Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I'd Recommend... Georgette Heyer

I'm linking up with The Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday.  This week's theme is Top Ten Books I'd Give To Readers Who Have Never Read X.

Top Ten Books I'd Give To Readers Who Have Never Read Georgette Heyer

1. The Grand Sophy
Seriously, if you only ever read one Georgette Heyer in your life, read this one.  It's terrific.  A young woman comes to stay with her aunt and decides to 'straighten out' the family.

2. Frederica
An older sister doing her best to chaperone one clueless younger sister through a London Season in hopes of marrying her off, while the two younger brothers wreak havoc.  Fortunately, Lord Alverstoke is around to help... or is it so fortunate?

3. These Old Shades
A cold-hearted 'devil' duke rescues a spitfire girl from a life of misery... and his heart is taken by storm.

4. Devil's Cub
The sequel to These Old Shades.  The son of the aforementioned duke is doing his level best to outshine his father's reputation... until he runs away with the wrong woman.

5. Sylvester
A girl runs away from a potential marriage, only to find herself falling for the Duke anyway.  (His nephew is the most hilarious kid ever.)

6. The Corinthian
An ingenious girl decides to escape an arranged marriage by running away, and climbs out of her bedroom window... right into the arms of a lord who is also wishful of escaping marriage.

7. The Unknown Ajax
A country cousin is line to inherit, and therefore comes to the estate to be 'trained' for the role.

8. The Talisman Ring
A missing talisman ring, smuggling, an exiled cousin, an imaginative French lady, a woman only too willing to aid her... and a stiff and proper trustee... or is he so stiff and proper?

9. Bath Tangle
A feisty, headstrong beauty whose father dies... and leaves her fortune to the trusteeship of the man she rejected.

10. The Conqueror
This one ripped me apart.  It was beautiful and wonderful and the friendships in it are AMAZING.

NOTE: Although these are clean romances, I still would not recommend them for anyone under 16 due to some rather mature themes handled.

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. I love Georgette Heyer. However, my suggestion list would be quite different! You simply have to include "Arabella" (that would be the first Georgette Heyer, I would recommend). A simply delightful, light, sparkling romance. Then of course, "Friday's Child" which has to be her funniest. So hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing the whole way through reading it. I'm glad to see Devil's Cub on the list, another of my favourites! And how can I forget "Cotillion" another amusing one and "A Convenient Marriage" and "Black Sheep" and then all the rest! Once you've read one, you have to read the rest!

  2. Oh, wow. I really need to read more Georgette Heyer....as far as this list goes, I've only read 1, 7, & 9. Some of these blurbs are looking reeeaaally attractive, though, so they're definitely going on my to-read list. I've also read Cotillion, which I liked *quite* a lot :D

  3. Thanks for this list. Georgette Heyer is one of those authors I've been wanting to try. I am only familiar with Sylvester because I listened to the audiobook. Your recommendations sound like books I'd like!

  4. how could you not say black moth??? dude, its last paragraph is The Best! I agree with you, though, on most of these -- like, the talisman ring is... is... *dies in delight*

  5. Well this list would be for me, as I've never even heard of Georgette Heyer. :/
    How am I this unread?
    Here's my list, if you wanna check it out. :) I'm experimenting with doing them on YouTube now, please like and comment if you can :) http://youtu.be/dapaLyFe-N0?list=UUP4Ao6fj3mLXHqOSSxyqh8w

  6. Well, let' see......
    4 moves to 1
    3 moves to 2
    2 moves to 3
    5 moves to 4...

    See what I started! And yes Jane B, there are so many more! (We just don't have posession of them at the moment!)

  7. I'm waiting to get to read some of these.

  8. Never heard of this author..New or classic author??

  9. Hey! :) Where's Venetia? *pouts* That book is definitely my absolute favourite Heyer novel! I do really love Frederica, Cotillion and These Old Shades though.


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