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Snippets of Story: December

Aaand I'm finally putting up my December Snippets!  These are all from the 25,000 words I wrote on The Three Kyngdoms last month plus one bonus snippet at the end from a project I'm currently working on.  WARNING: these are unedited snippets!

"Was your journey well?" Arimathe asked the dark, grim man.
He shook his head.  "We are unharmed but I have bad news for you."

"Pax Vobiscum, Magister Merthyr," her soft voice said.  She extended her right hand in the elven salute.
"Seren!" Malagi exclaimed delightedly.
She turned toward him, smiling brightly, and held out her hands.  He threw himself at her, gripping her in a bear hug.  When he pulled back, she chuckled and ruffled his black hair affectionately.
"It is good to see you again."
He nodded, "I have missed you."
She rested her right hand on his shoulder, "How have you been?"
He shrugged, "Oh, well enough.  Busy.  Merthyr works us to death," he confided in a loud whisper.
"Humph.  If I didn't you would never be out of mischief," Merthyr grumbled.

"Or forced conscription into their army," Seren spoke disgustedly.
Seated behind Llancalot, Galath leaned forward, "I do not understand how humans can behave so.  Have they no conscience?"
"Galath, Shadows are not human," Rhianon told him wryly.
"They're fiends incarnate," Nimianne spat.
"Not human?" Galath mused.
"Strictly speaking, they are humans," Rhianon allowed.  "But they have lost all humanity."
"They have become brutal, mindless, murdering monsters."  Seren's voice was low and intense.

"You're not on guard duty today I see."
"Yes.  Dardanus told me Patruus and Amita have something for me to do here today.  I haven't seen either of them yet though.  Patruus has been closeted in his study with Merthyr since early this morning.  Merthyr can't have had much sleep."
"As usual.  Little sleep, little food.  I swear he lives on air," Emrys shook his head over his father's peculiarities.

Selyf reached for the pitcher of cream.  Dinner was over and sassafras cake, his favorite dessert, had just been served.  He poured a steady stream from the pitcher until the golden brown cake was floating in the smooth cream.
"Have some cake with your cream," Lenaig said, her voice heavy with sarcasm.
He ignored her and took a bite of the cake.  Chewing slowly he cast his eyes upward and smiled seraphically.  "Heavenly," he murmured.  Then he winked at Lenaig.
She rolled her eyes.

"Only while we're on duty," Loreius replied.  "Once off duty..." he left the words unsaid, but the look on his face was eloquent.
Philippon whispered, "Hopefully, by the time we reach the castle, Seren and Emrys will have a plan for something interesting that we can, er, help with before going back on duty."
Astrophel and Caie smothered chuckles.  The elves went to bring their unicorns forward from the shadow of the tree where they patiently waited.  Caie leaned over to whisper to his brother.
"Did he just say Seren?"
"I think so," Astrophel whispered back.  "Why don't you ask him?"
"Uh, no," Caie quickly shook his head.  "I think I'll wait until we are at the castle and ask Emrys."
Astrophel grinned to himself.  Caie the Bold not so bold when it comes to a certain elven maiden.

The crowd dispersed quickly as if afraid to linger.  A threesome consisting of an older man and woman followed by a young man wrapped in a worn cloak walked up the road to the nearby village of Breithe.  When they were a distance from the castle, the man snorted.
"Mordrech Pendragon, my eye.  That stripling is no more a Pendragon than I am."
"Shhh, Connor," his wife cautioned.  "Malduc has eyes and ears everywhere."
Connor snorted again.  "Balderdash.  He may have the eyesight of a hawk, but none can read lips from this far away, nevermind that my back is to the castle.  And not even Supreme Monster Malduc has ears keen enough to hear spoken words at a quarter of a mile."
The young man grinned and converted a laugh into a cough.

And this is the bonus snippet.  I just started this story last week, during a crazy day when I had a few minutes of down time.  For the rest of the week, I scribbled madly– two minutes here, four there, one over there, etc.  Between last week and this week, I have 2,800 words on it and I'm just going to keep going and see if it takes me anywhere.  It is sci-fi– actually more science fantasy– and its current nickname is Atlantica.

At the far end of the sofa Jeziora gave a bounce.  "I wouldn't.  I'm with Jyder.  Tight security, too much money, too much time, and no school with friends?  I might as well go live on an asteroid and be a hermit!  Or hermitine, whatever a girl hermit is called."
Now everyone laughed.  "I believe the correct word is hermitess," Kishi told her.

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Wow, what a fascinating idea - a story about elves! Have you posted a synopsis of this story before? I'd love to read it!

    I've also tagged you with a Christmas tag over at my blog ... :-)

    Love in Christ,

  2. I never did get my December snippets done... but at least I can comment on yours! :)

    I love the whole Merthyr, Emrys, Llancalot, naming scheme - are all the names real names in some language or do you make some completely up? :)

    LOL at the cake one... I'm suddenly hungry for cake and cream... XD

    HAHA - I love that: Supreme Master Malduc XD

    And the hermitine big cracked me up too - I am intrigued! :D

  3. Vicki,
    Thank you! I have posted snippets and other information about it before and a synopsis can be found on the My Storyland page at the top.

    Katherine Sophia,
    Thank you! I'm having fun with Atlantica.

    Merthyr, Emrys and Llancalot are actually names from Arthurian Legend but in different languages. I love playing around with the names and deciding what versions I'll use.


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