy peaceful home,
And bid the sighs that rend my bosom rest.

Depriv'd of thee, at midnight's awful hour,
Oft have I listen'd to the angry wind;
While busy memory, with tyrant pow'r,
Would picture faded joys, or friends unkind.

Or tell of her who rear'd my helpless years,
But torn away, ere yet I knew her worth;
How oft, though nature still the thought endears,
Has my worn bosom heav'd its tribute forth.

Come, then, soft pow'r, whose balmy roses fall
As heavenly manna sweet, or morning dew;
Beneath thy wings, my troubled thoughts recall,
And, haply, lend them some serener hue.

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. LOL... I've gotten so little sleep lately this just makes me laugh... it sounds lovely... XD

  2. The Percy Jackson books are great if you love unusual heroes. Percy isn't at all typical, which I think makes him a lot of fun.

    I was very sorry to hear of your stress. I know from experience how draining it can be, both physically and mentally. And it can also cause illnesses. I hope all is well now and you are over it. It is very rough to go through. (Also I am glad you are back. I did miss you.)

    Normal is very boring. I am very grateful I am not.

    Oh! That shall be grand if you are able to enter the blog party! I would most love to put up a post by you! And send readers your way.

    I am glad you enjoyed the snippet!


  3. Katherine Sophia,

    Yeah, I hadn't gotten much sleep that week either, so when I saw this poem I thought, "Yes! Perfect!"

    Isn't it though!


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