Monday, January 14, 2013

Three cheers for Les Miserables!!!

Last night was a fantastic one for Les Miserables at the Golden Globe awards.  Not only did it take home Best Movie (comedy or musical), but Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway took home the awards for Best Actor (comedy or musical) and best supporting actress respectively.  I was thrilled to see the movie being recognized as it deserves.  (Though I think Tom Hooper should have gotten one as well.)

So I present videos of the actors accepting their awards.
Anne Hathaway:

I think this is beautiful!

Hugh Jackman:

I laughed so hard through this!  And did you see how Eddie And Amanda were cheering for him?!

Best Picture:

Isn't this terrific!!  I loved the reactions of the stars. 

Now if it will only do as well at the Oscars next month....

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. I am glad you liked the Christmas story!! I had forgotten about it, actually.
    As for it wanting to make you read my book...I suppose that is good as that was rather the point.

    HUZZAH! Les Miserables got things on the Oscars!! I was hoping they would...or however all that works...and Hugh Jackman deserves one, he did brilliantly. It is so weird though, hearing him actually use his Austrilian accent. *Grin*

  2. great speeches! i'm looking forward to see it :D

  3. I saw this movie and liked it. I liked all the characters, but it was sad.


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