Friday, September 27, 2013

AIDA Around the World

I love languages.  They have fascinated me for years.  And I find it delightful to hear my favorite songs in other languages.  It gives them a completely different feel.

In addition to being performed on Broadway for four and half years, Aida has had various foreign productions.  Today, I present to you, videos from some of those foreign productions.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for the last several months know that I've become a huge fan of Korean dramas, music and musicals.  So, of course, first on the list of foreign productions of Aida is Korean!  Readers, I present my favorite foreign version of Aida!!!!

Written in the Stars:  (and The Gods Love Nubia)

First of all, I think the stage in this one is terrific.  (And in case you're wondering, this is a special performance- not a regular staging of the musical.)  And the costumes are great.  (I want Aida's dress from this video!!)  She portrays Aida with a gentle royalty, and an inner peace and serenity.  I like that, but I like his performance a bit better than hers, because there is more fire in it.  (Aren't the star visuals in the background cool?)

Here is a different version, which is my TOP FAVORITE version of Written in the Stars.  (Well, tying for first with Ramin's version):

This version has so much passionate fire in it, which I love.  This actress (Cha Jiyeon) puts more passion into her performance than Ok Joo-Hyun did.  In this performance, Aida knows she's done the right thing, but she is still clearly battling inside – she wants to be with Rhadames and knows she can't.  Not for herself, her people, her mistress or her father.  This version is just so full of raw emotion.  Their body language and chemistry is superb.  All in all, I think it is MAGNIFICENT.  

A Step Too Far:

(The costumes- especially Rhadames'- and the makeup in this one are interesting, but I love how the song sounds in Italian.)   

Enchantment Passing Through: (I'd change his costume to something different, but other than that).  The Aida in this one is fun, and I just love this song.

I think this version of Aida and Rhadames is great.  Especially the body language in this song.  She is so small compared to him but her spirited sarcasm is fantastic.   

My Strongest Suit Reprise:  (This one is wonderful!!)

Written in the Stars:  This one is... interesting.  I guess I'm not really fond of this version, for some reason.

Not Me:  

And I'm pretty sure this is Hungarian:    
Written in the Stars:  

Portuguese:  (These are from the Brazilian production.)  (For some bizarre reason, I can't get these videos to embed.  I guess YouTube decided it had been cooperative long enough.  ): )
I Know the Truth:

Enchantment Passing Through:

I really, really like this Rhadames (Matheus Herriez).  He captures Rhadames' quieter, almost moody side as well as his fire.  

Written in the Stars:

Which of these is your favorite foreign language version of Aida?  
Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Really Sister??? :) All these different languages?

  2. Butterfly,
    Well, you know me... more is better!


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