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Book Review: Do You Take This Quest?

Today I'm here to review the second installment of The Bookania Quests.



TYPE/GENRE: Fiction, Fantasy/Fairy Tale
SERIES: The Bookania Quests #2
LENGTH: 211 pages
RATING: 10 out of 10
READ ALOUD:    5 out of 5

When Arthur's parents were lost at sea, his Uncle Mordreth became the regent for the young boy. Yet now that he's of age, Mordreth seems to have no intentions of relinquishing the throne. It looks as though Arthur will have to fight for his throne. If only he had more than just his two servants and the old man he met in the woods for friends. The old man takes things into his own hands and whisks Arthur off to the wedding of a fellow prince, with the intention of finding him some allies.

All is not right at the wedding, however. The groom is missing and the bride had called quits. Where's the groom? Well, he's found a new bride. Now if he can just get her home ....

My Review:
"We have a new tutor and he announced today that we would be keeping a journal this year.  It is my suspicion that he also means for us to write in our journals."

Thus begins the fantastic sequel to Sew, It's a QuestDo You Take This Quest? follows Prince Robert of Locksley on his quest to wake the Sleeping Beauty and win her for his bride.  It also introduces several new characters, all of them royalty from a hundred years before who were in the castle of Sleeping Beauty and fell asleep with her.  Chief among said royalty are Madeleine, great-aunt to Robin and Robert, Shira, (one of my favorites) who with her brother Samson, is another pair of mixed up twins and Solomon and Serendipity - more mixed up siblings.

It's hilarious how alike the twin sets of Samson and Shira and Robert and Robin are.  Both brothers are calmer and more level headed and often wind up restraining their hotter tempered, more violent sisters.  All of the 'new' royalty that have woken up provide a good picture of what life was like in Bookania before the Change by their reactions to the way it is now.  At the end of Chapter 13 there is a discussion about the Author (the name in Bookania for God) that I particularly liked, especially Robin's analogy.

Robin's character continues to develop.  Take shows her adjusting to the natural shift in her relationship with her brother that is the result of both of them being in love.  Eric's calming influence on Robin is clear.  Even though Robert won't always be by her side now, Robin can't get into too much trouble because Eric is there to pull her out of it.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian make an appearance again and they are just as charming as in Sew.  Also appearing again are several of the minor characters Robert and Robin met during their journey in Sew, such as Push au Kim and the Sandwitches.

In my house, this book is just as popular or more popular than its predecessor.   We've read it out loud several times and I recently began to read it aloud yet again.  I recommend this series if you are looking for clean, fun fairy tales with a new twist.

Favorite quotes:
"The poor world.  Do you think it will ever forgive us for loosing Robin on it?" ~ King Alexander of Locksley

"But, Eric, I frankly don't know why they allow gray-eyed miscreants like you and Sam on the loose.  They're the downfall of Locksley princesses."  ~ Madeleine of Locksley

"Ah, but, do not judge man by cover!  I am ruthless!  I once push Duke O'Gair into oven!"  ~ Push au Kim

"I relish not unadorned speech."  ~ Prince Theo

"Surely thou didst not have a death wish for him!" exclaimed Sol.
"Nay, I had a break off the engagement wish," said Joan with a shrug.

"It's a dress. I hate dresses."

"And why are you traveling with Prince Robert and his sister?" asked King William, Eric's father.  There was an unspoken question of, "Why is it that you and she have not killed each other yet?"

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. Oooh, this looks awesome. I love funny fairy tales!

  2. I love the cover art for this one! It is amazing!

  3. Ahh...I'd forgotten how clever some of the dialogue is in that book!

    One of my favorite parts is Robin's defense of Serendipity against Princess Pearis' twitting, and the kind act she had her maid, Meg, do for her.

    Need to re-read this series again sometime....

    God bless,


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