Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm Back Now!

Dear me, I sure missed all of you!!  I didn't realize how much I'd grown to love being on Blogger and reading and commenting on all of your posts until I was without them for a week!  And now I have a ton of reading and commenting and emailing to catch up on!!!

My friend Miss Jack Lewis Baillot has published her book Haphazardly Implausible and it is now available on Amazon Kindle and Lulu.  Congratulations Jack!!  I don't normally read steampunk books, (just because they never sounded interesting before) but when I started reading Jack's blog and hearing about her story I knew I had to read this one.  It sounds terrific!!

She has a blog party going right now to celebrate the book launch.  Be sure to hop over and check it out!

And the blog party for Jessica's book Annabeth's War is still going.  Stop by Safirewriter to see the latest stops and giveaways.  Currently Jessica is giving away a copy of Amy Dashwood's Only A Novel while Amy is giving away a copy of Annabeth's War at her blog.


Yet Another Period Drama Blog

And now I must dutifully take to my bed and attempt that inconvenience er, delight called sleep.

Until next time!

Miss Melody Muffin

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  1. Thank you so very much for mentioning my book! The more people who do so the more it helps me. *Smirk*

    Welcome back! I've missed you!

    Sleep...aw, I should get some of that...


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