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Five Glass Slippers Blog Tour: Clara Diane Thompson

Today is the final day of interviews for the Five Glass Slippers Blog tour!  Tomorrow the winner of the giveaway will be announced at Amber's blog: Seasons of Humility.

The Cinderella for today is Clara Diane Thompson.  Welcome, Clara!

You’ve posted on your blog about your love of quotes.  Are there any quotes that particularly inspired or influenced The Moon Master’s Ball?
“Dance me into the night underneath the moon shining so bright, turning me into the night...” 
~Dark Waltz

That is a quote from a very beautiful song, and although I can’t say that I was thinking of it when I wrote my story, it definitely goes with the feel of it. Dark Waltz has a haunting melody that is both whimsical and chilling, and leaves you feeling like there is some sort of mystery to that song. The lyrics are very beautiful, as is the tune, and I hope you will listen to it at some point! Hayley Westenra sings my favorite rendition of the song. Thank you for including me on your lovely blog, today, Melody!

After her terrifying experience there several years ago, the one place young housemaid Tilly longs to avoid is Bromley’s Circus. But when kindly Lord Hollingberry begs her to deliver a message to the mysterious Moon Master hidden away among the circus dwellers, Tilly can’t refuse . . . and finds herself ensnared in a web of enchantment cast by the loathsome Mrs. Carlisle and her beautiful goddaughter.

About Clara Diane Thompson:
Clara Diane Thompson lives in the swamps of Louisiana with her loving family, dashing dog, and a very confused frog that resides in the birdhouse outside her window. Aside from writing she enjoys playing guitar, singing, Broadway plays (particularly The Phantom of the Opera), ballet, tea with friends, and long BBC movies. An enchanted circus may or may not appear occasionally in her back yard.

You can find out more about Clara and her writing on her blog: To Find a Castle.


What happens when Cinderella is so painfully shy that she cannot bear the idea of attending the royal ball? Or when the slipper fits . . . but on the wrong girl? What happens when Cinderella is determined to oust an imposter prince from her rightful throne? Or when she is a cendrillon miner working from a space station orbiting a cthonian planet? What happens when Cinderella, a humble housemaid, is sent with a message for a prisoner trapped in a frightening fairy circus?

Here is Cinderella as you have never met her before, wearing glass slippers and off on unforgettable adventures!

The Five Glass Slippers collection will be on sale for only $.99 in Kindle format for the duration of the blog tour (June 23-28)!

Here’s your chance to be Cinderella of the ball! One lucky winner will receive a paperback copy of Five Glass Slippers, several Cinderella-themed items (including a bookmark crafted by Belle on a Budget, a journal, and a DVD copy of the Disney movie), as well as special gifts handpicked by a few of the collection’s authors (a glass slipper cookie cutter with recipe, freeze-dried astronaut ice cream, and an Apple Tree Inn cup and saucer). This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only. Click on the picture to go to the giveaway page.

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Fun question, Melody! Thank you so much for your tour posts this week. :)

    Clara, this quote and song really do seem to fit splendidly with your story! Very cool. :)


  2. Thanks again for the thoughtful question, Melody!

  3. Wow, I've listened to some Hayley Westenra, but never tried this song before. Thanks for alerting me to it! I look forward to reading Clara's story, in particular. It sounds interesting. :)

  4. Oh my goodness! I love Dark Waltz! I could easily imagine this song playing during the Moon Master's Ball. What a great answer!

    Vonnie's Reading Corner


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