Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ransom Jack!!!!!!!

Dear fellow writers,

I have just received news of an alarming nature.  My good friend Miss Jack Lewis Baillot has been kidnapped, locked up and is being held for ransom by her characters!!!!  She is due to leave for a holiday on the 14th of March, but if the ransom does not reach her characters in time, she will stay locked up.  That means no holiday for her, and no more Jack in blogland!!  I'm sure everyone who knows Jack agrees that this is a dreadful calamity. 

Fortunately for her and us, the ransom has been set.  The characters have decided that the ransom is to be short stories.  Write a short story and send it to them.  If they receive enough stories by March 12th, they will release Jack.  The kidnappers are not picky.  The entries do not have to be a certain length, or about a certain subject or genre.

The kidnappers will read the stories and choose a winner.  The winner will receive a signed copy of Jack's newest book, Abolished Impracticality.

Send the entries in to the kidnappers at  For more information, visit THIS POST.

Fellow writers, it is our duty to join forces to free Jack!!!!!

Miss Melody Muffin

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