Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Of Songs and Dancing and the County Down


I don't dance, for the most part.  For many reasons, one of which is that I have no one to dance with!  But, this song always makes me want to dance.

Loreena McKennitt was the first one I heard sing it and I think hers is still my favorite version.  (I can't embed it - I don't know why.)

I also like Lyriel's version.  This is the favorite version of my sisters.

My younger siblings, however, prefer this version by The High Kings.

Which is your favorite version?

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. I like the singing and the style of Loreena McKennit's, but I sure like the accent the High King's have!

  2. I like the High Kings version. :) It is very dance-y music.

  3. I LOVE this song. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Can't decide which is my favorite version, the High Kings or the Irish Tenors. :D

  4. I like the High King's the best, they remind me of the Clancy Brothers...
    And then Loreena's
    I'm not wild about the other version though... :D

  5. Alisa,
    Yes, their accent is fun. The younger boys used to HATE Lyriel's version and would run yelling out of the room when we girls played it. Then I played the High Kings' version for them and they loved it so much they went around CONSTANTLY singing it and it grew so annoying, we declared a break from that song for a few weeks.

    I agree!

    Miss Dashwood,
    Oooh, I haven't heard the Irish Tenors' version yet. I shall listen to it tonight.

    Loreena's is too Celtic for my sisters, which is why they prefer Lyriel's version. I listen to all three versions- but not on the same day. Each version fits a different mood of mine, so I listen to whichever fits my mood of that moment. Which is one more reason that song is so cool. :D

  6. What a charming song! But then, I'm a sucker for Irish music. ;-)

    I tried to listen to the Lyriel version, but the background accompaniment--ugh. Too metallic/rock-n-rollish for my taste.

    However, I did like Loreena McKennitt's rendition. Her style is lovely--very light and almost haunting. Very Celtic, indeed. The High Kings' version is lots of fun--definitely dance-able!

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~


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