Saturday, June 28, 2014

June Crusade Plot Bunny #8: Rebel Song

This story was inspired by watching Doctor Who's River Song, the rebel leaders in kdrama Bridal Mask and exchanging pins and videos of a certain kpop group with Jessica.  It is one of my top favorites out of the eight plot bunnies I've done this month and I'm eagerly looking forward to writing it.

Rebel Song

    A Princess in exile.  A King dethroned, possibly dead.  A land ruled by a ruthless Lord Protector.  Rebel leaders in hiding.  A people crushed, longing for freedom.
    A score of boys will rise and use music to inflame the hearts of the people and keep the rebellion alive.  And through music the signal for the beginning of the end will come at last.

    It is a beautiful day to be alive, the redheaded woman leaned casually against a tree to the side of the main crowd, looking up at the stage with a pretend expression of fangirl adoration. It was early summer and the feathery soft rain turned the warm air to shimmering silver. 
    On the raised stage, ten voices rose in perfect harmony, ten faces lifted to the heavens as the rain misted their faces, already glistening with sweat.  Ten young men idolized by the screaming, cheering crowd gathered below them.
    The song, an old ballad, ended and the singers bowed.  The leader, broad shouldered Eagle, made a short speech to the crowd, thanking them for braving the rain and coming out to see them.
    Guarded by their sturdy bodyguards, the FlyHy1 group made its way down off the stage.  Fans thronged either side of the walkway and the FlyHy1 boys leaned past their security to shake a few hands.  One of the hands Hawk shook was the hand of the red-head from the tree.  He smiled kindly on her, as he had on everyone else who had shaken hands with him, and slid the bracelet she gifted him onto his wrist.
    The red-head watched as FlyHy1 left.  The slightest smirk tugged at the corners of her mouth.  They had the message.

    Once inside the carriage, Hawk slid the bracelet into his pocket.  He said nothing until they were back at the house they all shared.  He whispered a word in Eagle’s ear as the boys gathered for dinner.
    Eagle said nothing until after dinner.  He sat down before the piano and began playing a haunting melody.  One by one the other boys left the room, and at last, Eagle stood up and left too, walking calmly and slowly to the observation tower at the very top of the house.  He closed the door firmly, locked it, and looked at Hawk.
    “All clear,” he confirmed.
    “So, who gave the message?” Peregrine asked.
    Hawk pulled the bracelet from his pocket and handed it to Eagle, “Bluebird.”
    “She was there?” Magpie looked surprised and disappointed.  “I didn’t see her.”
    “Me either,” Flamingo sounded equally disappointed.  All the boys were no end of curious about their rebel contact and hated to miss a chance of seeing her.
    “She was a red-head this time,” Hawk said absently, watching Eagle pull a piece of paper from one of the links in the bracelet.
    Eagle read it quickly, then handed it to Hawk, who also read it and passed it on around the circle.
    “Is this bad news or good?” Flamingo frowned as he passed it on to Raven.
    “I don’t know,” Eagle shook his head.  “And I’m not sure she does either.”
    “Good or bad, our task is clear, isn’t it?” Hawk’s eyes were glued to his leader’s figure.
    Eagle turned from the window where he had been staring out at the city, now dark gray with the rain sheeting down.
    “It is.  We spread the word.  Which means we have song lyrics to adjust and excuses to invent, so let’s get busy.”

This is my last plot bunny for the June Crusade.  I enjoyed it immensely and want to thank Anne-girl and Wilbur for hosting it, and all of you who read and commented on my plot bunnies.  I have no idea when I will actually begin writing any of these, but I will keep you posted when I do start.

Miss Melody Muffin

Friday, June 27, 2014

Five Glass Slippers Blog Tour: Clara Diane Thompson

Today is the final day of interviews for the Five Glass Slippers Blog tour!  Tomorrow the winner of the giveaway will be announced at Amber's blog: Seasons of Humility.

The Cinderella for today is Clara Diane Thompson.  Welcome, Clara!

You’ve posted on your blog about your love of quotes.  Are there any quotes that particularly inspired or influenced The Moon Master’s Ball?
“Dance me into the night underneath the moon shining so bright, turning me into the night...” 
~Dark Waltz

That is a quote from a very beautiful song, and although I can’t say that I was thinking of it when I wrote my story, it definitely goes with the feel of it. Dark Waltz has a haunting melody that is both whimsical and chilling, and leaves you feeling like there is some sort of mystery to that song. The lyrics are very beautiful, as is the tune, and I hope you will listen to it at some point! Hayley Westenra sings my favorite rendition of the song. Thank you for including me on your lovely blog, today, Melody!

After her terrifying experience there several years ago, the one place young housemaid Tilly longs to avoid is Bromley’s Circus. But when kindly Lord Hollingberry begs her to deliver a message to the mysterious Moon Master hidden away among the circus dwellers, Tilly can’t refuse . . . and finds herself ensnared in a web of enchantment cast by the loathsome Mrs. Carlisle and her beautiful goddaughter.

About Clara Diane Thompson:
Clara Diane Thompson lives in the swamps of Louisiana with her loving family, dashing dog, and a very confused frog that resides in the birdhouse outside her window. Aside from writing she enjoys playing guitar, singing, Broadway plays (particularly The Phantom of the Opera), ballet, tea with friends, and long BBC movies. An enchanted circus may or may not appear occasionally in her back yard.

You can find out more about Clara and her writing on her blog: To Find a Castle.


What happens when Cinderella is so painfully shy that she cannot bear the idea of attending the royal ball? Or when the slipper fits . . . but on the wrong girl? What happens when Cinderella is determined to oust an imposter prince from her rightful throne? Or when she is a cendrillon miner working from a space station orbiting a cthonian planet? What happens when Cinderella, a humble housemaid, is sent with a message for a prisoner trapped in a frightening fairy circus?

Here is Cinderella as you have never met her before, wearing glass slippers and off on unforgettable adventures!

The Five Glass Slippers collection will be on sale for only $.99 in Kindle format for the duration of the blog tour (June 23-28)!

Here’s your chance to be Cinderella of the ball! One lucky winner will receive a paperback copy of Five Glass Slippers, several Cinderella-themed items (including a bookmark crafted by Belle on a Budget, a journal, and a DVD copy of the Disney movie), as well as special gifts handpicked by a few of the collection’s authors (a glass slipper cookie cutter with recipe, freeze-dried astronaut ice cream, and an Apple Tree Inn cup and saucer). This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only. Click on the picture to go to the giveaway page.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

June Crusade Plot Bunny #7: Their Time to Fly

I've always loved reading about the Pony Express.  Dragons are another long time fascination of mine.  So, when I needed a way to quickly communicate between continents in a pseudo-medieval world, two of my favorite things met.  I think there will eventually be several Quivira dragonrider stories, because I like writing about them so much.

Their Time to Fly

Before flight, you must lay a foundation.   Before flight, you must learn how to fly.

    Great dragons in every color of the rainbow are the lifeline of the continents of Quivira, for it is they that carry the mail from country to country and across the oceans.
    On the continent of Sirocco, the dragons are bred, nurtured, raised, and trained.  Trained, too, are the riders whose job it is to be one with their dragons, to guide them and to be the commanders of  the flight.
    Wing Sapphire Seven has been training as dragonriders for two years but has yet to take its first flight.  Eight young men and women who train day after day are still told they are not ready yet, there are more drills for them to complete, more time on the ground, more training. They are growing restless and their instructor watches them carefully, anxiously, hoping they will trust him and wait for their turn to fly... and most importantly, not ruin everything with their impatience.

    “Reporting for assignment, sir!” eight voices snapped the words out with almost military precision.
    Senior Instructor Denous surveyed them through narrowed eyes.  He brought his hands together in a sharp clap.  “You have passed the Fourth Phase.  Today you will enter the Fifth Phase, Dancing.”
    “Dancing?!” disbelief was evident in every one of the faces of Wing Sapphire Seven.
    “Dancing,” Denous replied firmly.
    “What does dancin’ have to do with dragonridin’?” Indy asked for all of them.
    “And just how do you dance with a dragon?” Wyatt added drily.
    “That, my young riders, is what you will be learning.  As to what dancing and dragonriding have in common, dancing will refine your movements and coordination, so when you ride your dragon, you two will truly be as one.”
    The riders in training looked at each other in exasperation, but knew better than to say anything.
    Denous knew what they were thinking and grinned to himself.  “Cheer up,” he told them, “This is the last Phase before flying.”  With a final glance over them he nodded a curt dismissal.

    “The last phase,” Wyatt grumbled as the riders walked to the dining hall for breakfast.  “After how long now?”
    “About time, I say,” Laska, one of the two girls in the wing, kicked the sand.
    “Yeah, but how long’s this phase gonna take?” Indy wrinkled his face disgustedly.
    “Think of it positively,” Mantan was the natural leader of the group due to his age and even temper.  “It’s the last step before finally learning to fly.  Only this step and then the skies!”
    “Leave it to you to find something cheerful about this,” Wyatt growled at him.
    “He’s right though,” Rado spoke.  “It is the last step before flight, so we should be happy.”
    “Yeah, when you put it that way, it is a more cheerful thought,” Xico agreed.
    “I s’pose you two agree with him, too?” Wyatt asked the two quiet members, Oriana and Nahuel.
    Both shrugged, expressing neither agreement nor disagreement.
    Wyatt slapped his hand against his leg in frustration.  “I just keep wondering how much longer until they allow us to fly?  The dragons already fly, why can’t we?”
    No one had an answer for him.

For more information about the June Crusade, visit Anne's blog.

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June Crusade Plot Bunny #6: The Stand of the Seven

Introducing the Quan, peacekeeping warriors trained in the mountains and sent all over Quivira to keep peace, judge disputes, restore the balance of power and more....

The Stand of the Seven

    Eight years ago the seven sons of Augustus Capeci fled their homeland, haunted by the guilt of not having been able to save their father, their farm or their village.  Now Quan Knights, they are sent on a mission, all seven of them together, to rid their homeland of bandits... the same bandits they failed to stop before.
    Burning to wipe out the memory of their former defeat, they eagerly travel to Vesuvia.  But once there, the memories of guilt resurface and feelings of revenge creep in.  They must fight not only  the bandits, but also
    Sometimes peace must be fought for, but it must be with justice and mercy.

    The hour of sunset approached, tinting the mountain peaks orange, pink, red and purple.  Out on the Teardrop cliff the Quan gathered.  Along one side, the Pages and their Caretakers; facing them, the Templars and their Squires; and along the third side, facing the mountain, the Knights stood.
    In the front row of Knights, five tall men stood shoulder to shoulder, eyes intent on the door of the tunnel that led to the cliff.
    The Paladins filed out with stately step and stood in a semi-circle with their backs to the mountain, leaving an open space between them and the other Quan.
    Four cloaked and hooded figures issued from the tunnel and into the open space.  They bowed to the Paladins.  Two moved off to one side and the other two uncloaked, revealing Templar Nabar and Squire Fileno.
    The oldest Paladin, Kellian Dragor, spoke solemnly, “Dost thou,  Nabar, Templar of the Quan, affirm that this thy Squire hath faithfully and truly passed through all his trials and is worthy to be given the honor of knighthood?”
    “I do so affirm,” Templar Nabar’s voice was firm and confident.
    “Then do thy final mentor duty.”
    The Templar turned to his Squire, who knelt on one knee.
    “Squire Fileno.  As thy Templar I do hereby avow that thou has been faithful and true in thy training and has passed each test and every trial set before thee.  Whereof, on this day, I do declare thy Squirehood over.  I hereby knight thee, Sir Fileno.  Arise, Sir Knight and take thy place among the ranks of the Knights of the Quan."
    The young man stood, bowed to the Templar, the Paladins and then to the other Quan.  A thunderous applause greeted the newest Knight.    The ceremony was repeated with the other two, Templar Gilamu and Squire Benci.
    Paladin Kellian pronounced the final blessing, “Pax et justitia,” the signal that the ceremony was at an end.
    Hardly had the words left his mouth when the two new Knights were grabbed in bone-crushing hugs by the five Knights from the front row.
    Zorzi Capeci beamed proudly at his two youngest brothers and then at the other four brothers.  “Now are we all Knights and a right joyous day it is, indeed.”

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Five Glass Slippers Blog Tour: Rachel Heffington

It's the third day of the Five Glass Slippers blog tour and I hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am.

Today's Cinderella is Rachel Heffington.  Welcome to The Splendor Falls on Castle Walls, Rachel!

I read a snippet of The Windy Side of Care on Anne Elisabeth’s blog and I felt a very British vibe from the writing. I know you enjoy P.G. Wodehouse and BBC dramas. Did either of these (or both) directly influence your tale?

Melody, I would have to say that Britain in general has influenced my writing much. From my earliest childhood, I've preferred things British and most of my reading has been British in character or origin. So the answer to whether Wodehouse & BBC influenced directly The Windy Side of Care would be sort-of. I chose to set my story in a glorified version of England-France … the non-specified “realms and lands” of fairy-tales have always charmed me.

Alisandra is determined to have her rights. She knows that she is the king’s secretly dispossessed daughter, the true heir to the throne. Prince Auguste is an imposter, and if she plays her cards right, Alis will prove it to the world! That is, if charming Auguste doesn’t succeed in winning her heart before she gets her chance . . .

About Rachel Heffington:
Rachel Heffington is a Christian, a novelist, and a people-lover. Outside of the realm of words, Rachel enjoys the Arts, traveling, mucking about in the kitchen, listening for accents, and making people laugh. She dwells in rural Virginia with her boisterous family and her black cat, Cricket.

In February 2014, Rachel released her debut novel, Fly Away Home, and is excited to collaborate on Five Glass Slippers with her fellow authoresses. She hopes to release her second full-length novel and first mystery (Anon, Sir, Anon) in autumn 2014. For more on Rachel, her current projects, and writing in general, visit her on her blog:


What happens when Cinderella is so painfully shy that she cannot bear the idea of attending the royal ball? Or when the slipper fits . . . but on the wrong girl? What happens when Cinderella is determined to oust an imposter prince from her rightful throne? Or when she is a cendrillon miner working from a space station orbiting a cthonian planet? What happens when Cinderella, a humble housemaid, is sent with a message for a prisoner trapped in a frightening fairy circus?

Here is Cinderella as you have never met her before, wearing glass slippers and off on unforgettable adventures!

The Five Glass Slippers collection will be on sale for only $.99 in Kindle format for the duration of the blog tour (June 23-28)!

Here’s your chance to be Cinderella of the ball! One lucky winner will receive a paperback copy of Five Glass Slippers, several Cinderella-themed items (including a bookmark crafted by Belle on a Budget, a journal, and a DVD copy of the Disney movie), as well as special gifts handpicked by a few of the collection’s authors (a glass slipper cookie cutter with recipe, freeze-dried astronaut ice cream, and an Apple Tree Inn cup and saucer). This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.  Click on the picture to go to the giveaway page.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June Crusade Plot Bunny #5: The Picaroons

This started out years ago as a story for my siblings.  Several months ago, while sorting through desk drawers, I dusted it off and looked it over, figuring out that it would fit perfectly into Quivira.  I had started a first scene, but it was rubbish, so what you see here is completely new, with many things changed.  This story will be child-appropriate.

When I do set out to write this, I will need to some research on sailing vessels.  While writing this scene, I discovered how little I actually know about ships and sailing.  :)

I'm not particularly happy with this first scene, but that's what second drafts are for, right?

The Picaroons

Pirates... who are children?!

    When the plague sweeps through the bustling seaport of Naelorre, it steals lives of all ages, young and old.  Left orphans and heirs to their parents' shipping company, the Percy and Quincy children decide the best thing they can do is carry on their parents’ legacy.
    Giles Percy recruits several boys off the streets to round out his crew, boys whose families also fell victim to the plague.  With his siblings and the Quincy children also aboard, the
Silver Queen embarks.
    The crew of the
Silver Queen discovers that life on the high seas is not always the wonderful adventure it has been painted.  After experiencing the loss of three friendly ships by the notorious Water Moccasin pirates, Giles and his sister Nathalie decide they won’t merely run the shipping company... they will be pirates on the side.
    There’s a catch though... they aren’t going to be your typical pirates.  No sir, they will bring back the glorious days of the Golden Age of Piracy... when not all pirates were bad.

    Quietly the young people darted from shadow to shadow.  Nathalie, ahead with her charges Marise and Melina, and Giles following with Alain and Claude.  They reached the wharf and crept to the fourth warehouse, the one that had belonged to their father and was now theirs.  A moment later their cousins joined them.
    Silently the nine of them waited, pressed up against the wall of the warehouse.  It seemed an interminable time but was actually less than ten minutes before the group of five Quincys came slipping through the dark to join them.
    With a motion of his hand, Giles directed the others to wait.  He, Walter and Theodore went forward to the ship.  A few quiet words and the watchers on deck lowered the gangplank as quietly as possible.
    “All clear,” Walter crossed to the others waiting and motioned them forward.  Hardly daring to breathe, they slowly sneaked across the docks and up the gangplank, hurrying into the shadows on board the Silver Queen.  Giles waited at the top of the gangplank and counted each person as they came on board, while Theodore and Walter waited at the bottom, making sure everyone was aboard before coming up themselves.
    “Assemble,” Giles called, his voice low but charged with excitement.  He looked over them, double and triple checking to make sure he had everyone.  “It’s time, my brave comrades.  Time for us to slip the moorings of our old world and find a new world to call our own.”
    Each person facing him lifted their right arms in salute.
    Eyes gleaming in the dark, Giles climbed to the quarterdeck followed by his First and Second Mates.  He clipped out soft commands to cast off, which were just as quietly relayed to the other boys by Theodore and Walter.
    The tide was going out and it carried the ship out into the harbor as the sails were unfurled and filled with the stiff breeze.
    Nathalie led the other girls up to the quarterdeck.  They stood at the railing, watching the receding docks and she stood by her brother, facing out to sea.  Giles’ gripped her shoulder, his other hand on Theodore’s shoulder where he stood at Giles’ left side.  Nathalie glanced sideways at him.  Her brother was speechless with excitement and anticipation.
    She smiled behind his back at Theodore, murmuring, “And so, we sail the ocean blue.”

To join in the June Crusade, visit Anne's blog.

Miss Melody Muffin

Monday, June 23, 2014

Five Glass Slippers Blog Tour: Elisabeth Brown

Today is the grand kick-off of the Five Glass Slippers Blog Tour hosted by Amber Stokes of Seasons of Humility.

Today's Cinderella is Elisabeth Brown.  Welcome, Elisabeth!

I saw from your blog that you like sesquipedalian words (so do I).  Did you use any such words in What Eyes Can See?

Hurrah for a fellow sesquipedalian! I don’t remember consciously using any such words, but that’s the thing: normally I’m totally oblivious to the fact that I’m using abnormally gargantuan terminology until my thoughtfully loving friends point it out to me. After reading boatloads of Dickens and Bronte and such, I sort of assume everyone uses the same jargon as I do. So I guess someone else will have to tell me if I employed any of my voluminously variegated vocabulary or not! Fun fact: I have terrible pronunciation, and can only correctly pronounce 87% of my entire vocabulary. “Indefatigable” tripped me up for the longest time.

Painfully shy Arella begs her stepmother to let her stay home from the prince’s ball. But kindly Duchess Germaine is determined that her beautiful stepdaughter should be presented at court along with her own two daughters. So, dressed in a gorgeous gown and a pair of heirloom slippers, Arella catches the eye of the crown prince . . . and finds her life suddenly far more complicated than she ever desired.

About Elisabeth Brown:
Elisabeth Brown has always loved words. The third of seven children, she enjoyed being homeschooled through her senior year of high school, and is now studying piano performance at Appalachian Bible College. When she’s ignoring the fact that she should probably be practicing more or doing Greek homework, you’ll find her sewing, baking, reading, singing along to basically any musical ever created, hiking through the woods, or laughing at incredibly silly puns.

What Eyes Can See is her first published story, but she also rambles at


What happens when Cinderella is so painfully shy that she cannot bear the idea of attending the royal ball? Or when the slipper fits . . . but on the wrong girl? What happens when Cinderella is determined to oust an imposter prince from her rightful throne? Or when she is a cendrillon miner working from a space station orbiting a cthonian planet? What happens when Cinderella, a humble housemaid, is sent with a message for a prisoner trapped in a frightening fairy circus?

Here is Cinderella as you have never met her before, wearing glass slippers and off on unforgettable adventures!

The Five Glass Slippers collection will be on sale for only $.99 in Kindle format for the duration of the blog tour (June 23-28)!

Here’s your chance to be Cinderella of the ball! One lucky winner will receive a paperback copy of Five Glass Slippers, several Cinderella-themed items (including a bookmark crafted by Belle on a Budget, a journal, and a DVD copy of the Disney movie), as well as special gifts handpicked by a few of the collection’s authors (a glass slipper cookie cutter with recipe, freeze-dried astronaut ice cream, and an Apple Tree Inn cup and saucer). This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

June Crusade Plot Bunny #4: Son of Atlantus

My fourth plot bunny for the June Crusade.  I decided that all of my plot bunnies this month will be from the world of Quivira.  I had a few others I thought about posting, but I'll save those for another time.

Son of Atlantus

    What do you do when you are an only son with nine sisters, a mother who is the Queen of Atlantus and women outnumber men three to one in your country?
    Why, wreak as much mischievous havoc as possible of course!
    With his best friends Noa and Akamu, Makana is constantly in trouble for one prank after anther.  His parents despair of him ever maturing into a responsible young man and most of his sisters are frankly ready to ship him to the ends of the earth.
    But if the land of Atlantus breeds strong women, no less does it breed strong men.  There is a time for play and a time for work.  Makana’s time to work will come sooner than he thinks and he will have to prove he is a worthy son of Atlantus... or face a fate worse than death.

The first scene:

    “Makana Kaleo Pali!” the shrill, girlish shout rang through the palace halls for the third time in two hours.
    Mocking laughter answered it.
    “You just wait!” Princess Kakalina stormed out of her bedroom and yelled down the hall in the direction her brother had disappeared.  “When Momo hears what you’ve done now, you’ll be in the ocean depths for sure!”
    “Tattletale,” he retorted.
    “Monster!” she flung back.
    “Fussbaby,” he taunted over his shoulder, diving out the door and onto the lawn.
    His best friend Noa popped around the corner, “In trouble again?”
    “Sorta kinda.”
    Noa raised his eyebrows, clearly waiting for an explanation.
    “I’m in trouble with Kakalina, but not with Momo.  Yet.
    Noa shook his head, “You’re brimful of it today.  Fancy a trip to the Crimson Cove?”
    “You betcha!” Makana sprang up.  “I’ll get Akamu.”
    “Then I’ll fetch some snacks for us,” Noa turned toward the kitchens.  His cousin was a cook there and she would willingly give him a generous portion of food for the three of them.
    Ten minutes later the three best friends met at the further end of the palace.  As they started down the beach, a voice called Makana’s name from inside the palace.
    “Should we stop?” Akamu asked.
    Makana cocked his head, “Naw.  It was Aunt Malie and I’m not going back to listen to her lecture.  Kakalina prob’ly complained to her if Momo was busy.”  He took off running, “Race you to the Misty Cliff!”

    From a covered balcony, two young women watched the young men race up the beach.
    “I’m beginning to agree with our parents.  He will never grow up,” Princess Haunani shook her head disapprovingly.
    “Give him more time,” her sister Lilinoe urged.
    “Time?!  He’s nineteen now.  Past time for him to become a man,” Haunani sighed.  “Would to the sky something would happen to show him life is not all play.”
    Lilinoe turned to go back inside, “Be careful what you wish for.”  Her words were as quiet as the gentle breeze that whispered past the balcony.

To join in the June Crusade, visit Anne's blog.

Miss Melody Muffin

Coming Tomorrow!!!

Many of you have heard about the newly released Five Glass Slippers book.  It is a collection of five short story retellings of the Cinderella fairy tale.

I'm delighted to be participating in a fabulous Five Glass Slippers blog tour planned by Amber Stokes of Seasons of Humilty.  I will be doing interviews with three of the authors:

Monday June 23 ~ Elisabeth Brown
Wednesday June 25 ~ Rachel Heffington
Friday June 27 ~ Clara Diane Thompson

There will also be a giveaway with some cool Cinderella-themed items, and Five Glass Slippers will be only $0.99 on Kindle June 23-28.

For more information about the tour, including how to enter the giveaway and a list of all the stops the authors will be making on each day, visit the tour page on Amber's blog.

Miss Melody Muffin

Thursday, June 19, 2014

June Crusade Plot Bunny #3: The Strength to Forgive

This bunny is another Quivira story.

The Strength to Forgive

Is there an unforgivable crime?

    Prince Roderick is the embodiment of a peace child.  The land of Delasci had been torn by clan war for decades before an uneasy peace was achieved, cemented by the marriage of his parents and subsequently his birth and fostering.
    On a visit home with his foster father to attend a diplomatic gathering, the entire land of Delasci is shocked when the High Queen elopes with one of the diplomats, leaving behind six children and threatening the peace of the recently united kingdom.  Roderick is devastated.   How can any mother do that to her children?  He vows never to forgive her.
    But the lessons of his mentor keep haunting him.  Forgive as you would be forgiven....  Only cowards and weaklings cannot forgive....
    How do you forgive a crime like hers?

    “Now, my children,” the priest steepled his fingers and gravely regarded the half dozen pupils seated on garden benches in front of him.  “What does our Lord command concerning forgiveness?”
    “If we want Him to forgive us, we must forgive others,” Brighid repeated.
    “Very good, Brighid.  Unforgiveness is a worm.  You have all seen what an apple with a worm looks like inside.  Unforgiveness becomes a worm that will eat at you like that.”
    The two youngest children exchanged wide-eyed glances.
    “But, what about clan feuds, Father Ualan?” a gangly boy at the back leaned forward.
    “Clan wars, young Hamish, are the worst kind of war,” the priest replied firmly.  The other two boys from the back looked about to say something, but Father Ualan went on, “All of humanity are brothers.  The Clans of Delasci are bound even more closely, for they are all brothers of one land, and one national blood.  When they fight each other, when they refuse to forgive, it grieves our Lord deeply.”
    “But, it’s a man’s duty to avenge his family,” the lad with broad shoulders argued.  “He is a coward and weakling if he does not.”
    “Nay, Torquil, no man who prevents needless bloodshed is weak,” Fataher Ualan looked sadly out over the gardens, recalling the depths of sorrow he had been plunged into by clan warfare.  “It takes a strong man to forgive, my children.  Anyone can harbor a grudge.  Anyone can refuse to forgive.  But only a strong person can say the words, ‘I forgive you’ and mean them.  Only a strong man can refuse to fight when there is provocation.  It is not cowardice.  It is instead the act of a hero, of someone who cares more for the lives of people than his own pride.”
    “But, it is not pride, it is honor,” the tallest boy spoke.  “It is our duty to avenge our families, even the Bible speaks of that.”
    “It does, my son.  But there is a higher law than that, Roderick.  It is love.  Love above hate.  Forgiveness above feuds,” Father Ualan paused to let his words sink in.  Wisely, he knew they would need to think long and hard about what they had just heard.
    “Now, lessons are over for today.  Run off and enjoy God’s own sunshine that he so kindly shares with us.  The horn will call for dinner soon.”

    Torquil and Roderick walked slowly off together.
    “Do you think it is true?” Roderick asked his friend at last.
    “I don’t know,” Torquil shook his head in frustration.  “It is the opposite of what we have been taught from the time we knew what a dirk was.  Does that mean our fathers are wrong?  That can’t be,” he shook his head again in bewilderment.
    “They are not weak, never that.  But he said it takes strength to forgive,” Roderick frowned.

Miss Melody Muffin

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mystery of Balance First Scene

The first scene for Plot Bunny #2.

    “You will not ask me again.  The answer is no and must always be no.”
    The young man to whom the stern words were addressed threw back his head rebelliously, “And why must it always be no?  Other princes are allowed this.  It is not such a great thing to ask.”
    “Other princes are not you,” the King’s voice cut through the tense air like a sword.  “Need I remind you Palemuni is not Zabriq?  It is not Ercelori and it is far from Ialu.  In Palemuni, such behavior from its Crown Prince would be unfathomable.”
    “Then when is our so great country to become modernized?  You speak of modernizing, of a new era, but I do not see much progress.”
    “Because you are lazy, irresponsible and will not learn your duties, to say nothing of performing the duties.  Progress does not happen overnight, especially in a country as deeply rooted in tradition as is ours.  My son, to see progress, you must make small changes and then wait.  You must know how the people live to see how their lives are improved by even the smallest changes,” his voice softened with love for his people.
    The Crown Prince huffed impatiently, “Cannot you speed up this progress?”
    “Not while you run wild and neglect your duties,” the King’s voice was back to sharp.  “Every moment I worry about you is one less moment spent in ruling and introducing progress.”
    “Duties,” the Crown Prince scoffed.  “Antiquated traditions and rituals kept up for show.  What duties, real duties am I given?”
    “Traditions and rituals that are comfort and stability to a world steeped in tradition,” his father’s voice was deeper now, a sure sign that he was furious.  “You will be given no real responsibilities until you have proven your worth.”
    “Proven that I am worthy to become a King such as you?” he mocked.
    “If you can say those words, you do not understand our positions, yours and mine.  You dishonor your position, your king, your land, your family and your father.  Leave the room at once.  You are confined to your chambers until you learn some respect and honor.”
    The King nodded to the nearby guards.  Two stepped up, one on each side of the prince, who wheeled and stalked darkly from the room.  Before the doors, he paused and delivered one final salvo, “When I am King, this country will be modernized quickly enough.”  Face set in a glare, he stormed out.
    The King blinked back the moisture that rose to his eyes.  Will the boy ever understand?
    In the hallway outside the private audience room, two young men had heard the Crown Prince’s raised voice.  They looked at each other and sadly shook their heads.  When the doors opened, they slid into the shadow of a pillar, from which they somberly watched the passage of the Crown Prince and the guards.
    When they were out of sight, the younger of the two slumped gloomily against the pillar, “Nothing has changed then.”  There was desperation in his voice.
    The second and elder of the two put a brotherly arm around his shoulder, “Do not despair.  It is far from hopeless yet.”

Miss Melody Muffin

Ebony and Aubergine: An Introduction

THIS IS MY THREE HUNDREDTH POST!!  My goodness... it doesn't seem like that long ago I had hit one hundred posts....

I promised you an introduction to Ebony and Aubergine a few days ago.  Since it is currently my favorite story, I thought, "What better way to celebrate three hundred posts?"

The inspiration:
A question in a blog tag: Take your favorite novel and put it in a different time period; what changes?  My reply: The Scarlet Pimpernel saves the Romanovs from the Bolsheviks.

Later I was re-reading several of the Scarlet Pimpernel books and started asking myself, "What would The Scarlet Pimpernel be like if it had been set in a medieval/pseudo-medieval world?"

These two things, plus several other random sparks, caught fire and a series started to take shape in my head.

As far as the physical influences for this story (models, costumes, names) it combines many of my favorite things.  The models for the characters are Korean, Japanese and Chinese... inspiration for the countries comes from Korea, China, Japan, France, Britain and Turkey... the names are Arabic... the costumes are from all over Asia... lions, tigers, panthers, and jaguars appear... a city of refuge... swords....

Beautiful People interview with Iskandar and Zahira
Pinterest board for the series

The series title was one of the first things to come to me:

The Lion and the Rose
One man who could not ignore the call of chivalry- to protect the innocent.  Who risked his life for scores of people he did not know in the name of compassion and humanity.

One woman who swore to rescue her family and friends from the revolutionaries, or die trying.

Their leadership became legend... the men and women who would follow them into death, heroes.  And shining out above all, their great love for each other.

The first book:
Ebony and Aubergine
 When revolution erupts in Damarul, the neighboring country of Cathenir is horrified.  Yet, what can their diplomats do against a horde of people who thirst for the lives of the royals who oppressed them for so many years?  For the moment, they will have to let the revolution take its course.

One person refuses to sit idle while men and women die every day in Damarul.  He hatches a daring plot to save the imperiled royals.  He works in secret, known only by the name of The Black Lion.  He becomes the toast of Cathenir and the nemesis of the Damarul rebels.

Then the revolution spreads to the country of Manchongtar and soon the very flower of their royalty and nobility also languish in prison.  Hundreds more people call to The Black Lion to be saved.  He cannot be in two places at once.  Enter The Aubergine Rose, a similar secret hero who begins rescuing people from Manchongtar.  He knows the the court, the government and the land of Manchongtar thoroughly and always appears when and where he is least expected.

The countries of Damarul and Manchongtar are understandably livid.  One burning ambition fires them, to catch the Lion and the Rose and make them pay for defying their new governments.  But, how can they catch them when they don’t even know
who the people are behind the secret identities or why they choose to daily risk their own lives to save people who have no claim upon them….

Main Characters:
Iskandar Haidar Shakra

Superb with a sword or a dagger, a magnificent leader... inspiring undying loyalty in his followers.  In society he is known as The Snow King and the Ladykiller.  He has had pretty much every fashionable woman in the land at his feet.  Until he meets....

Zahira Yasmin Baraniq

The Ice Queen... the Heartbreaker....  A Princess... the darling of two courts.  The one woman in the land who can match him when it comes to cold, distant, reserved hearts beneath flippant surfaces.

Secondary Characters:
Mustafa - the one who needs no words to know what Iskandar is thinking... the one born with the code of chivalry already ingrained in his brain....

Faris - the joker with a heart of gold....

Shahnaz - a prince... the quiet tease....

Haytham - the Eagle....

Aqil - a native of Damarul... the analyst, the linguist....

Lujayn - Zahira's closest friend, sensitive, observant....

Nur - only daughter, knowledgeable noblewoman....

Sanya - clever, quick wit and tongue....

Nazli - mistress of subterfuge and disguise....

Barakat -nobleman, martial artist, secretive....

Fatima - ambitious, watchful, daughter of a Sultan....

And, of course, I won't leave without giving you some snippets:

    “I have followed you for many years.  I do not intend to stop being your shadow now, not when you will need me more than ever.”

    “Well, certainly the King uses the words pretty, charming and delightful in profusion, but it’s the first time I’ve ever heard him call someone striking or stunning.”

    The double doors of the palace swung open and a veritable flood of young men rushed out and down the steps.  Zahira’s smile threatened to spread off her slim face.  They had all waited up for her.

    “It will not be difficult to continue our already wifty facade.” Iskandar said, looking out over the window.
    “Ayi, that is the easy part,” Faris said.  “It is still in fashion, though not as popular as we could wish.”
    “We’ll change that,” Iskandar winked at his friend.

I'm reveling in this story.  It's that feeling writers have when they are just thrilled with the story they are currently working on.  I'm savoring it, storing the feeling up against a time when it might decide to take a break from talking to me.  *crosses fingers*

I hope you all enjoyed this introduction!

Miss Melody Muffin

June Crusade Plot Bunny #2: Mystery of Balance

Here I am with my second plot bunny for the June Crusade.  This is another story from the land of Quivira.

Many thanks to my Mother and to Tom for their assistance with this title!

Mystery of Balance

    The mysterious, mountainous land of Palemuni holds many secrets.  To the rest of Quivira, it is a land where life continues in the same cycle it has almost since the beginning of time.  To its inhabitants, it is a land searching for balance.

    A nation struggling to find balance between the old and the new, between tradition and progress.  A king, striving to hold his kingdom together.  A rebellious Crown Prince fighting everything that stands in his way.  A jealous Prince, manipulating and conniving.  Two young men who will make any sacrifice to protect the people and the land they love.  A people torn, unsure of exactly what they want.

    Then like a lightning bolt a horrible tragedy strikes and the land is thrown into turmoil so great none know if it will end. 

    Will the kingdom and the Royal Family survive the storm?  Or will balance be forever a mystery?

I need to hurry up if I'm going to post all seven remaining plot bunnies before the end of the month! 

To join in the June Crusade, visit Anne's blog.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Beautiful People: Iskandar and Zahira

Beautiful People is back!!!  I was thrilled when Sky and Cait restarted this monthly link-up.  It is very good character building.

Today, I'm introducing the MC's from my current story Ebony and Aubergine.  (Oops, I guess I haven't introduced you all properly to this story yet, have I?  Time for another introduction post....)

The Hero:
1) What is their full name and is there a story behind why they got it? 
Iskandar Haidar Shakra

His mother and father dreamed of great things for this son of theirs and they gave him a name they hoped he would live up to.  Iskandar means defending or helping men, and Haidar... I can't tell you yet.  :)   (And don't go look it up and spoil things.  :D)

2) How old are they, and when were they born? 
He is 25 and was born in the year 1365 of the Second Age of Jazaravia.

3) Describe their physical appearance. (Bonus questions: 1. What is their race/nationality/ethnicity? 2. Do you have a picture of them? If so, include it!) 
He stands 6' 2" or 6' 3", has a slightly dusky tone to his skin, thick black hair, and warm brown eyes. He is of average build for his height and stands very straight. He has dimples when he smiles and his face can change from deadly serious to a goofy grin in the blink of an eye.

He is Cathen, from the fictional country of Cathenir (his model is Korean). Pictures HERE and HERE.

4) Describe your character's personality first in one word, and then elaborate with a few sentences. 

He's looking for purpose in life, for the reasons why he is who he is and where he is at this time.  He needs to know where he fits.  He needs to know why the events in his life have happened this way.

5) What theme song(s) fit their personality and story arc?
Hmmmm... I have yet to find one that fits him perfectly but these two describe aspects of his character:
Hero ~ Super Junior
Your Guardian Angel ~ The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. 

6) Which one of the seven deadly sins describes your character? 
None of them? Honestly, it's hard to find one that describes him. Many people who know him would say pride or sloth, but that is because they only see one side of him.

7) If they were an element (fire, water, earth, air), which one would they be? 
Water. Life-giving, supportive, cleansing, understanding, compassionate, but also the potential to be stormy and passionate.

8) What is their favourite word? 
Thank you, whether spoken by himself or someone else.  He never wants to take life or its pleasures for granted.

9) Who’s one person they really miss? (It could be someone who’s passed away, or someone they’re not close to anymore, or someone who’s moved away.) 
His mother, who died when he was a boy.

10) What sights, sounds, and smells remind them of that person?
A mother kissing her child goodnight, women dressed in turquoise silk (it was his mother's favorite fabric to wear), women playing the harp, gardenia perfume.

The Heroine:
1) What is their full name and is there a story behind why they got it?
 Zahira Yasmin Baraniq

Her father was so astonished to have a girl (his family runs to male children), that he was not prepared with a name. His sister-in-law and his wife suggested this name. Her father had simply insisted the name be worthy of a queen, and declared this one good enough. Zahira means helper or supporter and Yasmin means jasmine.
2) How old are they, and when were they born? 
She is twenty-one and was born in the year 1369 of the Second Age of Jazaravia.

3) Describe their physical appearance. (Bonus questions: 1. What is their race/nationality/ethnicity? 2. Do you have a picture of them? If so, include it!) 
She is 5' 9", slim with delicate features, brown eyes that can look alluring, innocent, childlike, lost and flaming by turns, small full lips, long tapering fingers, a wealth of glossy raven hair and a high forehead.

She is Chongtaran, a native of the fictional country of Manchongtar. Her model is Chinese. Pictures HERE and HERE.

4) Describe your character's personality first in one word, and then elaborate with a few sentences. 

Her personality automatically and unconsciously draws people to her; men because she is beautiful and charming, women because she is friendly and cheerful. She is also mysterious and that draws people's curiosity and thus their interest.

5) What theme song(s) fit their personality and story arc?
The Olde Village Lanterne- Blackmore's Night

6) Which one of the seven deadly sins describes your character? 
Wrath or envy. Wrath at the sins and injustices committed by certain people, and envy of the lives others have led.

7) If they were an element (fire, water, earth, air), which one would they be? 
Fire. She blazes hot against indignity and injustice.

8) What is their favourite word? 
Stars! It is an exclamation she uses on all occasions. She is passionately fond of the stars and loves stargazing.

9) Who’s one person they really miss? (It could be someone who’s passed away, or someone they’re not close to anymore, or someone who’s moved away.) 
Her elder brother. She is deeply attached to him but only spends about three months of every year with him and then the rest of the time they are hundreds of miles apart in two different countries.

10) What sights, sounds, and smells remind them of that person?
A brother showing kindness, tenderness or concern for his sister. The smell of birch bark, because her brother was the person who taught her to climb trees, using the birch trees in the palace gardnen.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Iskandar and Zahira.  I'm having a wonderful time writing their story.

To participate in this link-up, visit Sky's blog or Cait's blog.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Truth of Love: First Scene

The first scene for The Truth of Love.


    That mysterious, elusive four letter word.

    I knew what love was, or I thought I did.  Did I not passionately love my father, mother and brother?  Was I not fond of most of my siblings and their mothers, my aunts?  I saw love all around me.  My father loved his six wives and his children with a warm, indulgent, but firm, love.  My aunts and mother held their children in their hearts with a mother’s never-failing love.  We children played and lived together with typical sibling love.  My brothers were bound to their tribe brothers with unbreakable cords of brotherly love.  Every one of us adored our fiery Arabian steeds.
    But, one short hour saw the arrival of the catalyst that would prove to me that I did not truly know what love meant.

    I had been out riding my beautiful, black mare Najwa, all day.  She had completed her initial training over the winter.  This year would see the welding of a deeper partnership between us, until like my other three well-trained horses, there would be no way to tell where the rider left off and the horse began.  I was ecstatic with her behavior today.  She moved fluidly, like the water in the streams in the garden.  She was willing, responsive and reading my body language perfectly.  I was so happy that I rode farther and longer than I had intended, returning only at the hour of the evening meal.
    I went immediately to my bedroom to change for dinner.  My maid, Aisha, waited for me.
    She assisted me off with my habit, “His Excellency says you are not required at the table for this meal.  He will have your meal brought to you here or in the breakfast room.”
    This announcement did not surprise me.  Father sometimes preferred that we not appear when foreigners were visiting.  My older brothers were allowed to attend the meal, and because she was the primary wife, my mother was almost always present, but the other wives and the daughters stayed away.  I quickly learned however, that those were the most interesting of dinners and often chose to attend anyway.  Most of the time Father did not mind too badly.
    “Who has arrived, Aisha?  I came in the back path from our stables.”  The stables where the family kept their horses were separate from the stables where guests’ horses were taken.
    My maid was only too willing to gossip, “There are only four of them, Mistress.  They each look like they are from different countries.  All of them are vastly handsome, Mistress.  The leader is the finest man I ever saw, except the men of our tribe, of course.  They are all vastly fascinating men.”
    “Do you know why they are here?”
    “No, Mistress.  I think I heard something about searching for something.”
    Searching for something?  Now this promised some variety.  My father would aid them, of course.  It was an unwritten law of our land that all hospitality and aid be extended to visitors and often my father had helped find people or property who had strayed into our desert realm.
    I turned toward the baths, “Prepare my turquoise and silver dinner gown.  I will join my father at the table.”
    Aisha clasped her hands nervously, “His Excellency was very firm about not wanting you at the table, Mistress.  He did not look happy.  I think he will be very angry if you go down.”
    I shrugged, “He’s been angry before.  I will go down to dinner.”
    Aisha knew once I had spoken in that tone, there was no changing my mind, so she nodded, but it was jerky and she still nervously clasped her hands.
    The bell signaling it was time to gather at the table rang just as Aisha had adjusted my veil.  Custom demanded I be veiled in the presence of foreigners.  It was a short veil, so I could still eat.  It was opaque so I could still see out, but no one could see my features clearly.

    I descended the stairs and entered the dining chamber.  Four of my nine brothers were already seated.  As usual, Mother was there, but no other women.  Though they would be curious about the guests, none of my sisters had my boldness.
    When she saw me, my mother darted a nervous, worried glance at my father.  His eyes had darkened when I walked into the room.  Had the guests not already arrived, I had no doubt he would have ordered me out of the room.  I had timed my arrival perfectly.
    The men stared at me, not rudely, but curiously.  I was unaffected.  Men, and women too, always stared at me for one reason or another.  These men stared because it was unusual for guests to see a daughter of the house.  Other people stared for the reason of my looks.  Unlike my sisters I was tall and slim, which set me apart instantly.  On the occasions when my veil was off, people stared even more.  My looks marked me as even more different.  I did not have my sisters' raven locks or their liquid brown eyes.  My eyes were amber colored and I had brown hair.  The only thing we had in common was dusky skin.
    I took my seat between my brothers.  My mother sat at my father’s left hand at the head of the table and my brothers and I sat at her left hand down the side.  The guests faced us across the table, seated according to custom at Father’s right hand.
    I could see nothing remarkable in the four men, not even these vast good looks that Aisha had been so excited by.  They were good looking, but not striking.  Aisha always did over-exaggerate.  One looked part Arabian, the other three were obviously from far-off lands. 
    I settled back and waited for the start of the usual dinner conversation about their travels.  Perhaps it would shed more light on why Aisha thought these men so fascinating.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Plot Bunny #1: The Truth of Love

Here I am finally with my first June Crusade plot bunny post!!

This is one of the many books set in Quivira.

The Truth of Love

Cover Blurb:
    Love comes easily to Amari.  She loves everything about her life; from her family, to her fleet Arabian horses, the people of her tribe, and the hot desert sands of her land.  

    Until the day a stranger arrives, requesting her father’s assistance in his search for a long-lost woman.  To Amari’s shock, her father, who has never refused aid to anyone before, refuses now to aid this man in his quest.

    The man’s desperation to find this woman intrigues Amari and she decides that if her father will not help the searcher, then
she will.

    Too late, she learns that she is not free from the consequences of her choice.  Consequences that will tear the fabric of her life to shreds and force her to question everything she has ever known, especially the meaning of the word love and the truth of what it really means to love.

Haha, and re-reading this blurb, I realize it sounds like a romance.  It isn't.  I mean, there is some romance, but there is also much more than JUST romance.

To join in the June Crusade, visit Anne's blog.

Miss Melody Muffin

Friday, June 13, 2014

Readers, Meet... Quivira!!

Being a writer, I have far too many plot bunnies and stories swimming around in my head.  We writers are a unique breed.  We keep track of so many other people's lives and stories and store all kinds of information in our brains that would drive other people mad.  Most of the world is convinced we ARE mad, but most of us prefer to think of ourselves as inspired.

I was typing up some of my June Crusade Plot Bunny posts and started thinking maybe it was time to give you all an introduction to one of my fictional worlds that I haven't talked about before.

So, loyal readers, meet:

This world began as a sci-fi galaxy and then somewhere along the way it decided it had far more potential as a pseudo-fantasy world (no magic).  It was inspired and is fueled by my passionate love of history and all those times I sat poring over a history book wondering, "How would this historical event have changed if this one thing had been different?"

It also became the dumping ground for all the inspiration that did not work on other stories.  For example, I wanted to use dragons in Three Kyngdoms but it wasn't working.  No problem.  They were relegated to Quivira where they became the mounts of the international mail service.  Think Pony Express, with dragons.  Kind of, anyway.  The idea is still in development.

A few facts about Quivira:
It has at least thirteen continents and over one hundred and fifty countries.

Many of the countries are monarchies.

There are several different types of monarchies, including:
Only males can ascend to the throne.
Only females can ascend to the throne.
Either males or females may rule.
Both a male and a female must rule.
Women are preferred but men may succeed (opposite of primogeniture).
Ultimogeniture (the youngest child succeeds).
And a few others I'm still working on developing.

There is a band of 'Peace Warriors' - sworn to protect and promote peace.

Hmmm... what else....
Cryptography and code-crackers.  Languages.  Costumes.  Horses- with each country possibly having their own breed of horse.  Flowers.  Music.  Poetry.  Militaries.  Messengers.

Revolutions.  Rebellions.  Politics.  Corruption.   Justice.  Wars.  Alliances.

Bored royals.  Royals without much training.  Stubborn royals.  Impatient-to-rule Royals.

Love.  Hate.  Greed.  Sacrifice.  Loyalty.  Betrayal.  Pride.  Forgiveness.

Heroes.  Villains.  Kings.  Queens.  Guards.  Peasants.  Captains.  Soldiers.  Pirates.  Bandits.

There will be stand-alone books, novellas, mini-series, and series; all about people and countries in this world.  Several, if not all, of my June Crusade plot bunnies will be stories set in Quivira.  Although there aren't many pins on it yet, HERE is its Pinterest board.

I know some of my blog readers do not read fantasy because of its use of magic.  I want to make it clear that the world of Quivira WILL NOT HAVE MAGIC.  (I suppose it might more technically be called an 'alternate world' instead of pseudo-fantasy).

*sigh*  Now, for the time to write all of these.  :D

Miss Melody Muffn

Saturday, June 7, 2014


I love taking part in cover reveals, in case you haven't all figured that out by now, with this being my third cover reveal in eight days.  Being a writer myself, I enjoy spreading the word about other writers' books, especially when said books are ones I know will be good.

I haven't read any published retellings of Cinderella yet.  Ella Enchanted is on my list, though, and so is Five Glass Slippers.  I'm in the process of beta-reading Kiri Liz's Cinderella retelling: Secret of the Hazel Tree and enjoying it. 

I know CinderEddy will be good because I've read quite a bit of Kendra's writing and it's all been good, especially her fairy tale retellings.  So, in advance, I'm recommending this as a good book to read.  I'm looking forward to picking up my own copy as soon as it comes out.

The Author

I am, first and foremost, a Christian. I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was three and a half, and have never regretted the decision. I am secondly the eldest daughter (and child for that matter) of a homeschooling family. Third, I am the author of The Bookania Quests. Fourth, I am a knitter/crocheter/aspiring herbalist. I think that sums me up.

Edward, called CinderEddy by his stepbrothers, has been treated as little more than a servant ever since his mother died after her remarriage. When the Princess Elicia is kidnapped, however, his stepbrothers join the other knights attempting to rescue her, and Edward uses their absence to make his own attempt at her rescue. He doesn't expect to succeed, but somehow, he keeps finding himself on the right path.

Isn't it a pretty cover?  Follow Kendra's blog HERE to find out when the book will be published.

Miss Melody Muffin

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Brings... Bunnies! Plot, That Is.

It's time for the June Crusade again!!!  This year, Anne-girl is hosting a challenge dealing with those insistent, rascally, demanding, occasionally annoying, little creatures we writers all know as...


The rules:
In order to win this challenge you must begin a total of at least eight plot bunnies over the month. In order for your bunny to count you must post on your blog a back cover blurb such as you might read on a book jacket, plus the first scene of the story.
You are of course allowed to do more than that. Some things I like to do when developing a new story idea are: Brainstorming Sessions, Beautiful People, and Plot Treatments.

Each week I will read all the linked plot bunnies and choose one to receive a free "for fun" cover.

Visit THIS POST on Anne's blog for more information.

I think this challenge will be a lot of fun and look forward to giving the plot bunnies freedom to run for a while.  And I will hold my breath and hope that Real Life does not decide to throw too much at me this month.  On second thought, I won't hold my breath, I'd probably pass out.  :D

Are any of my readers going to be joining this fun challenge?

Miss Melody Muffin

Beauty and the Beast Story Contest!

Today I'm back with another cover reveal and an exciting contest!

Rooglewood Press is delighted to introduce their second fairy tale novella contest—

Five Enchanted Roses
a collection of “Beauty and the Beast” stories

The challenge is to write a retelling of the beloved fairy tale in any genre or setting you like.  Make certain your story is recognizably “Beauty and the Beast,” but have fun with it as well.  Make it yours!

Rooglewood Press will be selecting five winners to be published in the Five Enchanted Roses collection, which will be packaged up with the gorgeous cover you see displayed here. Perhaps your name will be one of the five displayed on this cover?

All the contest rules and information (how to enter, story details, deadline etc.) may be found on the Rooglewood Press website. Just click HERE and you will go right to the page.

Rooglewood Press’s first collection, Five Glass Slippers, is available for pre-order now and will be released on June 14. Do grab yourself a copy and see what these talented writers have done with the timeless “Cinderella” tale!

The stunning cover illustration was rendered by Julia Popova, “ForestGirl.” You can find out more about this gifted artist on her website:

On the side of my blog you will see a blog button about this contest.  Please help spread the word by sharing this button on your own blogs.

Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorite fairy tales so I was delighted with the news about this contest.  I don't know if I'll have time to write anything for this contest myself, but I'm certainly looking forward to what others write.

Miss Melody Muffin