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Snippets of Story: March 2014

Behold... snippets from what I wrote during the month of February.  Snippets of Story is hosted by Katie at Whisperings of the Pen.  Go HERE to join in this month's link-up.

    “For the crimes of murder, treason against the Crown, rebellion against the Crown, kidnapping and holding of innocent persons, and embezzlement of public funds, Itimburi Vypoor is hereby sentenced to life in prison.”
    Itimburi was led away by his escort, but not before Johari had seen a dark, malevolent look directed at her mother.
Pearl of Loyalty (working title)

    “You’ve never been in love, Jori.  Don’t you think your view might change if and when you do fall in love?” Jaris leaned back in his chair.
    “Not really,” she shook her head.  “Love is loyalty, Jaris.  If someone is not loyal to you, how can they say they love you?  And if they don’t love you or display loyalty to you, then how can you trust them?  And if you can’t trust them, then how can you love them?  It doesn’t make sense.”
    “Search me,” he shrugged.  “Like I said, I’ve never been in love either.”
Pearl of Loyalty (working title)

    “How did you come by this?”
    “You gave it to me.  The last day you sat with me before I left the court.  I’ve kept it always, to remember you by; the lonely girl who made time to sit with me and read to me and beguile my weary hours of wounded confinement.  I have never forgotten that.  Besides, you are the only person I’ve ever heard use the word ‘aubergine’.”
Ebony and Aubergine

    “It will not be difficult to continue our already wifty facade.” Iskandar said, looking out over the window.
    “Ayi, that is the easy part,” Faris said.  “It is still in fashion, though not as popular as we could wish.”
    “We’ll change that,” Iskandar winked at his friend.
Ebony and Aubergine

    “Well, it seems I must now regard you as a rival,” Faris eyed Aqil warily.
    “No, it is not that way.  I am no rival to you, Faris.”
    “I see,” the young man raised his eyebrows, clearly even more curious about their relationship.
    “Who is this Bahadur?” Hasan asked, “Her lover?”
    “Brother,” Aqil and Faris said at the same time.
Ebony and Aubergine

    “Ayi, I won’t injure my own chances with her either,” Shahnaz said.
    “Then it falls to me,” Aqil, heretofore silent, said.
    “You know her?” Hasan exclaimed in surprise.  Aqil was the most recent addition to their group.  He had become a close friend of Iskandar’s overseas and now was visiting him in Cathenir for a long spell.
    The others waited, eyeing Aqil with interest.
    “Oh, yes.  I met her years ago in Manchongtar, during one of her visits to the court there.  It’s been two or three years since I saw her, but I hear of her often through my contacts at the court.”
    “Do you think she’ll remember you, my dear fellow?” Faris raised his eyebrows skeptically.  “That woman has had more men at her feet than actual royalty have.”
    Aqil tilted his head, a quiet smile on his lips, “Not much longer and we’ll know.”
    Shahnaz, Hasan and Faris exchanged glances and hidden grins that plainly said, “She won’t remember him.”
Ebony and Aubergine

    “Think about it,” she said.  “Most people only quote the ‘Et tu Brute’ part, and leave out the three words that follow it, ‘Then fall Caesar.’  That was the moment he gave up.  Not only do those words speak of the betrayal of a friend, they also speak of the despair that then resulted.”
    “My friend has joined them, what is there for me to live for,” Rajan said quietly, his eyes lit with the thoughts her words had sparked.
    “Precisely,” she replied.
To See The Stars

Miss Melody Muffin



  2. For once I want to read all the books you have posted snippets from!!! That is something isn't it?? =)

  3. oooh, these are lovely. :)

    That second Pearl of Loyalty excerpt - love it all.

    And...everything from Ebony and Aubergine. Seriously. I'm intrigued by everyone. XD

    Aaaand quoting from Julius Caesar and a title with Stars in it...

    I realllllllly like all of these. XD

  4. Can't wait to read Pearl of Loyalty and Ebony and Aubergine!!!!

  5. I did Snippets of a Story once before. I like the second quote.

  6. Elfie,
    :D :D :D Thanks.

    Wow- that IS something!

    Katherine Sophia,
    Thank you!!!

    I'm hurrying as fast as I can! :D

    Abigail Gwyn,
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