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For the Writers – again answer these out of what you’ve written this year:

1. How many books did you write this year? (Estimate your overall wordcount for us too!)
One complete book, started work on one, and worked on two others.  In addition to WAY too many new ideas to count.

As for my word count, I have no idea- not even an estimate, because much of my writing was handwriting in notebooks.  I do know I put in over 83,000 words on Oath of Loyalty.  I think I did somewhere in the vicinity of 20,000 words on Three Kyngdoms, and about the same on The Land Beyond the Sunset.  Plus lots of random snippets for various stories, about 5,000 words on a short story... and I can't remember what else....

2. Which was your favourite to write?
Three Kyngdoms

3. Which was the hardest to write?
Oath of Loyalty.  It kept changing the plot on me and I was rather bewildered a few times.

4. Tell us about you favourite Male Character you wrote this year!
Prince Astrophel from the Three Kyngdoms, or Laddi Alejan- head bodyguard to the Crown Princess of Denzli.

5. And how about your favourite Female Character?
Seren, princess of Corbenic and Cambria

6. Can you introduce us to some awesome sidekick(s)?
I don't know about the awesome part, but I am rather fond of Sir Caie from the Three Kyngdoms:

    “Astro, I’m not talking about the fight now,” Caie pulled his boots on.  “I’m talking about the Lady Seren.”
    “What about her?” Astrophel looked confused, “I thought you were talking about the duel.”
    “She’s a beautiful woman!  Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed.  Even you couldn’t be that dense.”
    “Sorry to disappoint you,” Astrophel adjusted the the insignia on his shoulder that proclaimed him a knight.  “I saw a brilliant fighter, nothing more.”
    “If we didn’t have to go at this exact moment so we won’t be late to the ceremony, I would...”
    “Probably punch me,” Astrophel replied cheerfully, his engaging grin lighting his face.  “I consider myself fortunate that we do have a ceremony to attend,” he slipped out of the door before Caie could reply.
    “I guess you can be that dense,” Caie fumed to the now empty room.

And Duke Luke from Quara:

Inside the ballroom, Madelia's son Duke Luke waited impatiently for the Royal Family.  He fidgeted back and forth on his feet, standing against the wall with another page.  His mother caught his eyes and gave him a look that plainly said, "Stop fidgeting."  Scowling, Luke obeyed.  He liked dancing, especially with his best friend Princess Elsheba, but he hated the fancy tunic and pants he had to wear.  Oh, when would the Royal Family come in?

7. Any romances in your writing? Which couple didn't go together as expected?
Yes.  Three Kyngdoms has several romances, but I can't tell you much about them yet.  :D  There will be two future romances in Quara... but I haven't written much about them, yet.  In Oath of Loyalty there was the beginnings of a love triangle between Alejan, Johari and Lord Lirios. 

As for not going together the way I expected, well Alejan fell for Johari a lot faster than I had expected.

8. What's your favourite Pinterest Board for one of your books? Can we see some pics for the book they inspire?
I love the board for a story I hope to write next year.  It's the first in a series and it's titled To See The Stars.  HERE

9. What challenges did you compete in this year? (NaNos? Personal goals? Challenges run by other blogs?) And how did you go?
I completed NaNo!!!!!  I also wrote a short story earlier this year, for a contest, and took second place in my catagory.

10. Show us the full cast in pictures from one of your books.
Sorry, no can do.  Partly because they aren't all cast, and partly because of copyright issues with the actors' pics.

11. Epic quote(s) you wrote?
How on earth does one go about deciding one's own writing is epic?  I particularly like this quote:

'Diplomats are the Achilles tendon of a nation.'  Oath of Loyalty

12. Last word from your manuscript(s)! Go!
Asleep ~ Oath of Loyalty

13. First sentences from your manuscript(s)!
"Did you hear the news?" Adetia Torrenth called out as Johari Landison entered her group study room at Shatrah College on a warm Tuesday morning in early September.

14. Show us your favourite funny scene!
Hmmm, I don't write a lot of funny scenes....

    "And these are our new shoes," Jani and Jili brought out the high heeled shoes that coordinated with their gowns.
    "Ugh, shoes." Jyder growled.  "I'm through with shoes for a thousand years."
    "You mean shoe shopping, silly?" Jaci rolled her eyes.  "If you are through with shoes, then why are you wearing any right now?"
    "Huh, you know what I meant." Jyder glared at her.
 Oath of Loyalty

15. Show us a snippet of dialogue you're proud of.
Ummmm, I can't really share any of the ones I'm particularly proud of because of spoilers....  :D  So, this one will have to do.  Again, it is from Oath of Loyalty.

    "That was exhausting." Jaris dropped down on a sofa in the living room.  They were back in the Blue Wing and the aircars were being unloaded by guards.
    "You can say that again," Jyder groaned, falling onto a different sofa.
    "Why don't you two change?" Jemi suggested, on her way through the living room to the bedrooms.  "You'll be more comfortable."
    "Good idea," Jaris stood up.  "Come on, Jy."
    "Nah.  I'm too tired to move."
    Jaris reached down and yanked him to his feet, "March."  He pushed him along the hall to the bedroom the four boys were sharing while Jyder grumbled good-naturedly about bossy older brothers.

16. Tell us about some funny typos or writer-bloopers you've had this year!
There weren't any funny ones, really.  Mostly just me typing at insane speeds and then having to heavily edit the typos later.

17. What has writing taught you about yourself this year?
That I'm still very under confident when it comes to my own writing.

18. Best piece of writing advice you learnt this year?
Stop stressing over the first drafts!!!

First drafts are for finding out what your novel or story is about.  Bernard Malamud

First drafts don't have to be perfect.  They just have to be written.  Unknown

19. Anything big on the horizons for next year? Plans to query? Publish? Edit?
Write a lot more!!! 

Finish editing Oath of Loyalty.
Finish writing the first drafts of The Land Beyond the Sunset and the first book in the Three Kyngdoms series. 
Write the first draft of To See The Stars and possibly the first book in my Gemini series. 

I don't think I'll be publishing anything next year- although you never know!

20. Tell us a bit about a book you're super excited to write in 2014!
To See The Stars- I CANNOT WAIT TO WRITE THIS.  I don't have a synopsis for it yet, but it is set in the future, in another galaxy and basically, it is about a bunch of orphans at a college who band together to form a family... and defeat the villains of course!  Shakespeare's Henry V and Julius Caesar are some of the things inspiring me....

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. That's a good scene about the shoes!!!! I like the one about Jarie and Jyder.

    Amen to the stressing over first drafts!!!!

    YES YES YES PLEASE PLEASE I want to read the first Gemini book!!!!!!!

  2. Love Astrophel and Caie! Can't wait to read that book.
    Good Ol' Duke Luke! :)
    'Diplomats are the Achilles tendon of a nation' Good one.
    LOVE Jyder and Jaci!!
    Yep bossy older brothers. And don't forget the sisters :)
    Can't wait to read your upcoming stories especially The Three Kyngdoms


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