Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snippets of Story: January 2013

Oh dear, I'm very late in posting my Snippets again.  Some of these are from December and some are from January.  I didn't write as much this month as I had hoped to, but I've gotten a few thousand words done the last few days.

When the door had closed, Timotheus threw himself into a chair on the other side of the desk. 
“I don’t like it.  Kohlan is accused of consorting with the duchess?  What was he doing that they could have accused him  of that?  Kohlan is a very careful man!  And if he didn’t even know who she was....”
“That means she had to have been disguised.  Intentionally, which means it was a trap, or unintentionally, which means it was an accident and thus they should have no reason to hold him.”
“And yet, Darigo said they could not return.  And he sounded quite final about it.”
“That’s what worries me,” his sister confessed softly.  “I don’t like the resignation in that note.  Or his asking us to not come after them.  And then saying there was nothing that could be done.  Why isn’t there?”
The Land Beyond The Sunset  (Quara)

Nicanor’s eyes twinkled down into Seren's, “It is said Valkyrs do two things superbly; fight and dance.  I speak from experience that you are skilled in the former, but now I should like to test the latter."  He held out his hand.
The Three Kyngdoms

"The Ruling Council has declared a vote of No Confidence in Queen Calunga," Kia Rosenberg explained quietly.  "She is expected to formally resign by the end of the week."

Suddenly Kinth sat bolt upright on the king's shoulder, one paw burying itself in the hair at the back of his head.  Alarmed, Sojeph knocked quickly.  Ariana's voice called for him to enter.  He pushed the door open, Kinth clutching his hair tighter. 
The tension in the room slammed him like a roll of thunder.
The Land Beyond The Sunset

"And then we're not letting the councilors go home until we have figured out what the doggrief is going on," the High King's brown eyes flashed fire.
The Land Beyond The Sunset

And here's a longer snippet for you all from The Three Kyngdoms:

Suddenly a shadow passed over the clearing.  Instantly Kahenis was on his feet, alert.  He scanned the sky, aware that Igerna had risen next to him and was doing the same.
“There!” she whispered, pointing to a hawk.  Kahenis had seen it too.  “Just a hawk,” he breathed in relief.  Then, the hawk glided down to gently land in the clearing.  It sat, blinking at the two young people, both of whom were frozen in surprise.  The hawk took a step toward them.  Kahenis stepped in front of Igerna, “Go fetch Aunt Glori,” he whispered swiftly.  Igerna, careful to move slowly for fear of startling the bird into an attack, backed toward the caves.
Kahenis studied the bird.  He noted the left leg bore a collar of sorts.  A falcon. It must have gotten loose from someone.  Then he saw the strange binding on the right leg.  It was a wide strip of cloth, and it appeared to have something beneath it.  He took a cautious step toward it and the bird tilted its head, fixing him with an unblinking glare.  Kahenis bent lower to see the right leg more clearly.  Now he suspected what this hawk was.  “You’re a messenger aren’t you?” he spoke softly to the bird.
“Not just any messenger,” Gloriana said from behind him.  “A Cristati.”
“Cristati?” Igerna was clearly puzzled.  The word however stirred something in Kahenis brain.
“An elven messenger hawk!”
“Yes.” Gloriana confirmed.  She spoke a single sentence firmly to the bird, “Afferte mihi nuntias (bring me the message).”  As she spoke, she extended her wrist and the bird hopped gently onto it.  Deftly she unwound the message and then handed the hawk to Kahenis, “Here.  Hold him while I read.” 
Igerna edged closer and tentatively reached out a hand to stroke the hawks’ crest feathers.  When he did not draw back, she grew bolder and stroked down his head and neck.

Hope you all enjoy!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Oh wow really like the Quara ones sound good keep it up!!!!!! Brushed over The Three Kyngdoms as you know But I am sure they are good!!!

  2. I LOVE your snippets! I especially liked the dancing and fighgting one. "I know you can do the former, now I want to see how well you do the later." (Of course, it sounded better before I tried to write it from memory.) 8-P I cannot wait to read a whole book written by you.

  3. Aye, I've seen Stardust a few times. (I also tried to read the book. Do not attempt this. There is a scene in it...yeah 8-P) But I love the movie! I found out about it just like you, in fact! I was looking up Ben Barnes when he got cast in Narnia, watched the first bit, and couldn't help but love it. My sister and I both agree though, Ben Barnes should have played the main character.
    There is one part I don't like, but it never shows anything. Still, I wish they had left it out. But I LOVE the princes in it!!! They are one of the best parts I think. Especially at the end.


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