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June Crusade Plot Bunny #7: Their Time to Fly

I've always loved reading about the Pony Express.  Dragons are another long time fascination of mine.  So, when I needed a way to quickly communicate between continents in a pseudo-medieval world, two of my favorite things met.  I think there will eventually be several Quivira dragonrider stories, because I like writing about them so much.

Their Time to Fly

Before flight, you must lay a foundation.   Before flight, you must learn how to fly.

    Great dragons in every color of the rainbow are the lifeline of the continents of Quivira, for it is they that carry the mail from country to country and across the oceans.
    On the continent of Sirocco, the dragons are bred, nurtured, raised, and trained.  Trained, too, are the riders whose job it is to be one with their dragons, to guide them and to be the commanders of  the flight.
    Wing Sapphire Seven has been training as dragonriders for two years but has yet to take its first flight.  Eight young men and women who train day after day are still told they are not ready yet, there are more drills for them to complete, more time on the ground, more training. They are growing restless and their instructor watches them carefully, anxiously, hoping they will trust him and wait for their turn to fly... and most importantly, not ruin everything with their impatience.

    “Reporting for assignment, sir!” eight voices snapped the words out with almost military precision.
    Senior Instructor Denous surveyed them through narrowed eyes.  He brought his hands together in a sharp clap.  “You have passed the Fourth Phase.  Today you will enter the Fifth Phase, Dancing.”
    “Dancing?!” disbelief was evident in every one of the faces of Wing Sapphire Seven.
    “Dancing,” Denous replied firmly.
    “What does dancin’ have to do with dragonridin’?” Indy asked for all of them.
    “And just how do you dance with a dragon?” Wyatt added drily.
    “That, my young riders, is what you will be learning.  As to what dancing and dragonriding have in common, dancing will refine your movements and coordination, so when you ride your dragon, you two will truly be as one.”
    The riders in training looked at each other in exasperation, but knew better than to say anything.
    Denous knew what they were thinking and grinned to himself.  “Cheer up,” he told them, “This is the last Phase before flying.”  With a final glance over them he nodded a curt dismissal.

    “The last phase,” Wyatt grumbled as the riders walked to the dining hall for breakfast.  “After how long now?”
    “About time, I say,” Laska, one of the two girls in the wing, kicked the sand.
    “Yeah, but how long’s this phase gonna take?” Indy wrinkled his face disgustedly.
    “Think of it positively,” Mantan was the natural leader of the group due to his age and even temper.  “It’s the last step before finally learning to fly.  Only this step and then the skies!”
    “Leave it to you to find something cheerful about this,” Wyatt growled at him.
    “He’s right though,” Rado spoke.  “It is the last step before flight, so we should be happy.”
    “Yeah, when you put it that way, it is a more cheerful thought,” Xico agreed.
    “I s’pose you two agree with him, too?” Wyatt asked the two quiet members, Oriana and Nahuel.
    Both shrugged, expressing neither agreement nor disagreement.
    Wyatt slapped his hand against his leg in frustration.  “I just keep wondering how much longer until they allow us to fly?  The dragons already fly, why can’t we?”
    No one had an answer for him.

For more information about the June Crusade, visit Anne's blog.

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