Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Certain Event


(Yes, it's midnight and way late, but I just didn't get this post done earlier.)

I love this song, and listen to it when I'm feeling discouraged, or when it seems like a rough part of life will never end.  In addition to being encouraging, it always reminds me of a certain hike we took on a church camping trip when I was 12.  It was over a bike trail that had once been a railroad.  There was this tunnel that was 1/4 mile long and just the coolest thing ever.  We hiked through it, and then turned around on the other side and walked back through it (because it was time to go back to camp).  I loved the experience/adventure, and this song always makes me think of that particular tunnel.

Third Day's Tunnel:

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. I remember you telling me about this one! :)

  2. Songs that have meaning to them are the best. They are kind of bitter sweet, bringing up happy/ sad memories.

    To answer your comment.
    I loved Agents of SHIELD. Coulson was so funny in it. When he stabs the one guy with the truth stuff then walks out of the room. I can't wait for episode two, I'm watching them with my mum so have to wait till we're both free.

    I'm eager to see my site too 8-D

    What would your new story be if you do do NaNo?

    Yeah, the romance bit in The Hobbit trailer I wasn't crazy about. I hope it isn't over bearing 8-P I can pretend it didn't happen if it is barely there.
    BC though, as Smaug. I'm going to squeal, I know it 8-D


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