Thursday, October 31, 2013

Snippets of Story: October 2013

I know this is late at night on the very last day of the month... but I really wanted to do an October Snippets post.

Snippets of Story is a monthly link up hosted by Katie at her blog Whisperings of the Pen.  Head on over and check out all the links for some great stories.

The Three Kyngdoms:

"I could scarcely believe it when she said she had come to train me.  I still wonder...." her voice trailed off.
"What?" Iorwerth prompted.
"Why she came here, instead of me going to the Castle of Valholl, as is traditional."

Llewellyn turned to his sister and they gripped each other's shoulders.  "There is no turning back now," he said quietly.
"Yes.  But we do not wish to turn back?" Seren said it as a question, brown eyes searching her brother's.
"We do not," Llewellyn affirmed, "We will go forward."

Quara ~ The Land Beyond the Sunset:

Ariana gave a short laugh.  "Trouble?  We've been up to our ears in trouble for 3 days.  Pirates, troublesome lords, annoying rumors, the final preparation of the graduating class of squires who will be knighted next week and of course, the arrangements for the two birthdays."

Lieutenant Gillamor regretfully shook his head, "We should very much like to see more of the Palace.  But, my father has sent us on a mission into the town.  I am sorry."
"It's ok," Elsheba assured him, "Everyone has to obey their parents."

Jothadon stopped buckling his belt and looked at her, "What?"
"All I know, is that I heard hurrying steps in the hall and I saw a rider coming fast up the hill to the castle."
Leaving his belt only partly fastened, he yanked on his boots, "Come on!  Let's get to the Entrance Hall."

"Well," Jothadon jumped down from the chair he had been standing on, "I'm going to the kitchens for some cookies.  Anyone else coming?"
"Well, I'm sure not going to allow you to pig out on cookies without getting some," Elsheba swung off her window perch.
"Me either.  You'd get sick," Debarri tilted her head in superiority.
"Huh!  Me get sick just from eating a handful of cookies?" Jothadon wrinkled his nose disdainfully.
"If we aren't there, you will eat lots of handfuls, not just one," Elsheba giggled.

FAMILY story:
"Just get out while you still can.  I cannot tell you what exactly the danger is, for I do not know.  But, know that there is danger.  For you and for those close to you."
"Why do you tell me this?"

Miss Melody Muffin

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