Saturday, June 14, 2014

Plot Bunny #1: The Truth of Love

Here I am finally with my first June Crusade plot bunny post!!

This is one of the many books set in Quivira.

The Truth of Love

Cover Blurb:
    Love comes easily to Amari.  She loves everything about her life; from her family, to her fleet Arabian horses, the people of her tribe, and the hot desert sands of her land.  

    Until the day a stranger arrives, requesting her father’s assistance in his search for a long-lost woman.  To Amari’s shock, her father, who has never refused aid to anyone before, refuses now to aid this man in his quest.

    The man’s desperation to find this woman intrigues Amari and she decides that if her father will not help the searcher, then
she will.

    Too late, she learns that she is not free from the consequences of her choice.  Consequences that will tear the fabric of her life to shreds and force her to question everything she has ever known, especially the meaning of the word love and the truth of what it really means to love.

Haha, and re-reading this blurb, I realize it sounds like a romance.  It isn't.  I mean, there is some romance, but there is also much more than JUST romance.

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Miss Melody Muffin


  1. AWESOME!!!!! I didn't think I would really be interested in these books but......after reading this I ask you. When will this book be read for me to read??

    1. Wow, that's praise, that you want to read it. :) I don't know when it will be ready. I'm not even sure when I'll be writing it yet. At the moment, it's still squarely in the Plot Bunnies folder.

  2. Ah, I suppose it would have been better for me to read this post BEFORE I left a comment on your other one. Oh, well... one day I'll get around to doing things in order.

    BUT THIS! A long lost woman? And Amari wants to help the stranger despite her father's orders? Whew! Knowing you, Melody, you are going to take this story to great heights!!

    By the way, just curious on Amari's name... was there any specific reason you chose that? I'm sensing it's close to the French word for "love" (amore) and wondered if there was a connection there.


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