Monday, September 9, 2013

Ankulen Tag

As part of Kendra's party celebrating the release of her book The Ankulen, she made a tag for us to fill out.  I'm a little behind in posting mine....

1. Did you have any imaginary friends as a child? If so, tell me about them!
Oh, my land, yes.  Tons of imaginary friends.  For the longest time there were two girls named Amy and Kelly (my favorite names when I made them up).  Their younger siblings were also friends with my younger siblings.  We would do almost everything together- lots of picnics, horseback rides, exploring in the woods, building and living in treehouses, hunting wild game, pretending to be queens or pirates....

There were several others but I think Amy and Kelly were around the longest.  My younger sisters and I made elaborate story games with complete families (whose parents typically weren't around much for obscure reasons :D) so we had lots of friends to do things with.  There was one that was centered in a ranching/rodeoing town and another one where our parents were missionaries (yeah, we came up with some odd reasons for us being on our own) and we children lived in a farming community.

Many of these story games and families have made their way into my writing now.

2. An Ankulen is a piece of jewelry that brings imagination to life. If they actually existed, what would yours look like?

Mine is a little emerald-colored pendant in the vague shape of a butterfly.  You can see a picture of it HERE in Kendra's Hall of Ankulens.

3. Based on what you've heard about the Ankulen, what part of it are you most looking forward to? If you have already read it, what was your favorite part?

I think my favorite part is near the end, when Derek... well, I can't tell you what happens because that would spoil the book for those of you who haven't read it.  :D  But it is a very important scene with Derek.

4. What was your favorite book as a child?

When I was very little, it was The Animals of Buttercup Farm.  From the time I was eight until I was around 14, it was The Black Stallion by Walter Farley.

5. How do you think this book will compare to my previous three books?

It definitely has a different feel to it from the Bookania series.  I think the writing is better than the Bookania books I've read so far, and it is certainly every bit as enjoyable as your other books.

That was fun, Kendra!

Miss Melody Muffin 

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