Thursday, February 21, 2013

Book Review: Annabeth's War

When I heard, several months ago, that Jessica was going to publish one of her books, I was thrilled.  I had gotten to know Jessica's writing through her blog Safirewriter and thoroughly enjoyed it.  To my surprise and delight I won one of the giveaways she hosted of the book after she published it.  When the package came in the mail a few days before Christmas, I wanted to rip it open at once.  I did make myself wait until Christmas morning, knowing I wouldn't have much time before that to read the book anyway. But what a terrific experience awaited me when I did read it!

LENGTH:208 pages
RATING:10 out of 10 stars
READ ALOUD:    4 out of 5

What would you do if you were the only person who stood between the crown prince and death?  And you were a girl on top of that?

Annabeth is a skilled swordswoman, having been trained by her father, a master soldier.  She is the only person in the kingdom of Beltarra that has the information that prevents Lord Raburn from killing Prince Alfred.  Added to that burden, her father is in Raburn's dungeons- dead or alive she does not know.

Ransom is a spy and a soldier and he has been sent to find Annabeth and bring her back to his master.  Finding her was easy.  Earning her trust however, is a completely different matter.

Can she find the courage to do what she knows she must?  Will her father and the prince ever be safe?  And can she learn to trust Ransom?

Annabeth definitely had my sympathy and intense interest from the first.  Her combination of fierce bravery and vulnerability, and the little feminine mannerisms that would slip out (like her little twirl) make for a memorable character.

Ransom is a true gentleman and it was fascinating reading as he followed Annabeth and tried to earn her trust.  His patience, kindness and care were beautiful to see.

Besides Annabeth, my favorite character is the bard, Song Lark.  He has some of the funniest lines and his relationship with Annabeth is hilarious.   And his songs are brilliant!  I love how he is always strumming his lute.

Prince Alfred and Eliot are the other two characters that really stood out to me.  Eliot I felt sorry for and yet respect also.  Alfred was amusing and his protectiveness toward Annabeth was very sweet.  And Annabeth's father is a wonderful man.

Lord Raburn is a disgusting, despicable, loathsome specimen of a villain!  Jessica did a great job of bringing to life such a detestable 'bad guy'.

I rate this book ten stars out of ten for pure enjoyment.  I definitely recommend it if you are lookig for an inspirational adventure tale.  I gave this four out of five stars for reading aloud because while teenagers and some preteens will be fine, the level of violence in some of the scenes will be too much for younger children.

To end this review I'll share some of my favorite quotes:
"You have the luxury of being a damsel in distress." Ransom  (This one always makes me giggle.)
"Just because you rescued me doesn't mean I have to be grateful." Annabeth
"Is it your purpose to drive whoever you are running from absolutely mad?" Ransom 
"I never take advice I don't ask for." Ransom  (I love this one!)
"I'm not used to taking protection I don't ask for." Annabeth  (And this one!!)
"You are free to do as you wish, Ransom- when have you done anything else?" King Harold

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Thank you so much for a perfectly lovely review! I really appreciate it!

  2. This book is VERY high on my to buy list. I am SO eager to read it. Even now that I read some of the quotes from it, and that you recommend it so highly.

  3. That book shall appear on my desk or dresser....ASAP!
    And then, after the delay caused by actually reading it, I shall personally tell Jessica how wonderful it is.
    Your loving Mother =)

  4. :D lovely review! Great quotes you picked out...and all the things you mentioned...I love Song Lark's songs! :D

    It's always fun to see other people liking my favorite books! XD


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