Saturday, September 28, 2013

The In-Between Musical: Dream Cast

This is a musical that has never been performed, but which I really wish they would stage either in the West End or Broadway.  Several months ago, I did a post on my favorite songs from it HERE.  Now, here is who I would like to see cast in the musical- both in a stage version and a movie version.

A link to the site about the musical:

A link to the YouTube page with the concept music and some live performances:

Flick Wimple: Samantha Barks
Samantha is one of my favorite actresses.  I love her portrayal of Eponine and would like to see her take on several other roles, including this one.

Guide Calicus:  Aaron Tveit
He's a TERRIFIC actor.  His Enjolras in Les Mis is... well, it left me speechless.  He'd do a great Guide Calicus.

Alice Wimple: Rachel Tucker
Ally introduced me to this actress in the role of Elphaba.  She and Samantha were on the same talent show that launched Samantha five or six years ago.  I'd love to see them play sisters.

Movie Director: Tom Hooper
Yes, of course you knew I would choose him.  =)

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. This is an EXCELLENT cast! I'd still prefer Hadley Fraser to be in this over Aaron Tveit because I love his version of 'Beyond the Door' so much. But still... AT is amazing if this cast was actually announced I'd be insanely excited! :D

  2. Indigo,
    Thank you! I agree, Hadley would also be very good in the role of Calicus.

    Yes!! I'd be very excited in that case, too!


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