Friday, March 6, 2015

Introducing... Quote Queste!!

The monthly quote link-up I proposedt a few days ago is now premiering!!

I'm calling it Quote Queste because we're all in quest of a good scene or just some inspiration. (Thanks Mom, Butterfly and Billie for the brainstorm session, and Mom for graphic assistance.)

Here's how it works:
1. I'll post a quote the first week of every month.  You take the quote and write a short scene based on it.  It can be a scene for a story you're currently writing, one you plan on writing in the future, or you can make up characters solely for this challenge.
2.  Post your scene on your blog, with the banner from the top of my post and a link to my blog.
3. Come back to my blog and leave a link to your post so the other participants and I can read your scene.
4. Have fun!

Until I decide what kind of linky I want to use, for now, please leave your link in the comments.

This month's quote could be called a prompt or a quote, I think.  Whichever term you'd choose to use, here you go:
Found via Pinterest

Good questing to you!  I eagerly look forward to your scenes!

Miss Melody Muffin


  1. I love this idea!!! Can't wait to write this!

  2. I love this one ... and I have the perfect story planned. (Hint, this is a prompt that I've already put on my Bookania Board.)

  3. Hi! I had fun writing a little scene from this prompt. The quote really reminded me of The Princess Bride, for some reason:)

    Here's the link, if you'd care to read it!

  4. Is this actually a quote from an author, or made up? If by an author or someone specific, I'd prefer to add that bit of information into my post if I participate. Also, are you planning to leave the info from where the quotes have been taken from in future posts for this meme?

    1. Well, I went ahead and posted mine, but I would still like to know if the prompt was simply created or is actually a quote from somewhere that needs to be given credit.

    2. I don't know who created the prompt, so I've just been crediting it as 'Unknown' or "Anonymous'. I found the prompt on Pinterest.

      And yes, in the future, I will be saying where I found the quotes or prompts.

      Thank you for joining the link-up!

    3. It was easy to figure out where it came from, I just googled the quote and discovered it comes from the movie Troy, a line spoken by Achilles. In case you wanted to know and maybe add it to the post.

  5. :)


    It's not that great, but if you want to you can read it.


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