Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tags Part Two: Elevens!!!!

I feel horribly ashamed right now.  I have wonderful friends on Blogger who were kind enough to tag me months ago and my answer posts kept getting pushed further and further down.

To all of those wonderful friends, I say, Thank you very much for tagging me and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to answer!!!

Because these are both elevensies tags, I'm going to do one set of random facts, answer all the questions, and at the end, tag one set of eleven people.

Random facts:
1. I had a new story series idea come to me last week and I've been developing it.  (I'll do a post on it sometime this month so I can properly introduce you to it.)
2. I've been reveling in oodles of pictures of East Indian saris as part of costume research for the aforementioned story.
3. I adore big cats.
4. Lions are my favorite, tigers are my second favorite.  Then, in order of preference, I like Snow Leopards, Panthers, Leopards and Jaguars.
5. We had about two inches of snow fall here today.
6. I'm absolutely loving a Civil War series I'm currently reading written by Joseph Altsheler.
7. Pinterest is one of the best inventions of the 21st century.  It has helped me enormously with my stories.
8. I really am not good at coming up with all kinds of random facts about myself.  :D
9. Blueberries are my absolute favorite berry.
10. I've been listening to Let It Go from Disney's Frozen over and over the last two weeks- both the English version and the Korean version.
11. I've been loading my new Kindle with dozens and dozens of books that I am very much looking forward to reading this year.

Amy Dashwood tagged me in October 2012.

1. Who's your least favorite literary heroine?
Elsie Dinsmore.  She's such a namby-pamby perfect person.

2. Did you read the American Girl books when you were younger?  Which series was your favorite?  Which book?
Yes, I did and enjoyed them.  Felicity was my favorite followed closely by Josefina.  My favorite Felicity book was Felicity Saves The Day and my favorite Josefina book- it was a toss-up between Josefina Saves The Day and Changes for Josefina.

3. You're having a friend over who has never seen a single period drama in her life.  Which one do you choose for her indoctrination?
North and South.  It has enough drama and excitement to hook a person's interest (as well as all the other best things about period dramas), without being as long as P&P 95.

4. Raspberries or strawberries?  Why?
Hard choice!!  I think I'll go with raspberries because if you've never had sun-warmed red reaspberries fresh off the bush- you're missing out on something wonderful.  For a few years when I was younger, we lived in this old farmhouse that had a red raspberry patch and my siblings and I avidly pilfered it whenever we had the chance.

5. What's your favorite cartoon movie?
Uuhhhhhh, I don't watch cartoon movies.  Although, I have watched some episodes of the old Tintin series – the one from the early 90's and I enjoyed that.

6. Who is your favorite singer?
Cracky!  A hard choice!!  Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess are my favorite musical singers.  Chris Tomlin is one of my favorite Contemporary Christian artists.  Korean singers... ok, ok, I won't go there.  :D

7. When do you start listening to Christmas music?
Preferably in October.

8. Which was the best birthday of your life so far and why?
Hmmmm... my 17th.  It was the birthday I received my horse.

9. Why did Mr. Gibson marry Hyacinth Horror Kirkpatrick?  Explain your answer in 200 words or less and don't forget footnotes.  If you haven't read/seen Wives and Daughters, write a two-paragraph essay on why lobsters don't wear socks.
Because he wasn't very clear-sighted and was taken in by a pretty face and artful manners.  As Miss Cornelia would say, "Just like a man!"

10. Who would you rather have tea with, Miss Bates or Mrs. Bennet?
Miss Bates.  Tea with Mrs. Bennet and I would be a disaster.  I'd probably end up stark raving mad.

11. What is the ugliest/most unflattering dress or outfit you've ever seen on a period drama? How would you have dressed the character who was so unfortunate as to wear it?
I can't think of one off the top (or bottom) of my head!!!!  (Just watch, in a day or two after I post this, then a dress and answer to this question will come to me.  The perverseness of my brain somedays....)

And Jessa Bri tagged me in November 2012:

1. What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas or Thanksgiving.

2. Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
Hard question!  Cold weather, I think.  You can always put more clothes/blankets on when you are cold, or curl up in front of the fire, but in the summer... yeah, the heat really gets to me somedays.

3. Which country would you like to visit?
ALL THE COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD!!!!  Not quite, but I do have a ginormous list of places I want to visit.  At the top of my list right now is either South Korea or Italy.

4. Vanilla or chocolate?
Vanilla.  Every time.

5. Describe the perfect ice cream sundae.
Vanilla ice cream, topped with butterscotch sauce, maple sauce and caramel sauce, whipped cream, chopped macadamia nuts, and fresh blueberries on the top.

6. Would you rather attend a ball, eat something very unusual, solve a mystery that puzzles even Sherlock Holmes, or break the world record of the most books read in one year?
Well, I'd love to be able to read however many books it would take to break the world's record, but I think I would prefer to solve a mystery that baffles even Sherlock Holmes.  That would be fantastic.

7. Breakfast or just coffee?
I'm not a fan of coffee, so breakfast.

8. What is your favorite era in history?
It is a tie between the Empire/Regency era and the Tudor era in England.

9. Do you have any kind of accent when you speak?
Yes, a Midwestern accent.  I can also imitate a few other types of accent.

10. Is it soda or pop?

11. Name 11 of your hobbies.
Writing, reading, watching period dramas, crochet, knitting, tatting, riding horses, watching kdramas and kpop, inventing elaborate costumes, more writing, more reading.  :D

1. If you are tagged/nominated, you must post eleven facts about yourself.
2. Then, you must answer the eleven questions the tagger has given you and make eleven questions for the people you are going to tag.
3. Next, tag eleven more bloggers.
4. Tell the people you tagged that you have tagged them.
5. No tagging back.

My questions for my tagees:
1. What is your attitude toward reptiles?
2. Do you know what a Mumakil is?
3. How many state capitals have you been in?
4. Have you read Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe?
5. Have you read Jane Austen's Lady Susan?
6. What is your favorite rendition of Amazing Grace?
7. Do you listen to country music?
8. Would you rather have a squirrel or a rabbit for a pet?
9. What is your favorite big cat?
10. Do you prefer your hair long or short?
11. What is your favorite color of rose?

I tag:
Katherine Sophia
Jessica Greyson
Amy (I know one of today's tags was from her- but since the other one wasn't- I'm not technically tagging back.)

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. These things are so much fun--not only to do (thanks!), but to read, too. What a fun way to find out about people!

    QUOTE: "...I have watched some episodes of the old Tintin series – the one from the early 90's and I enjoyed that."
    Cool! Bro and I used to watch that show all the time growing up. :-)

    Thanks for tagging me, lass; I'll go see about answering your questions...and then I should finish my reply to your e-mail. ;-)

    God bless,

  2. Thanks for the awesome tag, Melody! I'm working on my answers and they should be up today!! :-D

    ~ Vicki

  3. This is always a fun tag. (And you're not alone. I do tags like you. I am passed one and it takes me forever to do.)


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