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Les Mis Excitement!! With Premiere Videos!

Les Miserables the movie is due out in the United States in exactly 18 days.  That is less than three weeks!!!  (Although I will have to wait longer to see it, until it comes out on DVD or Amazon Instant Video.)

I am SUPER HYPED about it.  Just ask my poor family who has to put up with my rambling and gushing over it, in addition to my excitement over The Hobbit, due out in a week.  (I think they are all ready to ship me off to China for the next three weeks.)

I've been following the progress of the Les Mis premieres.  There was the Tokoyo premiere, the New York screening, and then the London premiere yesterday (or was it the day before?).  For all of my fellow Les Mis fans, I present a collection of links to news articles and videos.

A BBC video of the premiere:  HERE
Jackman's "I was the boss" cracked me up!

And a few more pictures and interview comments:  HERE

THIS is a collection of interviews with the cast on the red carpet. Poor Samantha Barks was shivering!  Behind Eddie you can see Rosamund Pike (Jane in P&P 2005).  I have to say, during the interview with producer Debra Hayward, I was too busy watching the people passing behind her to watch her, although I was listening to what she was saying.  Hey look, there went Samantha!  I loved how Debra herself said the movie needed to be EPIC!  Ooh, look, it's Lady Grantham!  Russell Crowe started out in musicals?  I didn't know that either!

And another one.  WARNING: there are a few coarse words in this video during Sacha Baron Cohen's interview clips.  I think it is great how Jackman has been a fan of the book since he was 18!   And I think Sacha Baron Cohen is going to make a good Thenardier.

Ooh, THIS one!!  Some scenes from the movie interspersed with interview clips, including Debra Hayward telling of the audition video Eddie Redmayne sent in and Daniel Huttlestone telling how it was for him during filming.

It is blurry but LOOK it's Michael Ball!

And THIS.  I laughed over Crowe's 'singing fools' and Daniel Huttlestone teling how Crowe taught him how to punch!  You know, I think he'll do a pretty good Gavroche.  :)

Oh my gosh!!!  THIS is one of my favorites!  Mainly because Hugh Jackman and Michael Ball are such gentlemen in it!  Jackman helps Amanda Seyfried up onto the stage, and then!  Well, watch it to see what Michael Ball does.  Isn't it sweet??!!!!

And HERE is another video with clips of interviews with Jackman, Samantha, Amanda, Crowe, Redmayne and Tom Hooper.  I like the tiny clip we see of Eddie and Amanda walking toward the throng.  And Samantha is too fantastic!  I had forgotten that Eponine was her debut West End role.  MICHAEL BALL AND EDDIE REDMAYNE!!!  That. Was. SUPERB!  I think it is my favorite bit from this video!  And what Anne said about Tom during singing parts was hilarious!  And Isabelle Allen is simply too cute for words!

I think it is awesome that Michael Ball was helping host the premiere.  Definitely fitting for a man who has been so involved with Les Miserables from the very beginning.

Random red carpet shots
Samantha's hi five with the kid was fun!

THIS  I laughed so hard over Eddie's account of his audition video!!!

The current West End cast of Les Miserables also attended the premiere.  HERE they are arriving.  (Don't you love how One day More is playing in the background!)

I enjoy seeing red carpet fashions as well.  So, here is what Anne Hathway and Amanda Seyfried have been wearing at the premieres:
The London Premiere 
(In case anyone really wants a better look at those, um, outfits, they were wearing.)  There are some cool pictures of the cast in this set though.  Like....
#3 The current West End cast.  I spotted Sierra Boggess (Fantine) second from right, several of the students scattered through the group, including Adam Linstead (Grantaire), Craig Mather (Marius) and Liam Tamne (Enjolras).  The blonde in the middle of the front row, in purple, is Samantha Dorsey, the current Cosette, and the brunette next to her is Danielle Hope, the current Eponine.  (I love playing 'spot the actor'!)
#6 Isn't this one fun?
#12 Huttlestone is pretty cute here.
#19 I wonder what someone said....
#20 The three Leading Ladies.
#24 Another one of those, 'I wonder what they are saying' moments.
#25 Anyone recognize her??  :)
#28 Helena Bonham-Carter has always had an interesting fashion sense.
#30 Isn't she adorable??!!
#32 I WANT A HUGE POSTER LIKE THIS TO PUT UP IN MY BEDROOM!!!  Except that my sister might not like it....

And I'll just say that for me; Anne, Amanda and Samantha's premiere gowns were not the greatest.  I could have handled the front of Anne's outfit, especially since the color and sparkle looked great on her, but, um... yeah.  Amanda's was just blech, in my opinon, and although the color and fabric of Samantha's was stunning on her, I don't care for the style.  I would however, love the cape Anne wore when she arrived.  You can see it in some of the videos above.  Isn't it neat?
PLEASE NOTE: These are simply my personal opinions and I am not trying to put down these actresses or anyone else.

HERE is another picture of Isabelle Allen so you can see her dress.  Isn't it too cute??!!!

Annnnd: Frances Ruffelle with Cameron Mackintosh!

Tokoyo Premiere:
Anne with Hugh Jackman
Interesting dress, no?

Amanda Seyfried
Kind of cute on her, I thought.

From the New York screening after-party:
Anne Hathaway
(Every now and then, someone actually wears something on the red carpet that I would personally consider to be decent and modest.  This is a lovely dress!)

I thought this one wasn't too bad.

And 'Marius' and 'Cosette' at another event:  (Gorgeous color and fabric on her dress.)

My friend Amy Dashwood did a great post with movie stills and links to clips from the movie.  Go check it out, if you haven't already.  It is fantastic!!

I CANNOT wait until this movie comes out!!!!!  Oh, and get this.  It is going to be over 2 1/2 hours long!!!!

Have a great weekend, lovely readers!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Hugh Jackman likes the book?! Russel Crowe actually started in musicals?! SOOO cool!!

    Two and a half hours!!! Wow!!! So very excited!!!!!

  2. Wow you do a lot more gushing on here then you do at home(which is a very good thing. We would all go insane). Its a good thing that you have this blog where you can let off your steam and all these friends that have the same interests or you would burst poor girl:)



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