Friday, June 13, 2014

Readers, Meet... Quivira!!

Being a writer, I have far too many plot bunnies and stories swimming around in my head.  We writers are a unique breed.  We keep track of so many other people's lives and stories and store all kinds of information in our brains that would drive other people mad.  Most of the world is convinced we ARE mad, but most of us prefer to think of ourselves as inspired.

I was typing up some of my June Crusade Plot Bunny posts and started thinking maybe it was time to give you all an introduction to one of my fictional worlds that I haven't talked about before.

So, loyal readers, meet:

This world began as a sci-fi galaxy and then somewhere along the way it decided it had far more potential as a pseudo-fantasy world (no magic).  It was inspired and is fueled by my passionate love of history and all those times I sat poring over a history book wondering, "How would this historical event have changed if this one thing had been different?"

It also became the dumping ground for all the inspiration that did not work on other stories.  For example, I wanted to use dragons in Three Kyngdoms but it wasn't working.  No problem.  They were relegated to Quivira where they became the mounts of the international mail service.  Think Pony Express, with dragons.  Kind of, anyway.  The idea is still in development.

A few facts about Quivira:
It has at least thirteen continents and over one hundred and fifty countries.

Many of the countries are monarchies.

There are several different types of monarchies, including:
Only males can ascend to the throne.
Only females can ascend to the throne.
Either males or females may rule.
Both a male and a female must rule.
Women are preferred but men may succeed (opposite of primogeniture).
Ultimogeniture (the youngest child succeeds).
And a few others I'm still working on developing.

There is a band of 'Peace Warriors' - sworn to protect and promote peace.

Hmmm... what else....
Cryptography and code-crackers.  Languages.  Costumes.  Horses- with each country possibly having their own breed of horse.  Flowers.  Music.  Poetry.  Militaries.  Messengers.

Revolutions.  Rebellions.  Politics.  Corruption.   Justice.  Wars.  Alliances.

Bored royals.  Royals without much training.  Stubborn royals.  Impatient-to-rule Royals.

Love.  Hate.  Greed.  Sacrifice.  Loyalty.  Betrayal.  Pride.  Forgiveness.

Heroes.  Villains.  Kings.  Queens.  Guards.  Peasants.  Captains.  Soldiers.  Pirates.  Bandits.

There will be stand-alone books, novellas, mini-series, and series; all about people and countries in this world.  Several, if not all, of my June Crusade plot bunnies will be stories set in Quivira.  Although there aren't many pins on it yet, HERE is its Pinterest board.

I know some of my blog readers do not read fantasy because of its use of magic.  I want to make it clear that the world of Quivira WILL NOT HAVE MAGIC.  (I suppose it might more technically be called an 'alternate world' instead of pseudo-fantasy).

*sigh*  Now, for the time to write all of these.  :D

Miss Melody Muffn


  1. Quivara sounds like a fascinating world to visit (once it's all developed, that is). And I like your idea of having "stand-alone books, novellas, mini-series, and series" all within this world; it gives it some depth--"layers" or "roots," if you will--without limiting yourself to one timeline.

    Best wishes and happy writing!
    God bless,

    1. Thank you!!! Exactly- those layers will make writing the books a lot of fun, because my possibilities are pretty much unlimited. :D If someone adds about six more hours to a day, I'll start work on these books soon, otherwise... goodness knows when I'll be writing them.

  2. pony express but with dragons. I'm dying. That is epically awesome. XD And I love all these ideas...oh, so much fun...

    1. Thanks, Kate! I'm having lots of fun with this world. I go and play in it when I need a break from something else. I'm trying to decide how many colors of dragons to have... then I can move on to developing the idea more.


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