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Snippets of Story: May

QUICK NOTE: My computer has been acting up (I'm having multiple cord issues) so if I'm not on Blogger very much in the next few weeks that is the reason.  I'll do my best to keep up with emails and at least post once a week.

And now... Snippets of Story.  Snippets of Story is hosted by Katie at Whisperings of the Pen.  The link-up where you can join the fun is HERE.

I can't remember when the last time was I did Snippets....

Most of my main stories stopped talking in April and May ): so some of these snippets are a few months old.  But, just this week it feels like they are ready to talk again.  Yay!!!!

When he knocked on Elsheba's door, there was a scrambling sound inside and a few thumps before she called,
He opened the door.  Elsheba sat on her bed, her three Castle Cats on the floor in front of her.  Her ketri was on her shoulder.
Sojeph glanced at the bed and back to his sister, "Your Cats were on your bed again, weren't they?"
"They forgot the rule," her voice was innocent, but a guilty flush stole into her face.
"Then you should have reminded them," he told her, trying not to laugh.
The Land Beyond The Sunset

“When I grow up, I am going to be a knight and the best sword girl in Esidaraq and all of Quara,” Elsheba announced.
Jothadon snorted, “Girls don’t be knights, silly.”
“Ariana and Abijalla are knights,” Elsheba defended her choice.
“Yeah, but they are queens, not girls,” Jothadon insisted.
“They were girls, once upon a time,” Davardi informed him.
Jothadon wrinkled his nose.
The Land Beyond the Sunset

Betty Jo came down the stairs.  “What is wrong, Barbie?”
“Becky’s been in a car accident and is in the hospital.  You need to wake the kids and bring them in.  Brian and I are leaving right away.”
Betty went pale, “How bad?” she whispered.
Barbie swallowed, “I don’t know.”
Rocky Horseshoe Ranch

He cleared his throat and clapped his hands.  When everyone gave him their attention, he pointed to the corner where Maron, his brothers and cousins sat.
“It strikes me that in all this escorting you have been engaged in lately, you’ve not had time for practice.  You’re all going soft.”
"Going soft?” An indignant murmur ran around the circle.
“Ha!  You think.” Philippon muttered.
“I heard that.” Dardanus glared at him.  “And I’ll be the judge of your fighting readiness.  You will be standing before me in five minutes, dressed and armed for battle practice.”
The Three Kyngdoms

Elmer looked worried.  “I’m terribly sorry to be leaving right now, and dumping all the trouble on you.”
Ted shook his head, “Son, don’t you worry a lick.  I ain’t seen the wrongdoers yet that weren’t eventually caught by the just and righteous application of the law.”  He winked.  “You just put your mind to that pretty girl waiting for you in the East.”
Elmer managed a grin, thinking of his Laura, “Thank you sir.  Now that you’ve finished, I can take you down and show you the office and give you a tour of the town, if you like.”
Ride Ranger Ride 
(working title- which will change at some point)

"Where have you two been?" Chryse asked in Cymry, so the young people from Cornoval could follow the conversation.
"We helped clean the stables this morning.  Then we had had breakfast and spent time with my younger brothers," Seren detailed.  "We were climbing trees with them."
"Just now we had business in the library," Philippon's eyes gleamed at Seren over his shoulder.
Chryse sighed.  "Does this 'business' mean you two will shortly be in trouble with Lord Zosimus again?"
"Why must everyone assume whenever we are in the library together we are planning a prank?" Seren demanded, aggrieved.
The Three Kyngdoms

"Let me look at you," Ixolta demanded.  She held him at arm's length and looked him up and down.  "You're as tall as I am now!  And you could use a haircut."
He shook his blond hair back, "I like my hair this way.  Morodd's is longer."
"And she's been trying to cut mine for months," Morodd winked.
The Three Kyngdoms

This month also gave me a new story that I'll devote a separate post to sometime.  I'll give you a teaser snippet here:

Sitara glanced coolly at him, “Did you ever wonder why we aren’t encouraged to form student groups without teacher leadership?  Why we are regularly moved around and roommates are shifted?  Why there is little emotional stability here?  Why everyone is led to believe they need no one and they are self sufficient?”
What Makes A Family? (working title)

Looking over these I realize I haven't said much about a few of these stories.  After my computer problems are fixed, I'll write up a post profiling all of the stories I haven't mentioned before and add them to my Storyland page at the top.

Happy writing to you all!!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Oh, these are all lovely - especially the first two about Quara!

    It's always nice when your stories decide that they're on speaking terms with you and you don't feel like to need a pickax to write.

  2. Usually I have a couple that are a few months old in mine...this time I went totally boring and only from one story. :P tsk tsk XD I like that you've got so many different ones. :D Yay, though, I'm glad they're thinking about talking to you again! :D

    gah, I want a kitten so badly right now... they forgot the rule, lol XD

    that is true...and also a circular XD


    Haha, I heard that - nice... :D

    hmmm...hee, I like that just and righteous application of the law XD

    LOL I like it...I think 3K is my favorite right now...they have cool names, too. XD

    heehee... :)

    ooh, yay, a bit from the new one!! :D Very cool...and I like that name also... XD

    I hope your computer gets fixed soon! That's always so annoying! :P Looking forward to the story profiles, though! :)

  3. Wonderful, as always!! Reading your snippets always makes me want to read a book written by you.

    Can't wait to hear more about these books! (Also, I hope you can get your computer issues fixed soon.)

  4. WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF Ride Ranger Ride???? I am going to have to get after you!!! Good ones as always could not get through 3k ones. =) I will have to read What Makes A family even though it is sifi.


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