Saturday, November 23, 2013

NaNo 2013: Week Three

Aaand here we are at the end of Week Three!!!

I had a few big breakthroughs this week, and also had my story take a few twists and turns that I did not expect.  It seems to have forgotten that I had an outline and is going down it's own path.  *sigh*  They always do that, don't they?  So far, although I am feeling ready to be done working on this for a while, I'm not bored with it, or sick and tired of it.  So, here's hoping I'll make the last 1, 000 + words tomorrow!!

Although I'll reach the 50, 000 goal pretty soon, the story itself looks like it will run to at least 65, 000 words, maybe more.

My stats for the week:
Word Count At The Beginning of This Week:  37, 283
Total Word Count As Of Now:  53, 353
Final Word Count Goal:  54, 796
Daily Word Count Goal:  2,000 words
Average Daily Word Count:  2, 111
Words Remaining:  1, 443

My favorite snippets:

    "What are the other results?" Miridi asked.  "What kind of poison was it?"
    "Flaesan." Johari said simply.
    The Companions gasped.
    "Blood flower?" Raydah's face was horror stricken.  "There is no antidote for that...." her voice trailed off.

    "Mataro!!!  What are you doing out of the infirmary?!"
    He grinned, his old shy grin, "I'm feeling very well, Luno."
    "I don't recall being informed that you were well enough to be out of the infirmary," Johari put her hands on her hips.
    "Maybe they neglected to tell you?" Jamsu said innocently, "I know it has been pretty busy over there and the doctor isn't there today.  Some nurse probably forgot to send the release order to you.  Careless of them."

As we head into the final week of NaNo, how are all of you doing?

Miss Melody Muffin

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