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I didn't think I was going to do a Dream Cast for Aida, because I couldn't fill some roles at first.  But on Tuesday, the actors all just came, pow, pow, pow.  So, *drumroll* I present to you, my Dream Cast for a movie of Aida.

This is a Dream Cast for a movie adaptation of Aida.

(Clicking on each person's name will take you to a bio page about them.)

The Trio:
Aida: Lea Salonga
Yes, I know she isn't African.  But, she has the voice, power, pathos, passion and is just perfect for the role.  Besides, makeup does wonders these days (they can give her skin a darker tone).  :D

Rhadames: Ramin Karimloo
I've thought he would be perfect for the role ever since I was introduced to Aida through him, you might say.  And he himself has said he likes the musical.  Perfect, yes?  He'd do a superb Rhadames.

Amneris: Idina Menzel
Most well known for having originated the role of Elphaba in Wicked, she also played Amneris on Broadway for a while.  I've seen some bootlegs of her in Aida, mostly of horrible quality but they still give an idea of how good she was in the role.  Her Amneris in the Finale is chillingly beautiful.  Quite simply, she OWNS the Finale.

The Minor Characters:
Mereb:  Andile Gumbi
Most well known for having played the part of Simba in the West End production of The Lion King.  His voice is good and I think he would portray Mereb's quirks and sarcasm well.

Nehebka: Alexia Khadime
I think she'd be good in this role.  I wasn't impressed with her Elphaba and her Eponine was ok, but she was quite good in the role of Nala in The Lion King.

Amonasro: Norm Lewis
His Javert in the 25th Anniversary production of Les Miserables was good (though by no means my favorite Javert).  I think he has what it takes to make a good King of Nubia.

Pharaoh: Patrick Stewart
The Pharaoh doesn't have any singing parts, and I think Patrick Stewart would make a fantastic Pharaoh.  He could pull off the slightly comedic element to the Pharaoh as well as the serious, regal element.

If, the Pharaoh were given some singing parts in the movie version, I'd pick Simon Bowman to play him, instead (because I don't know if Patrick Stewart can sing).

Zoser: Tam Mutu
I know he isn't old enough to actually play Ramin's father (I think he might actually be younger than Ramin), but I've seen some bootlegs of him as Javert in Les Mis and he is my pick to play the scheming, selfish, manipulating Zoser.  He has the voice, the ability and makeup can take care of aging him.

And, just because =D, I'd give Sierra Boggess a cameo role as a handmaiden of Amneris.  (How could I not?  Aida is one of my favorite musicals, Sierra is one of my favorite actresses, and both Ramin and her fiance Tam are in this DC already.  She has to have a cameo!!)

Director: Tom Hooper
Well, really, who else would I choose to direct a movie version of a musical?  This man is brilliant.  He practically invented the method of actors singing live in movie musicals, which I personally feel adds so much to the performance.

I'd cut out the more inappropriate moments from the script.  I'd also like to see some new dialogue giving the characters more development.

Costumes: ME!  =D
I'd absolutely LOVE to be able to design the costumes for a movie of Aida.  But, since that is a pretty far-reaching ambition :), I'll have to say I'd choose Jenny Beavan.

Elton John and Tim Rice.  They wrote the original music and I can't think of anyone who could improve on it.

Come on, Universal Pictures or someone just as good, let's get this made!!!!!!!!

Who would you Dream Cast in Aida?

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Funny you should pick Patrick Stewart for the role of Pharaoh--he was the voice of the older Pharaoh in Prince of Egypt! ;-)As for singing...well, he did sing a little on Star Trek, but I don't know if he could do opera (Shakespeare, yes).

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  2. Seriously??? I did not know that!!

    Patrick Stewart is magnificent with Shakespeare. But, yeah, I just don't know if he could handle opera singing- especially now- he's what, around 70?


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