Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello, My Readers....

That is, if anyone still reads this blog. 

My sister informed me today that it has been nearly two months since I posted here.  Oooops.  I keep meaning to start posting more regularly... and somehow it hasn't been happening.

I need to schedule my life better.  Or I need more time in a day.  Yes, that's what I need- about six more hours in a day.

Alas, that will not happen, so I am left with making the most of the hours I DO have.  If any of you out there still read this, consider this my 'official' comeback to the world of blogging.  :)  Here, have some oatmeal cookies.

What I've been doing lately:

Canning, canning, and MORE canning.  Tomatoes, salsa, ketchup, raspberry jam, peaches, pears, relish, conserve, plum jam... and more.

Ebony and Aubergine, the first book in my Lion and Rose series.  It is TONS of fun.  A scarlet Pimpernel rewrite in Asian-type countries in a psuedo-medieval world.  Just my element!!

I just finished Dickens' Little Dorrit (finally!) last Friday.  It was very good. 

Today I'm reading Lochinvar by Samuel Rutherford Crockett.  It is a delightful book so far.  I'll post a review when I finish it. 

And this week I've been reading The Princess Spy, by Melanie Dickerson, which is interesting.  I'll also be posting a review of that when I finish it.

The OST of the kdrama City Hunter.

The Korean dramas The Three Musketeers and Joseon Gunman, Chinese drama Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei (A Robin Hood type story), Psych and Once Upon a Time.

That the Good Lord really does know best, even when I don't think he does.

Tired of canning.  I'm not complaining, because I really am grateful for being able to can so much fresh food- but I'm also ready to be done.

Writing the next scene in Ebony and Aubergine, emails from my best friends, and watching the latest episode of the kdrama The Three Musketeers- hopefully tonight.

That I didn't live so far away from most of my friends.  Also that I could spread my wings and fly... overseas to visit my friend Jessica in Taiwan.

Researching the Tokugawa shogunate in Japan and Qing dynasty China.

Friends.  I have some of the awesomest friends in the world.


What have all of YOU been doing lately?

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. ME! ME!! I still read your blog! *pushes away Little Writer* So, what? Yeah, I've got homework, but I can still comment in ten seconds. So there.

    Man, that guy is annoying.

    MELODY!!!! I've missed you!! I feel like I haven't been on blogger in FOREVER! C'mon, sing it with me -- For the first time in forEVAH!

    Ah, Little Dorrit!!! Amazing book!! Just sayin'. :D

    Wait, what??? You're reading The Princess Spy?? JEALOUS. TELL ME HOW IT IS. It has the word "spy" in it. I NEED THIS BOOK.

    Ouch! My Little Writer is pulling my hair. I know, I know. Homework. But Melody posted a link of Facebook! How could I *not* read her post?? Friends trump homework, right?? :D

    I'm not going to write what my Little Writer said. It's not very nice. I'm gonna go put him in detention for a while.

    1. KIRI!!!!!!! Aw, I feel special that you commented on this post before doing your homework. :D

      Little Dorrit was a great book. Now, I'm looking forward to watching the miniseries.

      The Princess Spy was good! I'll be posting a review of it next week.

      Haha, did your Little Writer behave after his detention? :)

  2. And why would we not still read your blog? ;-) You have been sorely missed, Dahling. Welcome back to the Blogosphere! *Hugs*

    I feel your pain--not so much about canning (although we used to can grape juice, so I know where you're coming from), but about this moving-in malarkey. :-P We're mostly settled in, but there are still a lot of little things that need doing...yeah. Like you said, SO ready for it to be over. *Sympathetic half-smile*

    Where on earth did you find a copy of Little Doritt?? We tried to borrow it from the library a couple years ago, but with no success (they only had Volume Two or something...). Which was sad because we enjoyed the miniseries and wanted to "fill in the gaps," if you will.

    Once again, welcome back to blogging, m'dear!
    God bless and happy writing,

    1. Thank you, my dear Tom!!!!!!!!!

      I'm hoping for you that you get all your little things finished soon and can just enjoy your new home.

      I got my copy of Little Dorrit off Project Gutenberg. It's where I get 90% of my classics from. They have Kindle versions and since I have a Kindle... it works well.

      Thank you again! It's good to be back. I've missed blogging.

  3. LODY IS BLOGGING AGAIN!! *cheers*
    And your Flori still reads your blog, so there. :P

    THE PRINCESS SPY!! Man, I need to review that... Can't wait to hear what you think!

    AUTUMN. Yes. <3

    I haven't been doing much besides being behind and trying to write every day and having my feels murdered by The Winter Soldier and stuff... XD

    *eats oatmeal cookies and gives you cake in return* Welcome back!

    1. Aww, my Flori!! I'm glad to know you still read my blog. :)

      Ooh, you read it, too?!!! I look forward to your review! I'll be posting my review next week.

      Being behind... do I ever know how that goes!! Ah, yes, The Winter Soldier is a very feels-murdering movie alright.

      *eats cake* Thank you very much, my dear!

  4. MELODY! *glomps* I've missed the Melody posts! Soooo glad to see you back!

    I absolutely understand needing more hours in a day. I was just discussing that with Celti in fact. 6 more hours in a day would be perfection.

    I've been dying to get my hands on some Melanie Dickerson books. I've yet to read any! D: I look forward to hearing what you think about this one!

    Anyways, so glad you've returned to the world of blogging! :D

    1. LAURI!!! Thank you! I'm very glad to be back. I hope you are recovering quickly.

      The Princess Spy was the first Dickerson book I had read and I liked it. I would definitely recommend it.

  5. Im New...but still follow :b love Little Dorrit! In fact I plan to name a goat that :D love you're writing! Can't wait to see more of your stuff :)

    1. Thank you for following, Keturah! A goat named after Little Dorrit would be fun! Aww, thank you!


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