Friday, September 6, 2013

Interview With Jen

My friend Kendra E. Ardnek just published her fourth book yesterday.  It is called The Ankulen and it is a fantastic story.  You can buy the print version HERE and the Kindle version HERE.

In honor of the book's release, Kendra granted me an interview with the book's real author: Jenifer Marie Brown.

Hi Jen!!  Welcome to my blog and thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview.

Do the mermen guards in your imaginary world have names?
Yes, they do!  Now.  I mentioned five of them in The Ankulen: Tryix, Porix, Herman, Denton, and Merlin.

What do mermaids and mermen do for fun?
You know the bubble ball game that the mermaids like to play in Peter Pan? Mine like that game too. They also like exploring caves and mountains and such. Mermaids love to dress up, and Mermen like to practice with their weaponry.

Are there dolphins in the seas of your imagination?
Not at the moment, but I think I'll add some. Thanks for the suggestion!

What colors are the dragons in your imagination?
Any color I felt like making them. They were usually red, but there were some white, black and purple ones in the mix. Now if you want to talk about fancy dragons, my sister, Megan, is the gal to talk to. She's the expert.

What is your least favorite color?
Puke Green. Bleh!

Do you like rain?
When we need it. But if there's too much of it for too long ... it can get ... stifling.

What is your favorite novel?
The Light Princess by George MacDonald. One of the few books that can be funny all the way until nearly the end and the POW! A tear-jerking finale that goes back to being funny. Very well done, very powerful ... if you can get past the songs. It's worst than Tolkien when it comes to unnecessary poetry!

Will you write anymore stories about the adventures that happen in your imagination?
Oh yes, for certain! I'm already working on a short story about one of my childhood adventures (Chris's first contest against Sir Erran), and I have a LARGE supply of more of those. I plan to write a story about Princess Mynna of the Mermaids for NaNo, completely from scratch. This shall be interesting!

I look forward to that story very much, Jen.  Thank you again for stopping by!

Miss Melody Muffin

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