Saturday, February 23, 2013

Music of the Week: The In–Between

I'm going to try a new weekly feature.  On Saturdays I'll spotlight whatever music I've been particularly listening to that week.  This last week it has been a few songs from the concept album of a musical.  I first saw it when I was listening to a song by Hadley Fraser.  Recommended was another song he sang called Beyond the Door.  I clicked on it out of curiosity and liked it a lot.  In the sidebar of that video was another one from the same album done by Alexia Khadime and Liam Tamne, both names I knew from the Les Miserables London cast (Alexia played Eponine and Liam is currently Enjolras).  Again, out of curiosity I listened to it... and fell in love with it.  I've played it over and over and over and OVER!!!!  (I'm currently listening to it.)  Then of course I had to go Google the musical and read the plot.  :)  It sounds very interesting, and I'd like to see it on stage.

My top favorite song- Not Alone:

My second favorite song- Someone You'd Be Proud Of:

Beyond the Door- the first song I heard:

My fourth favorite- Out of Your World:

The trailer for the musical:

And here is the site about the musical:


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