Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why I Love Aida

Once, I was trying to describe to someone what Aida was about and I said, "It is the story of star crossed lovers in a love triangle."  I thought for a moment and said, "Nevermind that, Aida is way more than that."

When I decided to spotlight Aida, I asked myself, "Why do I love this musical so much?  What is it that grabs me and won't let me go?  It doesn't have the same quality of storytelling that Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera or even the Sound of Music has.  So why do I adore it?"

It's true that part of Aida revolves around star crossed lovers in a love triangle.  But that is an extremely lame way of putting it.  Because Aida is so much more than just a story of star crossed lovers or a love triangle.  It is a story of lust for power, of many passions, of various kinds of love, of politics, of patriotism and cultural differences.  Of masters and slaves.  Of conquerors and the conquered.  Of how in the end, love triumphs over all and changes lives forever.

And more than anything else, it is the characters that made me love this musical.  Their interactions, their thoughts, the things said and those left unsaid.  They are what make this story.

I'm going to try to give you my favorite quotes from everyone. Some of these you would have read in the two posts on the plot, but they are so good, I think they bear repeating.  :D  (These are solely dialogue quotes, not any quotes from the songs.  If I included song quotes, this post would never end.)

"Well, I took this soldier from your ranks.  So by your own logic, he belongs to me."

"What that man sees and understands may be etched on a grain of sand."

"To dry my weeping eyes.  Forced to marry a Princess?  Oh, what hardships."

"I deserve this.  And our people deserve a leader who thinks of them.  Not of her own selfish pleasures."

"Excuse me Captain, but I have linen to wash."

"Nubia will never die.  Whether we are enslaved or whether we are far from our native soil, Nubia lives in our hearts." 

"I would never make you.  But, I'm asking you, as my friend."

"No wonder you understood me so well."

"I was wronged.  It should be my decision."

One of my favorite Amneris moments is before the song Like Father, Like Son.  Zoser is explaining to Amneris why the Egyptian armies have conquered and invaded other lands, and Amneris says, "Our Egyptian armies just stormed in and seized power? How oppressive of us."  Zoser mockingly replies, "Perhaps, Princess. But where do you think that beautiful necklace came from?"  Amneris looks thoughtfully at her necklace and removes it, saying quietly, "Suddenly it's not so beautiful."

"They're all women.  They wouldn't last a day underground."

"It was arranged by my father.  It will be un-arranged by me."

"I will do what you ask of me.  But, you must also do something for me.  Go home.  Leave Egypt forever."

"If I have to search for a hundred lifetimes, I will find you again, Aida."

"Yes, oh Chief Minister Zoser, beloved by the gods, the people and himself."

"The day his ship sinks and the royal builders refuse to make him another."

"Okay, so I told one person.  Maybe two.  Princess, your people need to know."

"The Princess.  Your betrothed."

"Me?  Actually, I'm better at providing encouragement from the sidelines."

ZOSER:  (Zoser being the villain, these favorite quotes all illustrate his villainy.  So, I guess they are technically favorite bad quotes?)

"Rhadames, I've spent years working toward this day.  And you are not going to ruin it – for yourself or me!"

"I can't have you neglecting the girl.  Not after all the trouble I've gone to."

"No... that can't happen.  Egypt needs me!!"

Have I bored you all with Aida yet?  What are your favorite quotes from this musical?

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. *scurries off to put the Aida recording on hold at the library*

  2. Ally,
    I'm looking forward to what you think of it!!


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