Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Christmas With the Tittletons – Tag

Kathryn of Hidden Orchards has published her first book!!!!!  It is a historical mystery titled Christmas With the Tittletons and you can buy it HERE.

To celebrate, Kathryn created this tag for other bloggers to fill out.  Thank you, Kendra, for tagging me!!!

The rules:
1.  Please post ALL the rules.
2. Please answer ALL the questions.
3. Comment on this post when you have completed the tag and include a link to your tag post.
4. Tag five other people.
5. Let the people know that you tagged them.
6. Include a link back to this post.

The tag questions:
1.  What is your favorite Historical Mystery book?
I haven't read nearly as many historical mysteries as I would like to, so I think it would have to be The Hound of the Baskervilles.

2.  Would you rather read a Classic or a Mystery?
Umm?  Probably a classic, although I do love a good mystery.

3.  How do you think Christmas at the Tittletons will compare to your favorite Mystery?
I think it will be intriguing reading, and hopefully become a new favorite.

4.  How do you think Christmas at the Tittletons will compare to your favorite Classic?
I think it will be a fun, enjoyable read, but probably not have the 'old' feel of a classic.  I'm definitely looking forward to reading it, especially since I have liked what I've read of Kathryn's writing on her blog.

5.  Do you think you would like to write a Historical Mystery sometime?
Yes, I do.  I actually have a few plot ideas in my idea folder, but it will be many months before I'm ready to write them.

I tag:
1. Katherine Sophia  (if she has time)
2. Lizzy  (if she is interested)
3. Eowyn
4. V. Kathie Ardnek
5. Rachel Heffington

Thanks for the fun tag, Kathryn!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. I love The Hound of the Baskervilles!! It's one of the few books I read for school that I actually liked. lol.

  2. Thanks, Miss Melody! I would love to read a mystery if you ever wrote one!

  3. Treskie,
    :D I read Hound in two days in between work and car trips to town- my family could hardly pull me away from it!

    Thank YOU for the tag!


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